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Fish Markets Nassau County

Freeport still has a couple of good stores on the nautical mile. there were more but after sandy they are now gone. since we moved away I don't get there too often. we used to frequent two cousins. actually, fairway market has a good seafood department and they have a couple of Nassau places and a new Suffolk location.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

for starters-

I had the crab cake with kimchi. good size with very little filler and the kimchi was not overpowering

my wife had the duck confit

we also split the arugula salad with goat cheese and blueberries

next up-

I had the pan seared rainbow trout with smoked trout cream and mustard seed relish

my wife did a couple of the small plate options; the poblano pepper with corn and quinoa which she loved and the crab fettuccini made with zucchini ribbons in place of pasta

for desserts-

I had the peach & blueberry crisp

my wife had the goat cheesecake with strawberries and rhubarb

everything was really great. we're hoping to get back there soon. I thought the noise level was ok especially considering we sat at the bar.

Mio Posto (Saratoga Springs)

uh oh, not sure about this...


Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

we ended up there friday night last minute. no reservations and they were full up but we sat at the bar. we really enjoyed everything a lot. these guys could give mio posto and javier's a run for their money.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

interesting menu. we shall put it on the go to list. thanks for the heads up.

Rosendale, NY. Foodie haven

been to Rosendale café many times. they get some great music too. you can go early, sit for dinner and stay at the table for the music.

Swordfish recipes

our favorite is grilled with a habanero mango salsa. fresh habs, mango, cilantro, scallions, olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper.

Jul 21, 2014
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Lake George Restaurant Recommendations

going to the owl tomorrow. how casual is it? looking forward to checking it out.

Lake George Restaurant Recommendations

we're going to the owl next month. also going to bistro leroux soon after that. looking forward to checking out both.

Favorite Restaurants [Woodstock]

Joshua's is quite good. We went a few years ago and liked it. We were going to the area again recently so we thought we'd check it out since it had been a while. It's even better now. Wide selection and everything was prepared very well.

Fiddlehead sightings?

that's way out of line. i've seen them high but never like that.

Fiddlehead sightings?

Up here near Albany I picked some up at a supermarket at 4.99 a lb. They do grow wild around here. One of my coworkers knows a spot.

Lake George Restaurant Recommendations

i live in clifton park near exit 8a and i usually get to lake george in under an hour so i think the drive time isn't as much as mentioned. either way, it's worth the ride for the choices of better places as opposed to lake george's more standard fare.

Mio Posto (Saratoga Springs)

went back this past saturday for my wife's birthday. another excellent meal. here's how it went.

we split a small salad to start. arugula with golden beets, goat cheese and pistachios.

for apps, i had the ba da bing shrimp and my wife had the grilled octopus. both were really nice. the shrimp is kind of a creamy scampi.

for my main i had grilled tuna with a roasted corn and olive salsa with sauteed spinach, roasted potatoes and pearl onions. my wife had the seared scallops with lobster risotto, a blood orange butter sauce and asparagus. both dishes were excellent.

for dessert i had the amazing coconut cream pie and she had the flourless chocolate cake. both were yummy.

all in all, i can see why this place continues getting rave reviews.

Any great breakfast places in Plainview, Huntington or nearby?

we were visiting relatives and friends last weekend where we used to live on long island. on sunday we went to thomas'. i had peaches and cream stuffed french toast with a side of home fries. my wife had a scramble with spicy chicken sausage, broccoli rabe and melted parmesan. great stuff.

Non-tomato based pasta dishes that can be made ahead of time

linguine and clams comes to mind.

Southside Fish and Clam, Lindenhurst

went a few times when i still lived on the south shore. nothing fancy of course but it serves it's purpose.

Any great breakfast places in Plainview, Huntington or nearby?

their pumpkin pecan waffles are amazing!

Any great breakfast places in Plainview, Huntington or nearby?

thomas' ham and eggery in westbury is worth the wait for me.


Foodie Choices Near Glen Cove

it's been a while since we moved away but tom schaudel's restaurants used to be considered quite good. we used to like coolfish in syosset although i don't know if he's still associated with them.



Dinner on the South Shore - Nassau

rs jones in merrick has been mentioned many times on this board. always a favorite of mine.


Beverly's Eatery (Ballston Spa)

sounds interesting. i'll have to add it to my list of places to check out. we like country corner cafe in saratoga a lot too. cafe madison in albany is our next favorite.

Breakfast in Saratoga Springs

we like the country corner cafe. very informal but it has some interesting choices. i like the crab cake benedict. there's always a bit of a wait.


Nanola (Malta)?

i had a friend who had an amazing cajun place on long island and i used to attend the new orleans jazz & heritage festival every year so i'm glad to have had the real thing many times. this place wasn't even close.

Nanola (Malta)?

we ended up at nanola saturday night as our friends were playing there. figured it would be a good time to check it out. i ordered the grilled oysters for an app. on the menu you can order gumbo or etoufee and your choice of add on. i had the gumbo with crawfish. it came with either a salad or soup but since i was getting gumbo i ordered the salad. what i got was like a diner salad; some iceberg lettuce, cucumber and a couple of grape tomatoes with dressing on the side. i would have liked something a little more gourmet with spring greens and maybe some roasted peppers. my app came out with the gumbo which i didn't order that way but not a big deal. the oysters were topped with a bit of parmesan and were pretty good. what they tried to pass off as gumbo is still a bit confusing. when's the last time you had gumbo served on a plate? it was thick and had a lot of red beans. the crawfish were just thawed and handful tossed on top, not even cooked in. i asked if the waitress if they had given me red beans and rice by mistake and she tried to tell me they make the gumbo thicker and it was correct. either way, it was quite bland and even a fair amount of hot sauce didn't correct it. it was served with what looked like instant rice and a store bought cornbread muffin. i don't think i'll be going back anytime soon. i've had a lot of cajun and creole food and this wasn't it.

Top Pizza in Capital Region?

years ago when i lived down state my favorite clam pizza was at a place in nyc that since burned down. so now my wife will make it for me. YUM!

Merrick/Bellemore, LI - any decent pizza?

if you venture out of the area a little, raimo's in freeport and paradiso in rockville centre are both quite good. paradiso was our go to place before we moved upstate. sometimes when we visit relatives we'll even get one to bring home since nothing in the albany area compares.

Anyone been to Bistro LeRoux in Lake George?

thanks. i did a quick search but nothing came up. looking forward to trying it out.

goat milk source- Westchester?

trader joe's carries goat milk. i think there's a couple of locations near you.

Anyone been to Bistro LeRoux in Lake George?

came across their site while looking for another place in the area. sounds very good with a lot of choices including vegetarian.