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Gloucester and Ogunquit - recommendations please

MC Perkins Cove for creative.

Jul 13, 2015
martyl9 in Northern New England

Midtown east client lunch?

Patroon, east 46 and third

Feb 28, 2014
martyl9 in Manhattan

Lower Westchester bars/restaurants with quality cocktails

I have now attached Meritage's Cocktail menu

Enjoy. stay for the food, as good.

Classic cocktails

Cognac/ Ferrand orange curaƧao/lemon/Demerara syrup/orange bitters

Brown Derby
Bourbon/fresh grapefruit juice/honey syrup/grapefruit twist

Bourbon/Cointreau/ Maraschino liqueur/lemon/bitters/orange twist

Rye/raw sugar/ peychaud bitters/absinthe/orange twist

Gin/Maraschino liqueur/Creme de violet/ lemon/lemon twist

House Specialty Cocktails

Grapefruit martini
Vodka/ fresh grapefruit/ simple syrup/grapefruit twist

Pear elixir
Vodka/fresh pear juice/St. Germaine

Gin/Maraschino liqueur/green chartreuse/Lillet blanc/lime juice

Creole rum gimlet
Rum/Clement creole shrub/Cointreau/Demerara syrup/lime

Vodka/ pomegranate juice/ cardamom syrup/lemon juice/ lemon twist

Devils Handshake
Tequila/ginger syrup/ lime juice/ pineapple juice/ hellfire bitters

Meritage Toddy
Bourbon/ginger syrup/muddled lemon

The Hudson
Hudson Valley wheat whiskey/sweet vermouth/ bitters/ cherry

Lower Westchester bars/restaurants with quality cocktails

Meritage on Weaver Street, Scarsdale

Le Cottage in St. Martin

we were aware that most places included tip. we checked prior to finalizing the bill. thanks for the reminder.

Le Cottage in St. Martin

We followed the lead of the previous review of Le Cottage; we were not disappointed. We arranged for a taxi to take us from the Dutch side to the French side and back ( a must on this island if not renting a car). We were an half an hour late but it didn't make a difference. the hosts were most inviting upon our arrival. The husband and wife team head up the front of the house with two servers, the owner chef precedes in the kitchen. All of the restaurants on Bld de Grand Case are open air and most inviting. The bar is hidden in the back with an enclosed wine cellar to its side. The cocktails were just fine and the wine list was most reasonably priced and extensive (mostly French); most surprising. We both had starters, shared a ceaser salad, two separate main dishes, a pasta and a duck, and shared a dessert. With tip less than $200 with a bottle of wine. (plus the cab ride). a wonderful evening. many restaurants on the street to select from for a most rewarding dining vacation.

Bloody Mary?

JG Melon's, made with lemon juice and Worcestershire and a dash of Tabasco. Gordon's gin martini available also as well as a great burger (cash only)

Sep 10, 2013
martyl9 in Manhattan

Black Forest Cake

the Millridge Inn on Route 106/107 in Jericho, exit 41 on the LIE. The MIllridge Inn has a seperate bake shop in the back of the property, the best Black Forest Cake. Call before hand to confirm the shop is still open; i haven't been there in a few years.

Looking for a great restaurant with private space for 20-35 people - sophisticated but not stuffy

Iron Horse in Pleasantville has a back room which should be able to seat 20 at the approximate price you want to spend per person.

Lobster in Westchester?

i have a fan of Marea, will have the try the Lobster the next time we visit. thanks for the suggestion as well as the Palm which is around the corner from the NYC office.

Lobster in Westchester?

please suggest one place in City Island; haven't had much luck with City Island

Lobster in Westchester?

dine out. please. Didn't see the Lobster offeedr on the Red Hat menu

Lobster in Westchester?

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated other than Chinese Restaurants.

Destination Brunch Spot in from Manhattan

Red Hat in Irvington on the river

Kisco Kosher is Still Open in White Plains

sorry for the lost hope. I was missinformed.

Kisco Kosher is Still Open in White Plains

He must have closed early the day the "closed" sign was on the door. I understand they are still open.

Grace's Table--White Plains

we had a table for four this past Saturday night at 8:15pm. Other than the service being very slow, especially for our cocktails, and very crowded, the food was very good. Since we live in White Plains, will try again during the week but overall, pleasantly surprised how good the food was.

Special Dinner in Westchester

We had been away from Iron Horse for over year; no reason other than too lazy to drive to Pleasantville. we visted again a few weeks ago; still outstanding. give it a try.

Can't Miss Spots In York Area

last summer was better than ever. don't think it closes for the season. the wine list continues to grow as well. go and enjoy those fried green olives.

Apr 07, 2012
martyl9 in Northern New England

Steak: The Palm (original) vs. Wolfgang's (original)

saddly, saturday night is the worst night of the week to dine out eventhough most people want to dine out that night. it's your money, you control the night. if the waiter doesn't get it, the venue does not deserve your repeat business. there are too many restaurants in NYC that you have to settle for BS on Saturday night. the last time at Palm we had the new steak for two, couldn't have been better, a large sirlon that was split by three adults.

Feb 13, 2012
martyl9 in Manhattan

Le Bernardin, Jean Georges or Daniel?

it all dependents on your mood. follow you gut. I have always enjoyed JG and Daniel. you comments re the service statff at LB is consisitent with my experience. I would do JG.

Feb 13, 2012
martyl9 in Manhattan

Best Sandwiches in westchester?

finally got to Melt for lunch; as good as the reviews have indicated.

Looking for Good Cocktail Bars in Boston

second for Clio in the Hotel Elliot which has just rebuilt its bar; it looks great. can't wait to visit the city, hotel and bar in the near future. recent article in the Globe had a picture of the new bar. (sashimi bar in lobby is quit good also)

Feb 08, 2012
martyl9 in Greater Boston Area

Momofuku Ko - lunch or dinner ?

I have only expreienced lunch twice; what a marithon of food and if you include the wine as well, what a great way to spend an afternoon.

Feb 04, 2012
martyl9 in Manhattan

Private room for 15 people on a Saturday night that doesn't require a set menu

Gramercy Tavern has a great back room? check

Feb 04, 2012
martyl9 in Manhattan

Ai Fiori at the Setai

Had lunch there at the begining of Restaurant Week, service and food just fine. couldn't expect more for a $24 lunch.

Feb 04, 2012
martyl9 in Manhattan

Anyone know where to find Starka Vodka in New York?

try Park Avenue, on Madison and 41th street

Park Avenue Liquor Shop
292 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017

Jan 20, 2012
martyl9 in Manhattan

NYE with kids

save your money; order pizza from your favorite pizza parlar; and then, maybe go to downtown White Plains for the fire works.

Critique/fine-tune my solo dining itinerary for this week: looking for additional places

Sushi Yasuda, at the sushi bar, as reviewed in the NYT, for one is just a great experience; lunch or dinner.

Sushi Yasuda
204 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017

Dec 27, 2011
martyl9 in Manhattan

New Year's Eve Suggestions? - 4 People, low-key

One of the worse nights of the year to go out for dinner in NYC; usually overpriced rip offs. Suggest you get take out from your favorite restaurant and stock the home bar with your guests usual drinks as well as some movies. Certainly cheaper and safer than going to a restaurant on New Year's Eve.

Dec 19, 2011
martyl9 in Manhattan