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DC dining over easter weekend

it doesn't necc. have to be in dupont circle area, as long as it is somewhere we can get by train. all "parameters" dont have to be met, just would be nice, probably main thing we want is good food, varied menu, decent price. i'll read him the menu if it is too dimly lit!

Going to be in Uptown/Downtown Charlotte this week.. Where to eat?

google alexander michaels. it is one of my favorite out of the way dives. best fried pickles! if it is a pretty day walk there through the beautiful old homes around it. great for lunch or dinner, but it gets slammed right after work.

Mar 10, 2008
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DC dining over easter weekend

I will be in DC, staying in the Dupont Circle area over easter. my dad is not a hugely adventurous eater, and doesn't like to spend too much money. He also is not big on long waits and really low lighting. I on the other hand love to discover new restaurants etc. any suggestions to meet both our needs?