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Looking for a memorable meal in Westbury or thereabouts

rs jones in merrick. always good.


Capital Region Mexican

my favorites are in Saratoga springs. for traditional, leon's and for modern, cantina.

Road trip from New York to Montreal tonight...where to stop along the way?

15 church is fine dining and not cheap. getting a reservation at this late date wouldn't probably work anyway.

new world in Saugerties is great. they have an Albany location too but the other location would probably be an easier walk in.

Saratoga Springs; Off-Season Visit; 4.2015 Need Recommendations

haven't been to mio posto since the chef went to maestro's. I heard the new guy was supposed to keep it basically the same.

Saratoga Springs; Off-Season Visit; 4.2015 Need Recommendations

if you're going to be around over a weekend, the merry monk does a nice brunch Friday to Sunday. not a buffet but a very good menu.

What's new/newsworthy in Ulster County?

not new by any means but we always enjoy new world in Saugerties. great variety and a fun place.


Joshua's in Woodstock is quite good too and a visit to the town is quite interesting.



just I case you can't access the whole article from newsday, here it is.


Italian - Nassau

I see blue moon as a just another decent place but dodici is easily a level above. more interesting for sure. they also have a nice wine list.

Italian - Nassau

we always liked dodici in Rockville centre. pretty wide variety on the menu.

Parivar - Albany

they make good dosas. nicely seasoned and not skimpy.

Family Restaurant - Nassau County

rs jones in merrick is family friendly and the menu is great for pretty much everyone. they are always very accommodating. i'd call for a reservation for a good size party.

Sri Siam – Albany area

jasmine thai in Schenectady has become our favorite thai in the area. they too will do the spice as you like. the thai iced coffee is amazing too.

Any Good Freeport Nautical Mile Options?

I've been out of the area for a few years but I always considered the nautical mile as a missed opportunity for someone. I can't recall one place down there I'd tell someone to go. it's all location and no substance food wise. shame.

Javier's (nuevo Latin in Saratoga Springs)

it's interesting that mio posto and 15 church seem to be doing ok but Javier's couldn't make a go of it. I'm sure he gave the style of the place lots of thought before opening. I think the place he worked in Brooklyn was pretty up there too but you also have lots more people in the city area to go there and year round.

Lake George and Surrounding area(s) - Thanksgiving 2014

I totally agree. it's worth the trip to Saratoga for all of the choices you will have. and it's a nicer area to walk around too with the family.

Grille 138 Albany NY

not too pricey in our opinion. they are posted on the menu on their site if you'd like to take a look.

Grille 138 Albany NY

we were going to a show at the egg this past Saturday with a group of eight so we wanted something good within walking distance. one of our party came across the site for grille 138 on Washington ave. the location was great for us. they have only been open a couple of months. it's run by the folks who used to be the rustic gourmet in Delmar. we were quite pleased. nothing super exotic but all done well.


between us for apps we had the French onion soup, lobster bisque, sesame tuna. all entrees come with a side salad or cup of soup so everyone had some kind of app.

for mains we had the salmon wellington, roasted beet salad with goat cheese and candied pecans with seared tuna as an ad on, meatloaf, osso buco, the chianti burger with gorgonzola and prime rib that I can recall.

we would go back for sure.

Indian lake ny recommendations?

we ended up going to the indian lake restaurant. based on the reviews it sounded quite good especially considering the slim choices up there. it lived up to the reviews. the menu was pretty varied and everything was done well. they have no website as of yet. as I saw mentioned the atmosphere was nothing special but that's ok as long as the food and service were good which they were.

Saratoga Springs

here's an ongoing thread that should help.


Good Bagels Between Baldwin and JFK

bagel boss on merrick rd and 24 bagel on long beach rd both in Oceanside.

Indian lake ny recommendations?

planning to do some leaf peeping this weekend in the indian lake area. any good places around there? we won't get as far as lake placid so nothing that far up. I saw mentions of the indian lake restaurant and tavern and the hedges on blue mountain lake. anyone been to either of these or any other good spots in the area? maybe in speculator too. my mom will be with us so nothing too exotic or spicy and hopefully with good vegetarian options would also be nice.

Woodstock - A place to sit for a while with good food

Woodstock - A place to sit for a while with good food

we like Joshua's café quite a bit. good choices including vegan.


Need fruit salad for 12 people [Long Island]

most supermarkets have or can make platters. waldbaums, king kullen, fairway, etc. I'd imagine all have this.

Fish Markets Nassau County

Freeport still has a couple of good stores on the nautical mile. there were more but after sandy they are now gone. since we moved away I don't get there too often. we used to frequent two cousins. actually, fairway market has a good seafood department and they have a couple of Nassau places and a new Suffolk location.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

for starters-

I had the crab cake with kimchi. good size with very little filler and the kimchi was not overpowering

my wife had the duck confit

we also split the arugula salad with goat cheese and blueberries

next up-

I had the pan seared rainbow trout with smoked trout cream and mustard seed relish

my wife did a couple of the small plate options; the poblano pepper with corn and quinoa which she loved and the crab fettuccini made with zucchini ribbons in place of pasta

for desserts-

I had the peach & blueberry crisp

my wife had the goat cheesecake with strawberries and rhubarb

everything was really great. we're hoping to get back there soon. I thought the noise level was ok especially considering we sat at the bar.

Mio Posto (Saratoga Springs)

uh oh, not sure about this...


Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

we ended up there friday night last minute. no reservations and they were full up but we sat at the bar. we really enjoyed everything a lot. these guys could give mio posto and javier's a run for their money.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

interesting menu. we shall put it on the go to list. thanks for the heads up.

Rosendale, NY. Foodie haven

been to Rosendale café many times. they get some great music too. you can go early, sit for dinner and stay at the table for the music.