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anyone know about Madras Dosa Hut?

I think that was the original location... perhaps they closed the satellite

there's a good little place at the Indian mall at the corner of Gore Road and highway 7 - run by a lovely woman who sells Indian bangles and Chinese buddha statues from the restaurant... (I love Toronto). there's never anyone in the place, though, so I'm afraid it might not last, even though it is good.

Worst in Toronto

I have to say there is one dish at Salad King that i love... I know it's completely inauthentic and the kitchen is a conveyor belt, but I can't help enjoying my annual "good-bad" feed of golden tofu curry with all those crushed dried chilies dumped in...

at least they're consistant

anyone know about Madras Dosa Hut?

I drove by my usual dosa place in Brampton on Friday (it's on highway 10 between Sandalwood and Mayfield) and saw a "closed" sign taped to the outside of the door.

does anyone know what's going on? they weren't the best dosas I've ever had in my life, but they were reliably good, fast, consistant and inexpensive...and there were lots to choose from.

I'm really sorry if they've closed up for good!