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Great T.O. delivery King/Strachan

If you like Thai food, Bangkok Paradise (506 Queen Street West @ 416-504-3210) delivers, and in my experience the food is always hot and delicious. They make five versions of Pad Thai, and three of them are NOT tomato-based so it's similar to what you'd find in Thailand (allegedly). Some of my favourites are the Vegetarian appetizer platter, Basil tofu with eggplant, Combination Pad Thai (without chicken), Thai red curry shrimp and Thai green curry fish. They are renowned for their Mango with sticky rice for dessert, but it doesn't travel well. Try it if you go in person - it's truly amazing.

Toronto Chocolate Nut Brownie

It's been a while since I ate one, but the brownies at 'Brick Street Bakery' in the Distillery District were sublime. It's an organic bakery, so the ingredients were top notch. The brownies were moist and thick, and had a brain-meltingly intense chocolate favour. Come to think of it, my brain must have actually melted because I can't remember if they use walnuts. I think so, but ... ?

If you want to try something insanely fabulous that is better (!) than a brownie, try the flourless chocolate cake at Soma Chocolate. Soma is also located in the Distillery District, by the by. It comes in two sizes - "Baby Cakes" (4 dollars) and "Mama Cakes" (ten dollars and must be ordered in advance), and it's fair to say there's no going back after you've tried it. All the ingredients are organic, and they use huge chunks of crisp walnuts. Divine.

Is there ANY good places to eat breakfast in TORONTO?

Dang! I feel tremendous trepidation about sharing this gem, as it's already busy as heck, but promise that if you see a VERY hungry looking redhead in line you'll slowly back away from the door. Kidding. Sort of. But not really. I digress.

While I'm quite fond of 'Easy' and 'Edward Levesque's Kitchen', it is with great squeamishness that I recommend (eeep!) Morning Glory located at 457 King Street East. The food is tremendous, the place is small and unpretentious, and the service is good-natured, efficient and unobtrusive. They make their own bread, baked goods and preserves, and their coffee is (allegedly) yummy. The servings aren't huge, but the quality is very good. You'll spend between $10 and $15, give or take. Don't tell them I sent you!

Top Quality, World Chocolate Retail Shops in GTA

Had the good fortune of working across from Soma's original location in the Distillery District, and David Castellan's wickedly brilliant brand of cocoa sorcery forever changed my perception of chocolate. The owner is a genius, and is one of the few people in North America (so I'm told) who makes chocolate from the bean. They make an assortment of "high cocoa content" bars, and they also sell an incredible variety of chocolate from around the world. Not cheap, but almost everything they sell is made from 100% organic ingredients.

P.S. Soma's dark chocolate ice cream (NOT gelato) is the best I've ever tasted. Greg's tastes like Chapman's by comparison. If anyone knows of a better chocolate ice cream in Toronto, do tell.

Greg's Ice Cream has been Debased

For most of my life I've been a pedestrian (and fickle) ice cream consumer, yet my world was turned upside down when I managed a small artisan's gallery in the Distillery District in 2003. Our neighbour was Somachocolate, and our staff were the very willing recipients of David Castellan's divine experiments. The first time I tried his Dark Chocolate ice cream, I knew my taste buds were spoiled for life. He went on to master a number of other flavours, such as Raspberry, Almond, Mango and Lemon, yet his Dark Chocolate ice cream, in my opinion, was the pinnacle of his frozen achievements. Ironically, a guy I met while working at the gallery bought Greg's chocolate ice cream for me one night, and although I thanked him profusely, it was mediocrity incarnate. I've tried Greg's a few times over the years, and was always disappointed. I figured I was ordering the wrong thing, yet after eating the divine ice cream at Somachocolate I knew that Greg's was merely a pale imitation.

Somachocolate has since moved to their own building in the Distillery District, and they supply some of the best restaurants in Toronto with ice cream and gelato. Although it's out of the way, it's definitely worth the trip. I'm pretty sure they sell ice cream year round now, but you might want to call first. I suggest you bring a cooler, or better yet, bring two coolers. Oh, and try the truffles or the Mayan Hot Chocolate while you're there - mind boggling! The owner is a genius.