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Black Pudding in Denver area

I've actually been to Jordans but never for breakfast. Will have to check it out.

Jul 05, 2011
kscant in Mountain States

Black Pudding in Denver area

ok chowhounds! I have got my sweetbread fix so next on the list is pudding!
yup otherwise known as blood sausage...any hints on where to go for this sampling?

Jun 29, 2011
kscant in Mountain States

Denver Sweetbreads

sadly i just heard this place has closed it doors...guess I missed out as they were on my list of places to try

Jun 24, 2011
kscant in Mountain States

Denver Sweetbreads

ok just had the sweetbreads at Twelve last night and it was worth the sit. I only wish there had been more!
you can check out my foodspotting pics!
Merry, I have looked at the HGC menu and don't see it there so maybe this is a special request? i might try to call them and ask to see if they would make it up.
if your padre is still talking about it ...I'm sold!

Jun 24, 2011
kscant in Mountain States

Moving to Denver soon... Sushi?

lots of place will do 'omakase' if you make yourself known to the sushi chefs. sit at the sushi bar, strike up conv, but a round of sake, etc...
i have not ordered sushi for a long time now, i walk in..sit down..get fed. love it
my favorite places are Rice Bistro in DTC and Sushi Hapa in Highlands
i do like Izakaya but it is for special occasions due to their $$$

Jun 24, 2011
kscant in Mountain States

Denver Sweetbreads

I just met a sous chef from Twelve restaurant and they have sweetbreads on their appetizer menu for the month of Tues-Thur they have a prix fixe menu for $35!
thanks for all the responses!

Jun 08, 2011
kscant in Mountain States

Chowfind: sriracha and ballpark mustard

I just had a lamb belly confit dish the other night and it was served with a sriracha mustard. Was told it was the following ingrediants:
Chinese hot mustard
Stone ground mustard
Dijon mustard

going to give it a try soon...will have to eyeball the measurements based on strength of flavor so not to have one overwell the other.

May 26, 2011
kscant in Home Cooking

Denver Sweetbreads

thanks for the responses...I was actually just at Argyll on Friday and they bread and fry their sweetbreads. looks like that is the way of the world now and I'll just have to find a recipe and make them myself!
appreciate all the input

May 03, 2011
kscant in Mountain States

Denver Sweetbreads

well lucky me as i've just moved up into the Highlands!
I've heard good things about this place...I'll give it a try

Apr 27, 2011
kscant in Mountain States

Denver Sweetbreads

ahhhhh those wonderful bits and pieces!! But where does a foodie find them in Denver!!!??? arrggghhh!!!!!
I am looking to find a place that serves sweetbreads up sauteed in a demi glaze or something of the sort. I had these growing up here in Denver back at the Paradise Valley Country Club. Yes, I was a young man and I found these delectable morsels in a deep rich gravy that I just ate up until I couldn't move; then my father informed me of what I was eating and I was wrecked. Well, my palate is wanting this taste again and I"m not liking that I can't find them here on my own. I don't want the breaded and fried as that just dries the parts out and honestly, I could be eating anything for all I know under all the breading and such.
if you can assist me here I'd be forever in your debt!

Apr 27, 2011
kscant in Mountain States

Crawfish in Denver?

Nono's Cafe over in Highlands County Line and Santa Fe does a crawfish boil every Saturday thru May. I know that it is by reservation only and a party up to 20 if I recall.
Haven't taken this in myself but is my fav Cajun restaurant in town.

Nono's Cafe
3005 W County Line Rd, Littleton, CO 80129

Mar 31, 2010
kscant in Mountain States

New Orleans for Four Days - help me make my ultimate dining itinerary !

I just returned from several days in the quarter so most of my foodie experience was there as I was on foot. I am normally not one to wander about and find places in high traffic touristy areas as the food might be good but is normally over priced. With that said, I did find some wonderful spots that i would like to recommend.
Best Gumbo - Coops...I noticed in my gumbo debauchery tour that most places were very watery and thin...Coops was the best imho due to it's authentic 'dirty' flavor. It was thick with a great flavor and I was bummed that I could only eat a cup since I had been searching all day for one to finally satisfy me. My friend sampled the jambalaya here as well it was top notch. Now it is more of a bar and very tiny so if you are reluctent to sit in a place like this i would not recommend it.
Best BBQ oyster po-boy - Redfish. This is on the end of the quarter near Canal and was the only place that served it. Ask for extra blue cheese dressing as they went very light on it at serving.
Royal House - honorable mention for their chargrilled oysters on the half-shell. The taste of the char on the shell as you suck the oyster into your mouth is an experience that is still stamped in my brain. Don't miss it.
Best overall meal - Muriels...we stopped in here cause it was raining the last eve and was close to our hotel. Is a fancy place so was not on my original list of stops...glad i did.
they had a price-fixe meal for $30 and it was mouth watering. The beet salad was something I would not have thought to order but my buddy did and i think I ate more of it than he did!! lol. I had the crawfish and goat cheese crepes and OMG I was in heaven! (recipe is on their site) The double cut pork chops were my main and it was so good but to be honest the 2 sides won it for all. the sauteed greens and sweet potatoes were so good I couldn't stop eating them and before I knew it they were gone and I hadn't eaten a bite of the chops! The dessert was par for course comparatively but never have been a big sweets fan.
i hope that you take some of my suggestions and if anything please stop into Coops for the gumbo!!
In reply to the above post...I concur on the music scene...although Maison was a bit old style for my taste the day that we went in. mostly foxtrot music and folks in around 60+ dancing it up. Was fun but had to move on after a drink ;)

Mar 23, 2010
kscant in New Orleans

Traveling to the Perimeter area

I am traveling this June and staying at the Crowne Plaza near the perimeter mall.
I have been there before and have done Garrisons and Goldfish.
Is there someplace near here that I can go to get a taste of the local cuisine or something unique?
thanks in advance.

May 07, 2008
kscant in General South Archive

Denver Fine Dining

I love it when people describe their eating experiences like that! I'm ready to eat it now. It appears to have a very Indian twist on it for being pork.
Thanks BrentK.

Mar 12, 2008
kscant in Southwest

Denver Fine Dining

Thanks for the response Clarie
I checked out the menus and I'm already salivating over the Rioja one!!

Mar 11, 2008
kscant in Southwest

Denver Fine Dining

Greetings and salutations all,
I just stumbled across this board today and am very excited to read some of the postings. I have done a quick search and I don't see that anyone has really started a 'Fine Dining' topic. My girlfriend and I recently went to Las Vegas and ate at Michael Mina's in the Bellagio. We have decided we want to fine dine at least once a month. So far we have taken in McCormick & Schmicks, Elways, Manor House and Ocean.
I'm hoping that people will post their favorite restaurant up and give a little review on it.

Thanks and happy eating!

Mar 10, 2008
kscant in Southwest