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Where to have dinner (NOT in Toga) during Track Season?

went to morgan and co on Saturday. very enjoyable. we sat out the porch since the weather had cooled down. it rained for a while but they have a canopy. the whole meal was quite good. we'd go again.

Decent seafood restaurant on Long Island, NY

for a really good high end place, the lake house in bay shore.

Where to have dinner (NOT in Toga) during Track Season?


for good sushi-
sakura in Clifton park
Yoshi sushi in latham

van's Vietnamese in albany

Where to have dinner (NOT in Toga) during Track Season?

on a whim we tried crisp in latham on friday. it was very good although a little pricey for what they offer. nice that you can get a salad with good greens and lots of good choices to add. i can't think of too many places offering that in the area. that said, neither of us had salads. i had the shrimp po boy wrap and my wife had grilled chicken on a ciabatta. both came with choice of sides. we would go back. it used to be where cousin's seafood was located in newton plaza.

Where to have dinner (NOT in Toga) during Track Season?

a few more. we've been to all of these and all are worth checking out.

karavelli, latham
jasmine thai, schenectdady
the owl at twighlight, olmsteadville
nonna maria's, half moon
barclelona, Albany
pasta pane, Clifton park
mamoun's, albany
grille 138, Albany
el mariachi, Albany
caputo's, Clifton park - very good pizza place but the chef adds some interesting specials you wouldn't expect to see in that type of place.
instanblue, Clifton park- haven't tried this location. the one that closed in Saratoga was good

Burlington, VT suggestions for father's day weekend

I did do a review and here it is.

Jul 07, 2015
davmar77 in Northern New England

Burlington, VT suggestions for father's day weekend

for those who haven't been, put the bistro at ten acres at the top of your list if you're planning to be in the area. excellent meal and experience.

Jul 06, 2015
davmar77 in Northern New England

Roxbury, NY! Woodstock too

new world in Saugerties is great. ric the chef is a two time chopped winner on the food network.

in Woodstock I like Joshua's.

Dinner in Albany

i'm sure you'll get a bunch of responses but right off i'd suggest yonos for dinner and cafe madison for breakfast.

Sushi or Indian in the Albany area

agreed on karavelli and Yoshi sushi. great places. we actually prefer the latham location for karavelli. parivar market on central ave has a very good café too and for more great sushi, sakura in Clifton park.

Saratoga Springs, June 26-28

merry monk is great for breakfast too by the way. and if you feel like exploring the area a bit, next door kitchen in ballston spa is our new favorite place. cantina is very good for modern Mexican.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

ended up there again last night. kind of a last minute thing but they had an opening. this was our third time there and everything, once again, was amazing. the place is so consistently good.

Barcelona (Albany)

we had a show at the egg this past Friday and I was looking to try some place we hadn't been. my boss suggested Barcelona and also said we should make reservations early as it was graduation weekend. I'm glad we did and I'm very glad we went. everything was quite good. lots of good choices and lots of bold flavors. we would go back for sure. interesting that the place doesn't get a lot of attention locally and on the review sites.

here's what we had as taken from the menu.

Caracoles- Escargot, garlic, olive oil, roasted red peppers in a white wine pesto sauce, served over grilled Italian bread.

Red Snapper Veracruz-Seared & sautéed in garlic, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, capers, black & green olives, garnished with mussels & clams & finished in an olive oil, white wine sauce, served with rice and vegetables.

Swordfish Putanesca-Pan seared swordfish over escarole finished in a tangy marinara sauce with fresh tomatoes, olives, capers and artichoke hearts with roasted red potatoes. Served with or without anchovies.

Burlington, VT suggestions for father's day weekend

since we're not familiar with the area we are doing some exploring. on Saturday night we decided to try ten acres lodge bistro in stowe. not sure about sunday dinner yet but that will be in Burlington for sure within walking distance of the venue. still checking our breakfast options.

May 14, 2015
davmar77 in Northern New England

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

he did that article after I let him know about the expansion. looking forward to going back.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

for those who don't know, next door just expanded to the corner. hopefully this will work for everyone.

Burlington, VT suggestions for father's day weekend

some good choices. keep 'em coming folks.

May 09, 2015
davmar77 in Northern New England

Burlington, VT suggestions for father's day weekend

i'll be up in burlington with my wife for father's day weekend. we're planning to see a concert at the flynn center sunday night at 7pm. we plan on going to the ben & jerry's factory tour on the way up and will be in burlington from mid afternoon saturday through monday morning. what i'm looking for are recommendations for dinner on saturday and sunday and breakfast sunday and monday. we don't eat meat but are big on seafood. we also love a good breakfast. we try to eat a little healthier but if a place is interesting enough and well liked, that's not as important. we're staying in south burlington which is pretty close to the main part of town i understand. we plan on checking out the church st. market place and some of the water front areas. neither of us are beer drinkers but we do like wine although i'll be driving so i'd be going light. i can't do a lot of walking due to back issues so any long paths won't work.
any help is appreciated!

May 03, 2015
davmar77 in Northern New England

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

today is my wife's birthday and we'll be doing some cooking later. we went out for her on friday to next door. since it's possible they run out of specials i thought it would be good not to wait until today to go. a fabulous meal including the following.

when we sat we were presented with sour dough bread with a white bean puree. also we had a tasting of blueberry with poppy, lemon and pea shoots if my memory serves. really nice little starter.
we both started with curry cauliflower soup with a spicy tomato chutney and chives.
next we split a small order of gnocchi with english peas, shaved radish, mint, ricotta cheese and chamomile butter. best i ever had.
for our main dishes my wife had the seared sea scallops with black rice, edamame, smoked fish cream and togarashi. i had pan roasted halibut with fava beans, shallot confit, oyster mushrooms and a creamy leek puree. mine is usually served with speck but as i don't eat meat they said it was no problem leaving it off.
for dessert we split an amazing treat they called a sticky toffee pudding which was a date cake in a kind of bread pudding consistency topped with a pecan and caramel sauce with vanilla ice cream.

all in all an amazing dinner. it was our second time there and i can't wait to go again.

Looking for a memorable meal in Westbury or thereabouts

rs jones in merrick. always good.

Capital Region Mexican

my favorites are in Saratoga springs. for traditional, leon's and for modern, cantina.

Road trip from New York to Montreal tonight...where to stop along the way?

15 church is fine dining and not cheap. getting a reservation at this late date wouldn't probably work anyway.

new world in Saugerties is great. they have an Albany location too but the other location would probably be an easier walk in.

Saratoga Springs; Off-Season Visit; 4.2015 Need Recommendations

haven't been to mio posto since the chef went to maestro's. I heard the new guy was supposed to keep it basically the same.

Saratoga Springs; Off-Season Visit; 4.2015 Need Recommendations

if you're going to be around over a weekend, the merry monk does a nice brunch Friday to Sunday. not a buffet but a very good menu.

What's new/newsworthy in Ulster County?

not new by any means but we always enjoy new world in Saugerties. great variety and a fun place.

Joshua's in Woodstock is quite good too and a visit to the town is quite interesting.


just I case you can't access the whole article from newsday, here it is.

Italian - Nassau

I see blue moon as a just another decent place but dodici is easily a level above. more interesting for sure. they also have a nice wine list.

Italian - Nassau

we always liked dodici in Rockville centre. pretty wide variety on the menu.

Parivar - Albany

they make good dosas. nicely seasoned and not skimpy.

Family Restaurant - Nassau County

rs jones in merrick is family friendly and the menu is great for pretty much everyone. they are always very accommodating. i'd call for a reservation for a good size party.