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The Carlyle Club

Went there this Sat - what an incredible place! The food was good (great rack of lamb), and the setting really campy - in a good way. Great jazz singer (Satin Doll Trio) with a lap dog on stage drinking water out of a martini glass. Wonderful place to go for a long slow dinner with a special someone.

The Carlyle Club

Has anyone been there recently? I'm looking to take my boyfriend there - is it too cheesy??

Looking for cooking classes

I am looking for a weekend or series of cooking classes to take to learn how to make good food, and meet new people. Can anyone recommend a place to take classes?

Trouble finding good indian food

Thanks for the recommendations - so far I've tried Heritage India in Dupont, but was not that impressed. I'll keep trying!

old town Alexandria

I'd second that. It is one of my favoriate places.

Trouble finding good indian food

I'm having trouble finding good Indian food in teh DC/Alexandria area. Does anyone have a recommendation to pass along?

The Very Best Brunch (not buffet) in D.C./NOVA/MD

The Ritz in Crystal City does have a buffett, but boy it is incredible. Oysters, lamb, and yes - fresh squeezed orange juice. I took someone there this past Sun and they were astounded.


Where is the best place to eat brunch in Alexandria, or close to Alex?

Place to eat near Dulles??

I have to pick someone up at Dulles next Friday, and was wondering about a good place to eat in the general vicinity while we wait for traffic to cool. Any suggestions? I'm open to all types of food...