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Top 10 Bars for Beer Snobs

I concur with the kudos for Spuyten Duyvil but so many of their offerings are unknown to most that it can be a little intimidating. d.b.a. is great and open early enough to be a choice for teacher happy hour. Where is d.b.a. opening in Brooklyn??

I am curious to read if anyone has checked out Beer Table near Park Slope.

Nov 23, 2008
timmernyc in Manhattan

The Bushwick Taco Spot!

UPDATE: The taco stand area of the tortilla factory has been remodeled into an actual restaurant. There are glass walls so one can still see the factory in action. Seating for 18 at tables and counter. Biggest news ... Florencio is back!!! Went in on Friday with an old teacher friend. Tacos were as good as ever. Yum!

Nov 23, 2008
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

The Bushwick Taco Spot!

They're open weekdays during the cold weather while the factory is cranking out tortillas. When the weather warms up, they add weekend hours.

Mar 01, 2008
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Wine shop in Woodside/ Sunnyside/ Astoria

I am an Oregonian living in Queens (we've only been here 23 years) and I've discovered better prices than I get out west on 6 different Oregon pinot noirs at Lowery Liquors (bet 40th & 41st on the south side of Queens Blvd in Sunnyside). I'm not sure why they don't get mentioned more on this board. Their selection is huge. There are always at least one or two wine savvy employess on duty often more. They have a large selection of Argentinian, Chilian and Australian wine bargains. They also have Laphroig Quarter Cask and Tullemore Dew in stock all the time. Yum.

Feb 22, 2008
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Palace Diner, Flushing?

If you have an appreciation of huge menu diner food, Palace is worth checking out. It's not the best, I vote for Neptune in Astoria and Pop in Elmhurst. But it's far from lame and the only option for many, many blocks.

Feb 20, 2008
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Donovan's Pub, Woodside?

First of all, go to Donovan's ... now. You asked though, are there any other pubs with good burgers. The answer is Horgan's in Sunnyside - Queens Blvd. between 42nd & 43rd. Now for a surprise recommendation. Try the De Mole burger at De Mole. It's amazing. Great ground chuck on a large english muffin with a perfect combination of lettuce, onion and mayo. Yum. Get it with cheese.

Feb 20, 2008
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs


My bad ... of course Roosevelt! Greenpoint turns into Roosevelt at 48 - 49th St.

Feb 20, 2008
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs


I am in Sunnyside, and to comply with your 10 block limit I will place my front door at 48th Street and Greenpoint Ave. so that I can include all 5 fav's.

De Mole - 45 St & 48th Ave.
Tangra Asian Fusion - Queens Blvd & 39th Pl.
La Flor - Greenpoint Ave & 53rd St.
Donovan's Pub - Greenpoint Ave & 58th St.
Pio Pio Rico - Greenpoint Ave & 46 St.

Feb 16, 2008
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Know a cool place near the Bushwick Starr Theater?

Life Cafe NINE83 is located on Flushing Avenue near Central Ave on the edge of Bushwick. It’s an inviting haven in the evolving landscape – a new bohemian hangout
Good food - drink specials and near the L Train.

Jan 17, 2008
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Cupcakes in Queens?

The best I have found are at Sage American Kitchen at 26-21 Jackson Ave in LIC. Mostly known for their soups, sandwiches and cookies, they do a great homemade take on a hostess cream-filled cupcake. Other cupcake varieties are super too. The only catch is that they are only open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays. I think they close around 3pm.

Nov 28, 2007
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

The Bushwick Taco Spot!

Tacos were always $2.00 for me, and I bought a lot.

Jul 24, 2007
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

The Bushwick Taco Spot!

I am a teacher working two blocks from Los Hermanos ( which is on Starr St just north of Wycoff). Starting last December, another teacher from our school and I ate there on average 3 times a week. It was amazing!!! I took friends on a Saturday and they were likewise blown away. As described in a NY Times review last October, the pork tacos - chorizo, pork enchilada, spicy pork were the stars here. Cecina was very good, so salty it tasted hot. A revelation was the vegatable taco. Florencio was the man behind the counter and he was friendly, convivial and fast with the orders. One snowy day, when my friend walked up at lunchtime, he saw Florencio digging out the sidewalk. My friend took the shovel so Florencio could get back to the counter to crank out more delishiousness. On some days when I felt I might have overdone the tacos, I'd order tortas ... heavenly.

Notice I've been using the past tense. Sometime in May (or was it early June), Florencio let us know that he would be leaving to look for better pay and more reasonable hours. After his last day, we waited a week so the replacement could get settled in. We arrived just after 12:30 and were told things would be ready in about 20 minutes! Not on a teacher's lunch hour ... ouch. I got back a couple of days later and ordered a chorizo taco and vegatable taco. I am sorry to say they were just average. I haven't been back. The next week, Florencio visited my friend's classroom and taught 25 fifth-graders how to make the tacos. He had no meat or running water, just fresh vegatables, tortillas, white sauce and salsa verde. Kids from the class delivered the finished product to about 5 teachers who were surprised to get a mid-afternoon snack. Every teacher reported that the tacos were unbelivably good.

Now, my friend is in Taipei teaching English to little adorables and when he returns he will move to a classroom in the East Village. I am finishing my Masters and painting my house. We are both pining for the possibility that Los Hermanos can get back to top form by September. I've been tempted to run down there (from Sunnyside) this Summer, but I think I will just spend this time praying and hope for the best after Labor Day.

Jul 24, 2007
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

typical new york food

Oh, and I forgot ...
Chocolate Black-out Cake (who in Brooklyn did Entemanns steal this from?)
Egg Creams
Junior's Cheesecake (They will FedEx to Aussies)
Brats from Karl Ehmer
Chinese take-out
more to come ...

Apr 28, 2007
timmernyc in General Topics

typical new york food

No regional dishes !?! Why do you think they call it Oyster Bay on Long Island? Maybe try Oysters Rockefeller. Where did the Waldorf salad get created? Possibly the same place where Eggs Benedict were first consumed. Why, also is the minor league baseball team on Long Island called The Ducks?

Surely it's true that many of NY's iconic foods come to us from our immigrant population - our poor immigrant population. So any of the following will suffice as New York themed:
Hot Dogs
Pastrami on rye
Manhattan clam chowder
and if you're drinking, pour some Manhattans

Apr 28, 2007
timmernyc in General Topics

Astoria dogs?

You need to check out Water Taxi Beach in LIC. Just south of Gantry Park and across from the Waterfront Crab House. For hot dogs they have:
Black Angus Beef Dogs $3 (Stahl-Meyer, deep fried)
Soy dog, $3.50 (Various, BBQ'd)
Chili Cheese Dog $4.50 (Black Angus Dog, Coney Sauce, Am Chz)
Marinated Beef Hot Dog $4 (Griddled, tastes sweet & spicy)

They also have 300 tons of New Jersey sand, a Tiki Bar, volleyball and music. How can you go wrong??

Apr 28, 2007
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Acasa, in Sunnyside

Uncle Tito's is a phillipine restaurant. Haven't tried it yet but am keeping my fingers crossed. It's a pretty lousy location, unless you're a regular at the Knights of Columbus or you enjoy the ecdysiasts at Honeys.

Feb 24, 2007
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Best of the 7 Line

*** Virgil's BBQ

42 ST & 5 AVE

*** Grand Central Oyster Bar


*** Tournesol 5012 Vernon Blvd b. 50th and 51st St. Terrific value French Bistro w/ great weekend brunch


*** Manducatis 1327 Jackson Ave b. 47th Rd & 47th Ave. Delicious Old School Italian

*** Sage Kitchen, a great caterer that has a small cafe on Jackson. Open weekdays till 3pm

*** Roula & Ellie's a food truck parked in front of Met Life on Q-Plaza North. Good sandwiches and wraps and salads.

*** Thompson's New World Diner. Got popular when MoMA-QNS was down the block.

*** Post Cafe. NW Corner of 40th st. Irish breakfasts and Mexican food too.
*** The Grind, coffeehouse. Who needs Starbucks?

46 ST - BLISS ST (how could previous posters overlooked this stop?!?!?)
*** Turkish Grill
*** De Mole, 48th Av & 45th St, Awesome Mexican
*** Mangal Turkish
*** Chips Mexican
***Bliss, Skillman Av, Continental
*** Horgans, best burger this side of Donovan's

52 ST
*** La Flor

*** Donovans, best burger, enuf said
*** Sripraphai 64-13 39th Ave b. 64th and 65th St. Amazing Thai

69 ST
*** Spicy Mina, walk down to Broadway at 65th street.

*** Delhi Palace
Jackson Diner 37-47 74th St b. 37th Ave & 37th Rd. Good Indian Standby
*** Tacquieria Coatzingo





Leo's Latticini/Mama's 46-02 104th St. b. 46th & 47th Ave - Great sandwiches, great homemade fresh mozzarella & pastas. Just ask The Mets.

Parkside 10701 Corona Ave b. 50th & 51st Ave - Great Old School, Red Sauce Italian

Ben Faremo - The Lemon Ice King of Corona 52-02 108th St b. 52nd & 53rd Ave

111 ST


*** Spicy & Tasty
*** Sentosa
*** Joe's Shanghai

Feb 21, 2007
timmernyc in Manhattan

Rehearsal Dinner in Sunnyside

You soooooo have to check out Tangra Asian Fusion on Queens Blvd at 39th Pl. The room is big and baroque and has been through about three incarnations. The food ranges from easy to take chinese to exotic expressions of chinese food you would get at a chinese restaurant located in New Delhi. Order lots of the lollipop chicken.

Dec 23, 2006
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Tournesol LIC

Something has gone wacky with their website:
We should call and tell Pascal that there is a problem.
Since I'm a teacher and not home during the day, maybe another hound can let him know.

Nov 29, 2006
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs


You might try Nita's European Bakery in Sunnyside at 39th Place and Greenpoint Ave. You should probably call first.

Nov 23, 2006
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Whole Foods-type store in Queens?

10 minutes is very optimistic coming from Sunnyside. Depending on the time or day one could easily wait 10 minutes for the 7 and 10 minutes for the N train. Time in a subway car is probably about 10 minutes and the T/W Center is a 5 minute walk from 57th Street. I used to work near Columbus Circle and my rush hour commute from Sunnyside was a reliable 35 minutes (including picking up coffee).

Oct 23, 2006
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Yet another reason to visit De Mole: Burger & Fries

Many of us have given raves to De Mole (El Jarro)...but I don’t think I’ve seen a post about their burger/fries. It does seem oxymoronish to go to a great Mexican restaurant for a burger (in this borough of excellent burgers). However, I highly recommend theirs. Generous portion of tasty, char-broiled, loosely ground beef served on an oversized, lightly toasted English muffin, nice smear of mayo, lettuce, (good) tomato slices, chopped red onion, cheese an option. Fries are more like thin, crispy French frites than big English/American chips. SO good. Give it a try and send your thoughts.

Oct 18, 2006
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

New Yorker wants to know what's up with breakfast

I'll be in your great city soon for a few memorable meals. On my home board - NYC Outer Boros - there have been a few posts about how there is nowhere here to get a Chicago breakfast. What's up? Let me know what I'm missing and where I can find typical examples next month. I'll be staying at the Hilton & Towers (or whatever it's called now).

Oct 09, 2006
timmernyc in Chicago Area

butcher in sunnyside

That is so not true about Butcher Block. I have had them make up special cuts dozens of times. They've ground lamb for me, cut a porterhouse 2" thick, and made sausage from my grandmother's recipe. Give them another chance.

Have you tried the two Columbian butchers on Greenpoint between 44th and 45th (I hope I have the block right)???

Oct 02, 2006
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

First time to Cevabdzinica Sarajevo

We had the meat platter for take out - $20 - and in addition to the cevapi, we had various organ meats including sweetbreads and skirt steak, all fantastic. As to portions, this platter is advertised for two. We shared it among three healthy eaters and had some co-workers sniffing around who helped themselves. We couldn't finish it.

Sep 24, 2006
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

pizza in sunnyside?

Obviously you are searching North of Q Blvd. Make the leap! Come over to the South Side. Try Marabella for thin crust at 41st Street and Greenpoint or Gabriella's at 44th & Greenpoint for thick crust and a lot of inventive combinations.

Sep 18, 2006
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

New to Sunnyside. Need info about EVERYTHING.

Welcome to one of the best eating neighborhoods in the city! De Mole (formerly El Jarro)is great for delivery or eat in. Don't miss the Tinga de Puebla, a yummy beef brisket stew.

I like the pizza at Marabella 41st St & Greenpoint(thin crust)and love the foccacia chicken sandwiches. Some of my friends prefer the thick crust at Gabriella's 44th St & Greenpoint where you have a choice of counter or tablecloth service next door. Though I haven't tried it yet, I'm intrigued by the selections at Donato's 50th St & 39th Ave and they have nice outdoor seating.

For Turkish, a lot of posters have praised Hemsin 39th Pl & Queens Blvd. on the least desirable real estate for restaurants in the hood. I've enjoyed some breakfasts there and really like their lahmacuns. But if you're taking kabobs and dips home for dinner, I'd choose Mangal 47th & Queens Blvd which doesn't look like it cranks out super food but they do. For sit down I'd go to Turkish Grill at 42nd & queens blvd.

There are a couple of places on the south side of Q Blvd between 43rd and 46th St that have passable bagels. But why not cross the blvd and have an Irish Breakfast at Rose Restaurant? Or wander down the north side of the blvd and try Post Cafe at 40th Street.

I hope you have strolled through Sunnyside Gardens (I assume if you moved there you would have said so). On Skillman between 46th and 47th Street you will find very decent dining at Bliss Restaurant and Quaint. Posts about these two have been varied on this board but make up your own mind. The people running both establishments are good folk and they are working very hard to bring our community something we don't have. They deserve our support and patience.

And now for something not quite completely different but interesting. If you want to try Chinese food prepared as if the Chinese restaurant is located in New Delhi, then get over to Tangra Asian Fusion. Order the lollipop chicken first while you navigate the menu and take in a wonderfully garish room. Or try our two, yes two Japanese/Nepalise joints. Yamakaze in that dreaded block between 39th St and 39th pl on Q blvd. Or the newer Yeti at 44th & Q blvd south side.

I'm tired of typing. Can another hound take over and describe Sidetracks, Horgan's, Aubergine Cafe, Arioshi, Thai Malay Cafe, Chips, Pio Pio Riko ande La Flor?

I hope you enjoy eating your way through our humble hood.

Sep 17, 2006
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Has anyone tried the Water's Edge?

Water's Edge is pricey, Manhattan-style, dinner entrees from $24 to $38. We've had a couple of very fine meals and the view is great. Go about an hour before sunset and spend some time. For the full effect, take the free ferry across the East River from 34th Street.

Easter 2002, when things were tough all over for restaurants, they tried a buffet brunch/dinner. It was awful. Otherwise, we've had good experiences.

Here's the website:

Sep 16, 2006
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs

Key Lime Pie

Easy and delicious!

Sep 02, 2006
timmernyc in Recipes

Bohemian Beer Hall - What to Eat?

I'm surprised that no one has yet mentioned the potato pancakes. They're a carb-o-licious accompanment to the kielbasa. Don't forget the sour cream!

Aug 05, 2006
timmernyc in Outer Boroughs