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Brunswick, Maine

Hacienda Pancho Villa: sheesh. fuggedaboutit. El Camino, however, is definitely worth a visit.

Arrows or White Barn Inn

Arrows was such a wonderful place when it first started. This was some time ago. Once Mark & Clark owned it, the place got more expensive and precious with every passing season, and we found the food actually getting worse in some ways.

You have to be super-rich to afford Arrows now, and it seems to be all about that and presentation.

High-end food alternatives in Ogunquit?

Thanks all!

IF there are rules for posts, they're too well hidden.

IF there are rules for forum posts, they're too well hidden. I have been navigating around and can't find them. They should be prominently available, and a link to them (not just a mention) put in the welcoming email. (I had to re-register with the new interface.)

Glad to see Chowhound has a new interface, though. Thanks!

Jul 08, 2006
Etnier in Site Talk

High-end food alternatives in Ogunquit?

We're Portland residents who used to enjoy Arrows before they priced themselves out of reality (and happened to find the food to be less and less-enjoyable over the years). MC Perkins Cove strikes us as a high-end MacDonald's: sloppy preparation, get-em-in, get-em-out ethos.

If we're used to Fore Street, 555, Hugo's, Back Bay, One Fifty Ate and the like, are there any other restaurants in Ogunquit worth serious attention? Provence?

Thanks in advance...