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Good find [Left Bank Bistro]

Sorry, I thought it was included in my original review. Left Bank Bistro, 2015 Avenue Road, 647 349 5700

Good find [Left Bank Bistro]

This bistro occupies a former bank on Avenue Road south of Wilson. Starters run from $7 to $14, mains from $16 to $26. A taste of house made creamy chicken pate ($4) with my pre dinner cocktal was luscious.My panko crusted sweetbreads on a bed of red cabbage with a Madeira jus ($12) were expertly cooked with the sweetbread flavour peeking out through the panko crust and sweet cabbage. A brave little dish which in lesser hands could be tasteless shake'n'bake. Very good. Equally enjoyable was the Spanish Mackerel en papillote ($20), the fish perfectly steamed and perfumed with julienned vegetables and new red potatoes. Well done and enjoyable. Wines by the glass are around $8 while a wide ranging wine list offers many choices around $40 a bottle. The room is sleek and comfy, the service polite and efficient. Other choices not tried by me include bistro standards like steak frites, onion soup, beef bourguignon and lamb shanks. A plate off assorted charcouterie changes daily. You can bring your own wine for a $5 corkage on Sundays and Mondays. All in all a very enjoyable experience and worth a visit in my opinion.

Thanksgiving dinner: What is your LEAST favorite menu item that you can't get rid of?

Add me to the list of Turkey white meat avoiders at least on the day itself. My favorite is a cold turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwich the next day or a hot turkey open faced sandwich with the leftover potatoes and vegetables hash browned. Much better than Thanksgiving dinner itself.

Nov 21, 2008
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I love MORTON'S!!!!!! (review)

Steaks at Morton's are very good, cooked as ordered and too large for any normal human being so there will be leftovers unless you are a lumberjack or a linebacker. Vegetable sides are surprisingly good, especially the creamed spinch, the asparagus and the hash browns. Wine list markups are greater than average (300% and more) but a few reasonable choices under $50 and a bunch under $100. Chairs are comfortable and tables spaced so that you do not have to meet or listen to your neighbours. Handsome, inoffensive decor. Comfortable bar area.
Downsides? Pre-presentation of vegetables is ridiculous. The waiter holding a broccoli in one hand and a tomato in the other looked like a street busker about to juggle. Starters are blah. Service is attentive and friendly but lacks polish or finess - rather like the friendly, well spoken college kids who wait table at upscale summer resorts.
Go for a terrific steak. Enjoy the complimentary onion bread. Share a potato and veggie. Be frugal with the wine list and dinner for 2 with tax and tip can be had for about $250. Add starters, pre dinner cocktai, dessert and liqueur and you can just about double that.