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i Ricchi or Kinkead's for Sunday dinner meeting?

Avoid i Ricchi like the plague. Used to go there for business meals quite frequently many years ago, but it fell off a cliff and they just don't care.

Staying in 1st arr. Any recommendations?

Thanks to all for the great suggestions. Will try as many as possible in our limited time.

Sep 14, 2009
sfernando in France

Staying in 1st arr. Any recommendations?

Staying at the Park Hyatt Vendome Sep 21-24. Any thoughts for non-haute places in the area?

Sep 11, 2009
sfernando in France

Vidalia or Georgia Brown's?

IMHO, it's not even close: Vidalia. Many great meals there over the years, while Georgia Brown's has been just OK. Can't speak to Restaurant Week per se.

Thoughts on WTOP Breakfast Poll?

Can't beat Metro 29 Diner on Lee Hwy in Arlington. Pricier than some, but worth it.

Best burger inside the beltway in Virginia

Few suggestions: Ray's Hell Burger (though no fries, God knows why); Five Guys; Harry's Tap Room. I'm sure you'll get other views as well!

Where to buy ginger beer?

Of all places, Barritt's is sold at Virginia ABC stores (at least the one near me in Alexandria) as a "dark and stormy" package with Goslings.

urgent- need dc rec for seattle wife for tonight

For steak, BLT Steak is around the corner on I St between 16th and 17th. Had an excellent experience at dinner there last week.

Sigiri Sri Lanka - any reports?

FYI...there is a six-degrees of separation connection between Sigiri restaurant and Bourdain's recent SL show. His sidekick/guide in the Sri Lanka episode, Skiz, has published a cookbook on Sri Lankan foods that I just bought. The book credits recognize Sigiri for some of the food photos! Small world?

Apr 11, 2009
sfernando in Manhattan

Sri Lankan food in MD/DC/VA? Just watched No Reservations

You'd have to come by my house--born there and relish the food! Always a highlight of trips back. My American friends kill for it without exception. My fiancee gets grumpy if she doesn't get some (the food that is!) at least once a week.

Bourdain did a good job covering the food scape but over-emphasized the hole-in-the-wall places in Colombo IMO. Food safety would be a concern to anyone with common sense. No restaurants here in DC, though I recently heard about an SL couple running a standard lunch outlet in an office building in Chevy Chase who occasionally dish up some. Also remember a whole street's worth in the Times Square area in NYC a few years back but the one I tried was over priced and not very good. There is a grocery store of sorts in upper Montgomery County that I've heard of but never been to--the local Korean and Indian supermarkets carry just about everything needed to make the food.

Anniversary Trip to DC

Strongly endorse both these recommendations. Had a great Valentine's dinner at Bombay Club and fine tapas at Taberna last weekend, both in romantic settings. Bombay Club is pretty much across the street from the Hay Adams. Also consider its sister restaurant, the Oval Room.

Within walking distance, though a somewhat mundane room setting, is BLT Steak. Ate there for the first time yesterday and it's best of class among top-end DC steak houses IMHO. Every element of the meal was world class. Think traditional steak dinner with a slight French bistro twist and superb service.

Breakfast in NOVA?

Metro 29 Diner in Arlington (Lee Highway near Glebe Road). Everything fresh, lines out the door from morning till night.

Chicken Fried Rice in Falls Church?

Try Peking Gourmet in Culmore Center on Route 7 (have the duck while you're at it).

Ethnic Restaurant Recommendations

chinatown: look for Eat First, a hole in the wall on H St. No ambience but the best chinese food in DC for the money.

Return to Venice, just 2 days

Ate at Alle Testiere in June and found it quite ordinary versus the price (about 70 euros per head). highly recommend Da Remigio in Castello for exceptional seafood at fair prices.

Jul 10, 2006
sfernando in Italy

going to venice and florence for honeymoon

Just returned from Venice and Florence last Sunday. Had some excellent meals in both places.

Venice: highly recommend Da Remigio for seafood. slightly east of San Marco in Castello. Try the grilled razor clams if they have them. Family run establishment, very gracious and hospitable, make reservations. Also had my birthday dinner at Alle Testiere (Castello)which many here have raved about but found it quite a bit of a disappointment versus the hype. Significant other and I had a romantic lunch at Harry's Dolci on Guidecca and pretty much had the place to ourselves with a corner table on the water. Great service, spectacular view of Dorsoduro, acceptable food, pricey. Have a Bellini!

Florence: Must visit Mercato Centrale if you're a foodie. All manner of stalls selling delectables dirt cheap. Check out the raw tripe right next to the cooked meats--you'll never see that in our sterile stores. Nearby are Trattoria ZaZa and Trattoria Mario, both a bit touristy but with great food at very fair prices. My brother ate three times in 24 hours at ZaZa, pigging out on the pappardelle with cinghiale (wild boar sauce) each time! Mario only opens for lunch. Have a bistecca fiorentina at ZaZa. Mercato-Medici Chapels-lunch at one of the above makes for a great morning excursion. If you visit Basilica San Croce, look Trattoria Anita, a small place catering to local folks. We had a three course lunch for six euros per head...unbelievably good at that price or three times as much. Also save room for dessert at Gelateria Neri (Via Neri) nearby for the best gelato in the city that invented it.

Congratulations, and enjoy your honeymoon.

Jul 10, 2006
sfernando in Italy