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Places in Petaluma

We ate at Risibisi this week and enjoyed it. Everything was well prepared and service was excellent. It's on our "must try again" list.

Fourth and Sea Fish & Chips - destination worthy onion rings and milkshakes [Petaluma]

Regarding Lucas Wharf, the operative word is "was" but many folks have likely tried the F&C there in the past.

Regarding Fourth & Sea, I just don't understand why a place specializing in fried seafood does such a mediocre job of it. It's not rocket science, but does require a cook who's tasted good fried seafood somewhere. Along the US Gulf Coast, pretty much everyone knows how to fry seafood. For whatever reason, such simple skills just don't find their way here short of going to a high end joint like Fish in Sausalito. Fish is very good, but for Pete's sake do we really have to fork out $30 for F&C?

Fourth & Sea doesn't even rise to the level of mediocre. I'd go back if it were just mediocre.

I'm beginning to wonder if some of the more prolific posters here are paid shills.

FWIW, since moving to the Petaluma area last October, our favorite haunts are Afendi and Namaste.

Fourth and Sea Fish & Chips - destination worthy onion rings and milkshakes [Petaluma]

I agree with Civil Bear. Very disappointed in the food and won't be going back. The F&C at Lucas Wharf was a good order of magnitude better.

That said, our waitress at Fourth & Sea was very sweet and the restaurant was spotlessly clean and appealingly retro.

Now if they could just find a cook who knows how to fry seafood half as good as any seafood joint on the Gulf Coast.....

Ngoc Thanh - Good Vietnamese food in Petaluma?

It's immediately next door to Namaste. Gonna have to check it out.

Best truffle dish in SF/Bay Area?

Last year this time in Firenze, there were truffle dishes galore on the menus. Very reasonable too, I might add. I assumed this time of year was truffle season.....

San Rafael: "Fancy" sit down restaurant

The food at Insalata's is great. Nicer atmosphere than Sol Food.

Rumi Persian restaurant in Montecito Plaza is also very good, with an upscale atmosphere and reasonable prices. I think Rumi is your best bet.

I'm impressed that at the age of 7 your daughter has been able to correctly pick up on the atmosphere at Sol Food without actually going there.

San Rafael is somewhat limited in the foodie department. We lived in SR for 6 years and relocated to Petaluma last October.

Where's the best Thai food in Marin?

We like Orchid Thai in San Anselmo best. But none of them approach your typical street stall in Thailand. I've been traveling to Rayong on business the past couple of years. There's something remarkable about the "brightness" of the chili and other spices they use. The chili used here in the USA is dull and flat. Hot, but in a dull sort of way. I can't describe it.

Need recs for Napa Valley and Sonoma for end of Jan/2012

Central Market is seriously overrated and full of itself.

Went there for dinner with my wife and a buddy last week. I'm sorry to report that none of us enjoyed anything about the appetizers or entrees we ordered. Tasteless and pretentious. The oysters on the half shell that I ordered were pathetically tiny. Perhaps somebody should inform them about Drakes Bay Oyster Company. We took a chance bringing my buddy from out of town there without first checking it out ourselves.

Although we are locals, we cannot think of any reason to go back. Too many other solid alternatives in the area, e.g. Afendi's, Namaste, Avatar's, Yanni's...

Gilman Grill in Berkeley: Great corned beef hash, perfect poached eggs and good rye toast -

You ordered one of my favorite breakfasts...right down to the rye toast. 'Cept I'd finish it off with a nice short Americano with double shots.

R&G Lounge reservation policy

Sorry, but I find it unreal that anyone would pay a $100 deposit to eat at R&G Lounge.

Underappreciated Cuisines & The Dishes You Would Choose To Spotlight Them

Ampang yong tau foo.....YUM!! One of my favorites whenever I'm in KL. I lived in Ampang for a couple of years. Sabah vegetable is also superb. And not to forget Mamak-style almost anything! :)

Oct 02, 2011
chilihead2006 in General Topics

2 dinners/2 lunches to convince NY hounds to move to SF?

I've had good pizza in a couple of places in the Bay Area...both neopolitan style. But it does not rise to the level of the best I've had in Italy.

Generally speaking, I've found ethnic food to be substantially better in NY and LA. However, the Bay Area has some great ethnic food not so commonly available elsewhere, e.g. Peruvian.

We're particular about our food and travel often. We'd rather wait to eat a particular type of food while overseas than settle for a 2nd rate version here.

Singapore family seeking help. Please advise and critique my list

R&G a best bet???? Sorry, but LOL!!

From someone who lived in SE Asia for 10 years, is married to a Malaysian, and travels there yearly, I assure you that you will not find any Asian food in SF up to the standard widely available in Singapore. Good Asian cuisine can be had in southern California.

You should consider going for Peruvian instead of Cantonese. Fresca on Fillmore St is my first choice for Peruvian.

I'd also give Italian a miss...nothing in SF compares with NY or Italy. I've had superb Italian food in Singapore, e.g. Ristorante Bologna, Ristorante Grand Italia both now closed. :(

For seafood, consider Scoma's..either at Fishermans Wharf or Sausalito. The Sausalito branch has a beautiful view of SF.

You may also like B44 in SF for very good Spanish/Catalan cuisine. We went there a couple of weeks ago. They had an excellent flamenco troup performing which provided a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere.

Curing Olives--Where to buy Lye?

How long did you soak the olives in lye?

Curing Olives--Where to buy Lye?

I would never use lye or other chemicals for curing black olives when water (and time) alone will do the trick....followed by brining and HW canning.

Group dinner in Albany/El Cerrito/Berkeley

NLB's pizza is some of the best anywhere...and I mean anywhere, including Italy. Perhaps there was some kind of kitchen malfunction on the night you went. We haven't been there in a few weeks but have been regulars for the past 3 years.

We love their atmosphere. The booths help create a very cozy European bistro ambiance. Their "Nissarde" cuisine is better than most of what we recently found in Nice.

Unique to San Francisco, off-beat, experimental?

ROFL!!! Yeah, right.

char kway teow with fresh rice noodles

Some of her relatives own this restaurant in Penang.

char kway teow with fresh rice noodles

My Malaysian wife makes killer kway teow, satay, mee goreng, bee hoon, beef rendang, sambal udang, nasi lemak, kangkong sambal belacan, sago gula melaka, buah melaka, cucur badak, pisang goreng, pandan agar agar....lots of great Malay dishes.

I've tried talking her into opening a genuine Malay restaurant, but she just won't do it. Bad for you. Good for me. LOL!!

Best Braised Lamb in San Francisco or Marin?

Duly noted!

looking for flats of tomatoes

We pulp the tomatoes in the cuisinart, pour it into a big pot and simmer it for a few hours until the volume is reduced by about 25% before putting into 1 qt plastic freezer containers. This has worked perfectly for us for the last 15 years. The slow simmering is essential to develop the sugars. It creates the perfect base for all kinds of pasta sauces....the sweetness is unmatched. You will never taste a better tomato sauce. Freezing is far easier than hot water canning. The only thing we can is olives.

Best Braised Lamb in San Francisco or Marin?

The best braised lamb shank I've had was at Restaurant Unterschweinstiege at the Steigenberger Frankfurt Airport hotel. Perfection as only the Germans know how. Since then I have been on a quest for the best lamb shank anywhere.

I would love to find a slow-cooked curried lamb shank, either Indian or Indo-Malay style where the meat is so tender you can eat it with a spoon. YUM!!

looking for flats of tomatoes

We bought 20# flats of organic romas from FBF for $24/each, but you need to order in advance.

Full Belly Farm rules!!

2 New Orleans Foodies headed to SF

You take the ferry back to the city. :)

Lunch in Carmel by the sea

Cantinetta Luca on Dolores St. in Carmel.

Excellent salume fatta in casa.

Cantinetta Luca
Dolores St Carmel-By-the-Sea CA, Dolores St Carmel-By-the-Sea, CA

Sep 19, 2010
chilihead2006 in California

Albany: Four Corners Cafe

My wife and I walked in there one night after dining nearby at NLB and were kind of surprised by how run down it all looked inside....reminiscent of a nondescript cafe in a nameless NYC subway station, or something close to it. With the name "Four Corners Cafe" and zia's painted on the windows, we expected something a bit closer to Green Chile Kitchen. Aside from the name, there was absolutely zero connection to NM food.

I'm not surprised they closed...they really didn't offer much besides grim disappointment.

U-Pick Persimmons???

Doesn't make sense if the tree is well within the boundary of the quarantine area. If it's at the edge, then maybe it makes sense.

U-Pick Persimmons???

It makes no sense to prevent people from picking fruit off a neighbors tree.

Too many laws.

Where can I experience the most authentic Scampi in the Bay area?

In June we rented a flat literally 50 ft from Mercat La Boqueria in Barcelona. We cooked up langoustino a couple of nights. YUM!!

I've not seen langoustino served in the Bay Area, but would love to know where if anyones knows.

New to Marin (Mill Valley)...having second thoughts about leaving the East Bay

Lotus Indian in SR for Indian
Comfort's in San Anselmo for breakfast and lunch
Orchid Thai in San Anselmo for Thai
Le Croissant in SR for breakfast & lunch
Rumi in SR for Persian
Insalata's in San Anselmo

Le Croissant Restaurant
150 Bellam Blvd Ste 210, San Rafael, CA 94901

Orchid Thai Restaurant
726 San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo, CA 94960