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New Indian Restaurant in Pleasantville, NY

Have to post a shout out to my new favorite Westchester Indian restaurant, Chutney Masala in Irvington. I used to go to Malabar Hill. I didn't know they'd changed owners, but I wasn't excited about the new "creative" menu options and accompanying new prices. There was a place in Tarrytown called Tandoori Something that I HATED - they were the only place that delivered to me, and I actually threw out their food. So, to recap, Chutney Masala, down by the river / train station!!

Morello in Greenwich... not going back anytime soon

At first I thought you were a plant - maybe a former employee at Gaia - because you know the restaurant lingo ("two-tops," "six-tops"). But your knowledge of wine service is, generously, behind the times. You can't tell whether a bottle is corked by smelling the cork. That's something people do to look Klassy. You might be able to tell something by LOOKING at the cork. I don't know why the sommelier had to get involved - who served you the wine? Didn't the waiter stick around to make sure you approved it? Why didn't you just calmly tell the waiter your wine was unfortunately corked, and he/she would have replaced it immediately? I haven't read your other posts, and I haven't been to Morello's, but your comments make me suspicious. (And why get so so upset about differing interpretations of "medium" lamb chops? At least they could be put in for more time - can't do that with overcooked meats!)

Need a fabulous, but not trying-too-hard menu for a date

I was also going to suggest roast chicken. Are you a man or a woman?

Dec 24, 2008
Laurie914 in Home Cooking

Best non-overpriced restaurants in Westchester

I will look for Bao's & Imperial Wok. I don't get up to Poughkeepsie, but I'll keep the reccomendation in mind!

Best non-overpriced restaurants in Westchester

I think I've been to that one near Pizza Beat, and I didn't like it really. The one on 119 has crab legs sometimes but not all the time (maybe only certain days?) They do have soft serve. If you go, let me know what happens!

Best non-overpriced restaurants in Westchester

Not sure...?

Best non-overpriced restaurants in Westchester

Yes, it's right there. They opened Monday. Where did you wind up going instead?

Best non-overpriced restaurants in Westchester

laugh if you want, but there's a consistently high-quality Chinese buffet in the Crossroads shopping center, off Rte 119 in White Plains or Elmsford (same center as Barnes and Noble or the new HomeGoods).

Best non-overpriced restaurants in Westchester

There's an UNDERPRICED Italian joint in Irvington, right by the train station, called Buon Gusto or something - I think they make their own pasta. I shouldn't even tell you this, because now it's going to be crowded.

* Go down Main St
* When it dead-ends, turn Left
* Follow road past library and library parking lot, curving around to Left. You'll see it on your Right. Park in spots at left across the street.

Best non-overpriced restaurants in Westchester

Sunset Grille is now open! On the property of Maple Moor Golf Course, lunch & dinner, to anyone. (Free parking!)

From All Points South
* Take Hutchison River Parkway North to exit 25
* Take a left at the light after the exit to North Street
* Maple Moor Golf Course will be 100 yards on your right

From All Points North
* Take 287 East to exit 9 South toward Hutchison River Parkway South
* Take Hutchison River Parkway South to the first exit, exit 25
* Bear right off the exit onto North Street
* Maple Moor Golf Course will be 25 yards on your right

Maple Moor Golf Course is located at 1128 North Street, White Plains, NY 10605.

(Not a taco stand) ; )

In search of fresh cider donuts in Westchester

Ecch, I hate the ones at Stew Leonard's. If the Hastings-on-Hudson greenmarket is still open on Saturdays, they had the most amazing, flavorful, moist, crystal-sugar-coated...YUM, I'll see you there!

Oh, wow, they have a whole blog:

Fried Chicken in Westchester?

Love the red beans and rice, also the dirty rice - they call it "Cajun rice" now, right? It used to be spicier too...but still soooo gooood...I too have made special trips to the highway rest stop (hangs head)

Authentic Mexican in northern NJ (Bergen County)

Where is Mariachi Loco?

Jun 23, 2008
Laurie914 in New Jersey

Best Pizza in Westchester (again)

Romeo's Pizza is a hole-in-the-wall in Irvington (corner Broadway & Main). They have slices available with fresh mozzarella (bocconi? little balls), fresh tomato, lots of fresh basil...I wouldn't call it a destination restaurant, but if you're in the area that stuff is GOOD!

Opening Set for Half Moon - Dobbs Ferry

That matches my experience. I've noticed there are certain restaurants with the mentality of rushing you in and rushing you out. The service is unsmiling. This is the kind of thing I've seen at One If By Land, Two If By Sea in Manhattan, but not all the most notable restaurants behave this way - Union Sq Cafe for example is extremely well regarded yet warm, welcoming, and not about turning the tables. Even Peter Luger is - well - nurturing (literally and figuratively). I go out to eat good food and enjoy visiting with my friends - so I'm sick of places where I'm not made to feel welcome.

Recommendation for Tarrytown/Irvington Rehearsal Dinner

The Half Moon is a restaurant in Dobbs Ferry that replaces the old Chart House. They're officially opening sometime in April. I don't know anything more about it, but you can try calling at the old # (914)693-4130.

Rudy's Beau Rivage is also in Dobbs. I have never eaten there and have no idea whether it's good. I also read it'll be renovated soon. Nevertheless, thought you might appreciate the info.

This might be a bit downscale for your tastes, and I don't know whether it's big enough, but Mimosa in Dobbs seems to have reopened.

Brought to you by the Dobbs Ferry Restaurant Council (kidding)

Red Hat on the river in Irvington

Just went last night. I too had the cod - friend had the salmon. We started with the tuna tartare (excellent, slightly spicy and tangy mediated by slices of cool cucumber) and the mushroom salad (excellent flavor). Whatever sauce was used on the cod was also tangy, and a nice balance to the white beans. The cod itself was perfect. I never got around to tasting the salmon, but my friend was happy. We did feel the dishes were a bit wintry (all the beans, the salmon's bed of lentils) - I wonder whether they'll change over for summer? I've been burned in the past with chefs who try to get adventurous without really having a sold basis behind it, but whoever's in the kitchen gave a lot of thought to his/her flavors when making novel choices.

Speaking of which, their wines by the glass are somewhat off the beaten path - the gagnon (sp?) was wonderfully flowery and an excellent suggestion by our waitress.

Best Indian Food in Lower Westchester

No, I saw that you said Port Chester. I just wanted to give the heads-up about the new place coming to Irvington, and while I was there I wanted to see if anyone else had bad experiences at Cafe Tandoor in Tarrytown - I've never been to the place you say is good: Tandoori in Port Chester.

Best Indian Food in Lower Westchester

A new place is supposed to be opening in Irvington in the next few weeks. Chutney Masala? On the river, by the train station.

Cafe Tandoor in Tarrytown in my opinion is AWFUL. I ordered from them two or three times because they deliver (Malabar Hill in Elmsford, while good, doesn't), and I actually found some of the dishes inedible. Plus both (or all 3) times, the delivery guy brought a five-year-old who asked loudly "How much did they tip?" after I handed over the money but before I closed the door. As if on cue. Even in my own home, they managed to lose points for atmosphere. (PS I tip deliveryfolks well!)

Best over the top brunch in Westchester/CT?

That's kind of my point. I posted it for anyone reading this thread who might not be up for the level of Restaurant X, but might still appreciate knowing an "almost very good" option exists. In turn, thanks for the Restaurant X and X20 info!

John Michaels (Old Purdy's Homestead)

Thanks for the tip, don't know why I'd never tried it. I'd actually stopped going because the bad feelings associated with parking colored the whole experience.

Worst restaurants in Westchester

Any thoughts on the Thai Place in Ardsley? I've been happy there.

Best over the top brunch in Westchester/CT?

WOW. silver plates, 20 courses, LAMB?

If anyone likes the idea of a huge vast brunch but without THAT much fanciness, and at only about $20-25, I would recommend Sunset Cove in Tarrytown. It's huge, it's buffet style, it includes everything from lox-bagels-capers to eggs-sausage to roast chicken-gnocci-stuffedsole (and muffins, and cakes, and fresh fruit) - and it's cheaper than x or x20 I would imagine. But you MUST call ahead - they sometimes close for private parties, and note that when you call, if they're NOT closed they'll probably treat you like an idiot for calling - and you can bet that the only reason I put up with that kind of crap is that the food is that good! (PS not impressed with their dinner)

anything new in the White Plains/Port Chester/Rye area?

This isn't new exactly, but the North End Restaurant in White Plains (on Broadway, across from the post office) just got a new chef. It's like new-American now. Great food, reasonable prices, and seemed to have a lot of seafood on the menu (for those of you who don't like Legal - I like Legal fine, but the shrimp at the North End were very plump and delicious).

Cooking Classes for Couples

They have one-off classes at Chef Central in Hartsdale on Rte 100. Check the website for schedule. They may have series as well.

Mar 10, 2008
Laurie914 in Manhattan

Best Places for Ethnic food shopping in Southern Westchester

New Indian store on 119 in Elmsford...think it's called "Bhavik"?

Best Diners in Westchester

Add another vote for City Limits - food is always a step above. I've only been to the one in White Plains - but I have to say I hate going there because the service is very slow. Has anyone else had that?

John Michaels (Old Purdy's Homestead)

The fight over spaces is also intense. It's the only place I've ever had a shouting match in a parking lot.