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Looking for kosher Asian noodles

Thanks for all the replies. Any other brands that have kosher supervision to look for in Asian supermarkets for noodles, condiments, sauces, or other packaged goods?

Dec 24, 2009
texnosh in Kosher

The right beer for chulent

I always add a bottle of beer. Since beer has a limited shelf life and for drinking, the fresher the better usually, I choose the oldest bottle in my refrigerator and add it to the cholent. I prefer a dark beer, don't really know why, just seems the thing to do with such a hearty dish.

After the cholent is cooking 20 hours, I didn't think the choice of beer makes that much of a difference. But, I'm impressed with the more subtle choices other posters have mentioned. One problem is that if I'm adding one bottle of beer on a Friday afternoon and it's a good brew, I'll have to taste it as I pour, and I may not get to add as much into the cholent...

Dec 24, 2009
texnosh in Kosher

Looking for kosher Asian noodles

I was in 99, a large Asian supermarket based in California, looking for kosher packaged noodles. Interested in any (for Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai cooking). They have a lot of noodles so I was wondering if there are any brands that have kosher certification that people have already found at Asian supermarkets in the US.

Dec 23, 2009
texnosh in Kosher

Restaurants in downtown Houston?

Treebeard's, the Market Square or the Cloister locations, is only open at lunch M-F but terrific for Louisiana cooking. You order from the cafeteria line, so it's not fancy, but is very clean and delicious.

Apr 01, 2009
texnosh in Houston

La Locanda Williamsburg

Any comments on this restaurant? Is it the best choice for great southern Italian food in Williamsburg or Greenpoint? What are the best dishes?

Jan 08, 2009
texnosh in Outer Boroughs

Dinner for 14 in Clayton or STL area

Thanks. Any recommendation on which Schlafly's is a better choice in terms of atmosphere and (lower) noise, and whether there's much of a difference between their two locations in STL?

Dinner for 14 in Clayton or STL area

Thanks, alan and greggold.

I was also wondering about Schlafly's. It seems a bit unique for out of towners. How is the food and atmosphere? Is it very noisy? Which location would be better? We want the better location, but we are in Clayton.

Dinner for 14 in Clayton or STL area

I'd appreciate recommendations for a group of 14 for a celebration dinner. Price middle or upper middle. Private room would be a plus, if it doesn't require a huge premium.

Great food and something unique to St. Louis would be ideal, since these will be mostly out of towners.

Dim Sum in the Galleria area of Houston?

I'd love to hear about any dim sum places at all in the Galleria. You can each take the Sam Houston Tollway and meet up along Bellaire Blvd. in Chinatown at one of the dim sum places there, it may not be any more out of the way for either of you (well, maybe the Woodlands friend).

Jul 13, 2008
texnosh in Houston

Fung's Kitchen Houston (dim sum) report

Fung's does a good job with dim sum but it helps to get there at 11 AM to avoid the crowds and the parking problem.

I slightly favor Kim Son on 59 S in Sugarland...less mobbed and just easier to get food there. Prices a bit better, too. Cuisine-wise, Fung's arguably has a slight edge.

That was probably Nancy, the owner, you saw but I think her husband is the chef so don't see him on the dining floor as often.

Jan 02, 2008
texnosh in Texas

Seeking Korean food in Houston

Tofu House is great, I've sent a lot of people there and everyone's been happy. Agree that the extra spicy soup isn't very spicy. Maybe ask for it "Korean hot"? Banchan is also great, and you get it all for $7.70 plus a tip..tofu soup, banchan, the little fried fish, a crock of great rice, and the awful frozen yogurt. One of my favorite places.

Dec 19, 2007
texnosh in Texas

King Solomon in Prague?

Just to follow up...we ate there Friday night. It was a really nice experience. The food wasn't phenomenal but it was okay. The main course was a breaded fried chicken cutlet, if I remember correctly. I wish I'd asked ahead for a substitute dish, since I am not thrilled about eating fried food...especially when it was cooked ahead of time (before the Sabbath). If you're going to Prague and and need a Shabbat meal and can afford this place, I'd definitely recommend it. Book ahead, they sell out. Ask to be seated in the garden area (it's indoors).

Nov 27, 2007
texnosh in Kosher

pho in houston

Pho Saigon in Midtown is well-regarded.

Nov 27, 2007
texnosh in Texas

Kosher Thanksgiving Dinner in Dallas?

Call Simcha Catering in Dallas. They used to do individual meals.

If not, call the Vaad Hakashrut or an orthodox synagogue like Shaare Tefilla or Ohr Hatorah and ask.

Nov 18, 2007
texnosh in Kosher

Thanksgiving Dinner in Houston?

At the Four Seasons downtown, Quattro has a Thanksgiving Brunch.

Sorry to hear that hanging out at hospitals is what had to bring you back to Houston over Thanksgiving.

Nov 18, 2007
texnosh in Texas

What's great in Houston?

Sorry ma'am, all we have are big steaks or big steaks smothered in chili. Seriously, check out:

Goode Co. BBQ for great sides and pecan pie.
Goode Co. Seafood for Texas Gulf seafood.
Tampico's for whole red snapper served in a Mexican restaurant.
Treebeard's (open only weekday lunches) for great sides.
Amy's or the Chocolate Bar for ice cream (and the Chocolate bar for cakes if you like those)
Coffeehouses: Empire

Welcome to Houston!

Oct 25, 2007
texnosh in Texas

Fresh Roasted Coffee, Houston

Whole Foods roasts its own coffee at the stores. Not every type is roasted every day. I've been told by the roastmaster at one WF store that there's an advantage to buying coffee that's roasted two or three days earlier but that sounds like baloney to me. Would be curious if anybody knows of a good reason not to roast daily (sorry about hijacking the thread).

Oct 15, 2007
texnosh in Houston

New to Houston, what's your favorite restaurant in town

Welcome to Houston. Most of these are not expensive.

Chinese: Fung's Kitchen, Hong Kong Food Street, but my list is really long
Chinese market: Hong Kong Market on Bellaire
Dim Sum: Fung's Kitchen
Vietnamese: Van Loc
Vietnamese fast, busy, & open late: Tan Tan
Vietnamese banh mi: Vietnam Coast for the $5 version, Nguyen-Ngo for the $2 deal
Sushi: Ginza is one option
Louisiana: Treebeard's for cheap, Brennan's for $$$
BBQ: Goode Company
Gulf Seafood: Goode Company Seafood
Mexican: Pico's, Hugo's ($$)
Mexican seafood: Tampico's
Steak: Pappa's
Steakhouse deal: Fleming's prime rib Sunday dinner special
Korean: maybe Arirang
Pakistani: Himalaya
Indian: Indika for expensive
Persian: maybe Kasra
Pizza: Star
Ice cream: start with Amy's
Cafeteria: Cleburne's
Wine store: Spec's downtown (for wine/liquor, not deli)
Bagels: NY Bagel
Falafel: Super Pita
Deli: Kenny & Ziggy's
Middle eastern: maybe Phoenicia Deli; check out the supermarket across the street
Breakfast tacos: Los Arcos
Tamales: Alamo or Donna Terra (spelling)
Burgers: Pappa's Burgers
Wine bar: Max's (for well-priced wine, lots of noise, people watching, food)

That's just a few...

Jul 24, 2007
texnosh in Houston

New to Houston, what's your favorite restaurant in town

Hi Scar, agree with you as usual on your fine recommendations for some great restaurants. Are you talking about Lopez on S. Wilcrest exit of the Southwest Freeway? Never tried it...what do you order there?

Jul 24, 2007
texnosh in Houston

King Solomon in Prague?

$60 US per person for Shabbat meal, pay in advance, five day cancellation.

Jul 22, 2007
texnosh in Kosher

King Solomon in Prague?

Has anybody tried this restaurant? Are there better alternatives for Shabbat dinner or is this a good choice?

Jul 22, 2007
texnosh in Kosher

Where's the hotter food scene - Dallas or Houston?

For food quality, there's no comparison. I've lived in both. There are few restaurants in Dallas "worth a detour." Houston has a huge variety of high quality, ethnic restaurants. Not only is the food great but the scene is alive, fun, and authentic. Go to Tan Tan at 2 am on a weekend, or Fung's Kitchen for dim sum mid-day on a weekend. These places are packed and lively.

Perhaps you're talking about expensive, flashy, "be seen" places. I'm sure Dallas has plenty, with a high ratio of price:food quality or flash:food quality. You're posting on Chowhound, so I'm talking food quality here, not bling, and there's no match. Houston wins.

Oh, if you want looks and not taste, then maybe Dallas competes. Dallas has great shopping, plenty of good clothing stores, and not that much to do except shop, so people dress better. But Dallas is influenced by Midwestern food values, while Houston is built on US and foreign immigrant food values, so Houston's the place to eat.

Jul 18, 2007
texnosh in Texas

Jet lagged and in the Marais, where to start

We'll be getting into Paris from overseas, arriving mid day on a Friday. We'll probably be tired, starry-eyed, and eager to take in Paris. After we leave our bags at our two-star hotel in the Marais, where should we go to get a great lunch (inexpensive to moderate) at about 1 or 2 pm?

Any other Marais suggestions would be great, too.

Jul 16, 2007
texnosh in France


Red Snapper Inn. The Houston Press wrote it up in 2001. I never tried it. Check as it may be closed between lunch and dinner.

Another place I never tried but was mentioned in response to an old posting on the area is in Freeport: On The River, 979 233 1352, 919 W. 2nd. Stuffed flounder, coleslaw, hush pups. I don't even know if it's open any more.

Jul 01, 2007
texnosh in Texas

Gertels is closing...

Gus' Pickle Shop is still there (name may be different) as of last year.

Jun 19, 2007
texnosh in Kosher

Israel trip

Hope my answer catches you in time, I just happened to look at this for the first time in weeks.

First of all, expect that the tour will probably give you great meals. You'll barely have time to eat on your own. Some places that stood out were Ima (see above, Jerusalem), Falafel Doron (in laffa bread) (Emek Refaim, Jlm), and that was all we had on our own. My advice is pack light, get in shape ahead of time if you can, and enjoy what should be a great trip. You may want to search for a good day place to eat in Tel Aviv since you'll have a free afternoon there. If the tour offers a Tel Aviv option of going to the Carmel Market for food shopping and cooking a lunch, take it, folks looked like they had a great time with that. Oh yes, some of the best shopping and best deals were at BG airport on the way home.

Jun 19, 2007
texnosh in Kosher

Beef Wellington in Dallas?

No clue. Does an old saw like the Old Warsaw still make it?

I must say I was prepared to point my nose up in the air about Beef Wellington, since I recall the recipe as being a way to ruin a perfectly good piece of steak by steaming it in a crust instead of pan-grilling the beef, as one should.

However, I looked up Beef Wellington on Wikipedia. "Beef Wellington is a famous dish in English cuisine. It is a preparation of beef tenderloin, similar to filet de boeuf en croûte in French cuisine.

"The beef is coated with pâté, often made from foie gras, and a duxelles, which is then wrapped in puff pastry, and baked. There are two major types: one where the entire tenderloin is wrapped and baked, and served sliced; and another where the tenderloin is sliced into individual portions (as with filet mignon), each of which is then wrapped and baked."

That doesn't sound too bad. Will be curious to see if any restaurants are serving it...may have to try it!

Jun 19, 2007
texnosh in Texas

Picnic or lunch on way to San Diego Zoo

We'll be going from the convention center to the zoo. Thought it would be nice to pick up a box lunch near the convention center and picnic at the zoo. I hope the zoo allows people to bring in food. I don't know how we're getting to the zoo, so any ideas, we don't have a car.

Any thoughts on where to pick up a picnic lunch near the convention center or on the way to the zoo?

Or, is there any great food (for people) at the zoo, maybe we should just buy lunch there.


May 20, 2007
texnosh in California

Is Ali Baba still great in Dallas?

Went to the Preston Rd location in Far N Dallas. Glad to have found it's still excellent. Enjoyed my usual dishes: mezza plate with felafel balls on the side, lamb kabob, roast chicken.

I think they toned down the sharpness of the garlic sauce that comes with the rotisserie chicken, unfortunately. It was mild. The garlic used to linger on your palate for days, no longer.

Apr 30, 2007
texnosh in Texas

Is Ali Baba still great in Dallas?

Haven't eaten there in years, even before they expanded locations. Is is still really good? Which is the best location?

Apr 22, 2007
texnosh in Texas