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Is there a name for this style of feeding oneself?

Eating with tines down is usually referred to as eating "European Style." When I married and went to live in Europe, I learned to eat European Style. I continued to do so after I came back to the States. When I'm out in a restaurant, I notice more and more people have adopted this way of eating.
As for eating a forkful of a bit of everything, it depends on what I am eating; and I have found this to be true of people in Europe. I eat a forkful of everything with liver yet eat prime rib by itself. It depends on how I want things to taste and feel in my mouth.

Jul 29, 2011
Sunshine11 in General Topics

How is the hospital food where you live?

I just came home from John C. Lincoln in Phoenix, AZ. The hospital food was good and we were given choices each day of what we would like to eat under the diet restrictions of the doctor. It was not gourmet by any means, but it was good and its presentation pleasant.

Oct 31, 2009
Sunshine11 in General Topics