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What style are you looking for? Wet, dry, boozy, not boozy? Tiramisu is like pizza, tons of versions, with lover/haters.

Best French (style) Pastries

I'd gone to Chez Arnaud, on Grand, when it was open. Thoought it was pretty good. Sad that it went out, sold to....Solomon's? Havn't been there since it went to Solomon's.

Question - (first, set-up) I'm not originally from MN; lived in STP, on the border of MPLS, for 5 years; lived in S. MPLS, on the border of STP for 6 years; I work in downtown STP. Is there good (great?) french bread to be had in STP? Trum Nang is OK. Not really french bread, and while their croissants are very good, it's not quite there. Chez Arnaud was pretty good, before it closed. Not counting Rustica deliveries, where is it to be found? If not, why?

Best French (style) Pastries

Agreed, I really like Sun Street. They do have a small selection, but what they do they do very well.

Salty Tart often gets mentioned also, but I've never been a fan of their products.

Prasantrin's "Must Do" List

Different strokes for different folks. I vastly prefer Patisserie 46 over Rustica, though I have not been to Patisserie 46 in some time. I recently had a baguette from Rustica, and wasn't impressed at all. I think I did a baguette taste test from Rustica and Patisserie 46 (maybe with Patrick's too) a couple of years ago, and Patisserie 46 was our favorite. It's great to have several options available to suit different tastes.

I also have to admit that I'm not a fan of the customer service at Rustica.

Have not had anything from Black Walnut. Are their goods available only at One on One Bike Shop?

Parlour Burger - Not as Great as the Hype

jfood, curious as to what Twin Cities burgers you would rank as better than Parlour's?

Also, I wonder if the main issue with the Parlour burger is that it's cooked to well done, and you prefer something else. In other words, is a well done burger, regardless of how great it is, always going to be a deal-breaker for you. The reason I ask is because you are very complimentary with the elements of the burger - juicy meat with good flavor and a good sear, and outstanding bun and cheese. But it sounds like in this case, the total was less than the sum of the parts.

This topic now has me hungry for a burger!

Prasantrin's "Must Do" List

A few different answers:
1) to ChancesR, I've had croissants at many places in France - Lyon, Menton, several patisseries in Paris (Marais area, usually), Annecy, and Breton area. All are leagues better than what is available in MSP. But then, that shouldn't be a surprise (though it appears to be to some).

2) to sandlylc - is there a better place? There's the usual suspects for baked goods. I'd put P 46 as the best in MSP. Do you have a better one?

Prasantrin's "Must Do" List

Patisserie 46 for a start.

Prasantrin's "Must Do" List

"Yes, Trung Nam is better than anything in Paris"

I'd have to disagree. There's boulangeries in any arrondisments that make stellar croissants. Any small town in France that I've been to makes excellent croissants. While Trung Nam is good (very good for US), it's not the best in the Twin Cities, and a shadow of what's available in France. Common, let's be serious - croissants in St. Paul better than Paris? Really?

How to Properly Cook a Sausage?

Cooking the fat out of sausage is a fate worse than death for the poor sausage. Fat in a sausage is what gives the sausage its texture and juiciness. Get rid of the fat and you have dried out meat product.

Boiling a sausage is also a travesty. A sausage should be cooked over low/moderate heat until just cooked through. Simmer, fry pan, grill, doesn't matter much (IMO), as long as the heat is low, the casing isn't broken, and it's heated until just cooked through.

Aug 17, 2015
foreverhungry in Home Cooking

Attention, Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese Fans

Is the buffalo mozzarella from Kowalski's truly mozzarella di bufalo? My experience is that true mozzarella di bufalo can be difficult find.

To be honest, I find most of what they call buffalo mozzarella in the Twin Cities pretty tasteless and generic. Have you tried your Caprese with burrata? The burrata at St. Paul Cheese Shop (when they have it) is pretty darned good. I'd imagine Surdyk's would have burrata also. Perhaps not a "traditional Caprese", but might still be a darned good dish with more flavor than with a buffalo mozzarella.

Disclaimer: I love tomatoes and basil. Mozzarella I'm not a fan of, unless it's really great. I've never understood a Caprese salad. So take this comment with that in mind.

Purchase veal?

Veal can be very hard to come by in the Midwest. East coast is easier (don't get me started). Clancey's should be able to get you what you want. So should St. Paul Meat Shop.

Unless you're looking for ground or chops, it'll likely be special order.

Designing a complete foodie experience.

If you're at all a biker (non-motorized version, that is), One on One Bike Shop (OoOBS in local speak) is fantastic. They host alley cat races, and lots of other local events. Next door is the MPLS store for Chrome. Great bags (and other gear. And next door to OoOBS on the other side is Haute Dish. Worth a check out.

St. Paul restaurants win Twin Cities Burger Battle- MSPBJ

Thank you Mary. I didn't dive deeper than the article posted.

I agree that the competition didn't include some of my favorites either - notably, Busters, Borough, and Low Brow.

St. Paul restaurants win Twin Cities Burger Battle- MSPBJ

It would be nice to know who the competition was.

S. Mpls Restaurant with Racist Sign?

I've seen all different "groups" wearing baggy jeans hanging down below their ass. Spanning race and ethnicity. I agree with sandylc that assuming one race only does low rider pants culd be, in itself, racist. There's nothing wrong with a business not wanting customers to bare their asses. And even if that is prone to one "group", still OK for a business to expect some modicum of dress.

When we go on the hunt for racism/sexism/agism/religionism/anyism/, we're bound to find some example of it. Whether it really is it or not is a different question.

VitaMix - Liquid diet ideas (smoothies, juices, protein powders, etc.)

I agree that calories while running is a challenge. I don't like gels very much. Clif Bloks work OK for me, a little chewing involved, but I can take them in slowly and isn't the sugar dump that gels are.

Skratch Labs is really great for electrolytes, designed by a physiologist. You could also check out their two cookbooks, they supply food to some of the cycle racing teams. They also just came out with "fruit drops", I think no artificial stuff, but I haven't tried them out yet.

I tried coconut water as a free sample after a race, and thought is was horrible. I really had to choke it down, and could only drink half the bottle. That said, I'm sure different brands have different tastes, but I can't bring myself to trying a different one.

May 04, 2015
foreverhungry in Home Cooking

VitaMix - Liquid diet ideas (smoothies, juices, protein powders, etc.)

I agree that Gatorade is not necessarily the best for electrolyte replacement, which is different (but related to) hydration.

I haven't gone near Gatorade/Powerade stuff for years during endurance events. I've been using Skratch Labs products, which are great for me. They are designed for electrolyte replacement and hydration. For long distance bike events, I use solids mostly. Banana (and other solids) is more for glycogen (quick calories) than anything else, so I'm not sure if coconut water is relevant there.

Hey, if coconut water works for you, that's what matters. I investigated, and for me, it didn't meet my needs or make sense, and is much more expensive than what I use to meet my hydration, electrolyte, and calorie needs during exercise.

May 04, 2015
foreverhungry in Home Cooking

VitaMix - Liquid diet ideas (smoothies, juices, protein powders, etc.)

Interesting, thanks. Not sure that it would be relevant to anyone except athletes or individuals in extreme dehydrating circumstances, and even then there are likely much better ways to deal with it.

May 04, 2015
foreverhungry in Home Cooking

VitaMix - Liquid diet ideas (smoothies, juices, protein powders, etc.)

Why would coconut water be more hyrdrating than water? I'm not sure what that even means?

May 03, 2015
foreverhungry in Home Cooking

VitaMix - Liquid diet ideas (smoothies, juices, protein powders, etc.)

Could you clarify, what do you mean by "that extra water in the morning". Extra over what?

Smoothies, juice blends, vegetable blends, all tend to be pretty high in water content.

May 01, 2015
foreverhungry in Home Cooking

VitaMix - Liquid diet ideas (smoothies, juices, protein powders, etc.)

I've had great success with our Vitamix. Once you get a basic "recipe" down for smoothies, you have a wide canvas. Here's what we do, in general:

probably a banana or two
some OJ, or other fruit juice
some berries
yogurt - maybe a cup-ish
a scoop or two of your favorite protein powder

Depending on the day, time we have, ingredients we have, and nutritional needs, I'll add:
roasted beets
almond milk

We have found that a key is to include some fruit juice and some bulk like yogurt. Beyond that, any add ins are up to your palate.

We use our Vitamix 3-4 days a week for breakfast. I also use it to puree vegetable soups. It's one of the best additions to our kitchen.

Apr 29, 2015
foreverhungry in Home Cooking

Making Ramen at Home?

We have made a few of David Chang's ramen recipes, and they have all been fantastic, well worth the effort. We have not made the noodles, though, we buy packaged. Chang has some good recommendations on packaged noodles.

Apr 25, 2015
foreverhungry in Home Cooking

The Munchies People's Choice Awards: Minnesota

I disagree, it's not just semantics. There is a difference between best beer and best brewery, just as there's a difference between best food and best restaurant. A restaurant can have amazing food, but suck at service, space, and price point. Some days I might want best food. Some days - important events - I want the whole package. I'll likely pick different restaurants.

Surly put MN craft brews on the map (or maybe back on the map, since Summit's influence seems to have waned). Surly is very savvy in its marketing, and played an A+ political game. They produce great beers, but I don't think they make the best beers in MN. As a brewery, though - influence, marketing, what they've done for MN beer laws, space, and including some solid beers - they are head and shoulders above the rest.

Not sure what the poll really intended - beer or brewery - but it is an interesting discussion IMO.

The Munchies People's Choice Awards: Minnesota

The wording, to me, is interesting. Here's my 2 cents:

Best Donut (Doughnut): Agree, Glam Doll is very over-rated. For standard, Mel-O-Glaze rocks. For new school, Mojo Monkey has still been excellent. Just give me a great doughnut, without the fru-fru.

Best Pizza: Punch. Without a doubt, still the best, consistent pie. Close second is Red Wagon. Very good representation of North Jersey pizza. Not exact, but damn close. Lola has done a great job of marketing. I don't think they're quality lives up to their prices.

Best Craft Brewery: Are we talking who makes the best beer, or who's the best brewery? Different IMO? If the later, definitely Surly. Summit put the TC on the map, and Surly, 20 years later, blew it up. Yeah, there's better beers in the area. Surly is hoppppppppppp heavy. There's a ton of better beers out there. But for influential brewery in MSP? No doubt, Surly.

What's your favorite food blog?

I;m not a big fan of food blogs (or any other blogs) in general. One that I enjoy and follow, though, is David Lebovitz's.

I'm not sure if qualifies as a blog. If it does, I like that very much.

The Munchies People's Choice Awards: Minnesota

I think this is recent news? There were four local winners in the Andrew Zimmern hosted "Munchies" awards. 20 categories. Local winners were:
Best Donuts: Glam Doll Donuts, on Minneapolis’s famous Eat Street. The shop specializes in elaborate, larger-than-life gourmet donuts.

Best Pizza: Pizzeria Lola, already a winner of numerous awards and recognition.

Best Craft Brewery: Surly Brewing Co., a popular beermaker which recently opened a “destination brewery” to excited crowds in Minneapolis.

Best Cocktail Bar: Marvel Bar, a speakeasy-style lounge featuring what the Star Tribune called “stunning cocktails.”

Without getting into what one's thoughts are on either Andrew Zimmern or best-of lists, what are your thoughts on the winners as far as they represent the best of Twin Cities?

polenta - home made

I've made polenta with Bob's Red Mill Course Ground, and with polenta brought back from northern Italy when we visit. There's a noticeable difference in flavor, where the northern Italian polenta has a deeper flavor, as well as a difference in texture, with the Italian being more diverse, less homogenous.

Apr 07, 2015
foreverhungry in Home Cooking


Great response. We're looking forward to coming. Our gold standard is Dames Chicken and Waffles in Durham, NC. Can't wait for another great Twin Cities restaurant!

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine Best Restaurants 2015

Coming late to the party. I'm not sure why diversity has to be part of every conversation when "best of" is considered. Lucia Watson is the only female chef I'd think might belong on the list of top 15. It certainly personal, but I don't put Lola in the top 2 of pizza in the Twin Cities, and I'd have a hard time putting any pizza place in the top 15 restaurants. I go to pizza places more often than the top 15 on the list, but to me it's not a top 15 restaurant.

As for "doing the same thing": I'm guessing that the top 15 restaurants in Paris "do the same thing", and the top 15 in Beijing "do the same thing".

I also agree with a commenter below (above?) that Travail is not the same old thing.

Maybe the list looks like it does because it accurately reflects the restaurant scene in the Twin Cities, and not because of sexism/racism/otherism.

Help with a fig glaze

Thanks for the input. I made two versions, one using dried figs, soaked in red wine and a little balsamic vinegar, and the softened figs then pressed through cheesecloth, with a little red pepper flakes and nutmeg. This was very good.

The second was using an Italian fig jam, cooked and reduced with red wine and balsamic, with a pinch of salt and a few twigs of thyme. This was also very good, and ultimately the one we are going with - more of a figgy taste than the first.

Thanks again for the input!

Mar 02, 2015
foreverhungry in Home Cooking