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Rye Project, Newish Delicatessen [SOMA, San Francisco]

I ate there rye was not toasted. Half corned beef, half pastrami with housemade sauce which is excellent. The half sour pickle was just ok. The sandwich was excellent. The bread was solid.

Knife Sharpening in East Bay

Town Cutler in SF is the best....

Knife Sharpening in East Bay

Does he use wet stones for Japanese knives?

The Good Hop Bottle Shop - Oakland

It's been there for a year...

Who has good Fish 'n Chips in the Eastbay?

Elevation 66...... Not even close. Plus, they have great beer
Yes they have malt vinegar

Incanto > Porcellino [San Francisco]

I think when somebody is on TV as much as he was it appears that he's disconnected from day to day operations. I ate there about 5 times and it went downhill a little bit everytime until the last time when the menu was just boring, under seasoned, undercooked veg. But you're right, too many options and that location never really fit the idea of the restaurant.

Hot Cross Buns

Crixa Cakes has the best one I've ever had...

Croissants - SF Dish of the Month February 2014

Neighbor Bakery, not even close.

New Years Trip to SF Review - Underwhelmed by Tartine

They don't make the crappy croissant I usually like to eat. BooHoo

Very consistent bakery....

Is Berkeley Bowl coming to SF???

Wish they would open in Jack London Square as Oakland Bowl

grayelf returning to SF for lucky 13 in November

Outerlands is totally worth the trip. One of my favourite spots, and I live in West Oakland.

Columbus Cutlery [San Francisco]

I think the last time I brought a 9" chefs knife, a paring knife and a petty knife and it was $18 for same day turnaround.
Awesome job md super nice guy.

Columbus Cutlery [San Francisco]

Try Town Cutler on Bush...


Looks like a morning bun with a hole in it....

Miki's Farm Fresh Market coming soon in Oct 2012, Palo Alto

Miki from Monterey Market, correct?

AQ - Best Restaurant in SF?

Sons & Daughters

Firebrand Brick Oven Bakery [Oakland]

It's where Blue Bottle used to be.....they do not sell from this location though

Craving Lamb Shank, in town 2 nights

Fior D' Italia

Scott Beattie out at Plum Bar!!!!!

Sounds like he didn't want to go....I was there on opening night at PB. Mr. Beatie was there even bussing tables as things were not quite firing on all cylinders....As far as Plum one and only meal there for dinner was quite back to their third night being opened...Since then I have tried brunch, which was god awful....A burger asked for rare came out beyond well done. They apologized and sent out a side or pork sausage on the house which came out raw. My Linden black lager in a bottle was flat....The drinks at Plum Bar were solid and had promise. The food is a joke. $13 for a grilled cheese, $14 for a hot dog? Lets hope Haven fares better...

Pizzaiolo 2011

It is Josey Baker's bread.....he trained somebody before he left to make it..

I wish I could take my friends to Pok Pok in PDX, but our babysitters won't work that late, so where in the SF/Peninsula/East Bay area should we go?

I'll second Lers Ros....

The Local Butcher - Excellent new butcher in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto

They won't grind your coffee beans either.....

looking for hip cafe for morning coffee in Oakland

Boot and Shoe on Grand...

El Cerrito: New super Safeway open ... and Rockridge news


El Cerrito: New super Safeway open ... and Rockridge news

The Rockridge Safeway is the highest grossing SFWY in the stae

Hawker Fare [Oakland]

I really wanted to like this place, but at best it is average. Very little if any balance to the dishes. Has anybody asked were his proteins come from? It seems like the dishes are priced at a premium considering it is mostly rice, which is good only half the time....

Conservative eating in the Mission

Range or Chow...

Best burgers in the Bay Area 2011

Showdogs on guess is that most people don't even know they have a burger
Perfectly balanced, with a nice dose of arugula and lemon/cayenne aioli....the meat is suoer fresh, bun is a perfect size and texture....1/2lb for $8

Van Hound grayelf returning to Bay Area for spring feeding

Showdogs burger is the best in the city....IMO

CHOW Tour Oakland, Your Thoughts On Where To Go?

Linden Street Brewery... as Oakland as you're gonna get