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Dave's Pasta In Davis Square, Somerville; What IS My Problem??

Oh, Trio's...their mushroom tortellini. Thanks for bringing that memory back.

Olecito Brookline!

I got the shrimp tacos and the Oaxaqueso torta. Both were soggy, the torta so much so I couldn't eat it. Compared to Dorado, at least on the shrimp taco basis, Olecito comes up just a hair short: theirs are more vinegary, while Dorado has more of that guilty-pleasure beer-batter crunch and taste. But O is in my neighborhood, so I'm not going to quibble.

good wine stores around jp, west roxbury?

If Chestnut Hill isn't out of your way, Winestone on the corner of Hammond and Route 9 is excellent. Patrick, the owner, used to be Rialto's sommelier and has a fairly individualized sleection, mostly under $24. Their special order policy is pretty cool, too: instead of a case like some places make you get, he's happy to get you one bottle.

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

I wasn't impressed with Grotto. Nice place for the neighborhood, but not transcendent.

Where can I buy Argentine Dulce de Leche

Las Ventas, the Spanish grocery sibling of Estragon, has it, but not positive it was Argentinian.

Silvertone's downhill??

I was there about a month ago, and the mac and cheese was as good as usual. The drinks, however, were a bit stronger than usual....

Good Meal at the Biltmore

Nooo! I love that place. Do they still have the poutine fries??