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Did anybody from Chow respond with the reasoning why such a beloved portion of their site summarily dismissed. If was just money, PAY HIM!

Sep 10, 2013
dartinbout in Site Talk

Tu Lan 3.0 [San Francisco]

I went on Tuesday with 2 others. I had the 38. Bó Gung beef sauteed with ginger, They had 74. Mi Xáo Don Chay bean cake, mixed veg. & crispy noodle and 33. Ga Xáo Mang chicken with bamboo shoots. We shared summer and imperial rolls. It was all as great. The menu (and prices) look exactly as I remembered it.

I've had at least 50 meals at the Tu Lan, over the years, I've always loved the place. There's new equipment and fixtures.

I was inured with the old place. It was a great "greasy spoon" and I never questioned the surroundings. I don't own the "icky-icky" gene I guess.

KFC's New and Surprisingly Decent Pot Pie

I've had two since this aired. It is quite tasty.

Mar 30, 2012
dartinbout in Features

So, Wise Sons Deli is open ... who's been? Beauty's Bagels? [San Francisco]

Gestalt, the beer bar on 16th. always seems to get the fatty pastramis from Roberts. Very toothsome..

So, Wise Sons Deli is open ... who's been? Beauty's Bagels? [San Francisco]

I had the pastrami as well on Saturday. I also found it lacked fat and flavor. I did like the pickles and potato salad. I'll go back and try some other things soon. Unfortunately they were out of bagels when I got to the front of the line..

The Asian Restaurant that took over the Chevy's space on Van Ness Avenue

There's nothing in the Chevy's but a for lease sign. You are thinking of O3 that moved in to the Calif. Pizza Kitchen. the food is pretty good for a "fusion" place.

Biergarten opening tomorrow, Oct 19 [San Francisco]

I went by last night around 5. New Hours 3-9 WED - Sunday. Bummer for me as I wanted to avoid the line I saw on Friday.

AT&T (inside the) Park

As a Giant' fanatic and a picky eater, I test eat from as many stands as possible in a variety of locations every year. I like the reuben from Murph's (and the half and half as well) on the promenade and the corned beef sandwich from the club level. The cheese steak, made behind the bleachers (Outta Here), is pretty good. Any of the carvery stands are fine. The meatbal sub from the North Beach is good and there's a pastrami baguette on the club level as well. IMHO, everything else is eminently forgettable.

SF Giants Ballpark Food

My favorite is the Murph's on the club level, where they serve corned beef brisket on marble rye, and the Guinness is as good as you can get in SF. It's a shame
the CB isn't served on the cheaper levels though.

Starving for BBQ

I've been to the three new BBQ places in SF. George's on 24th & Capp, B.'s on Divis and McAllister and Babyblue's on Mission and Precita.

At Baby Blue's I had the half order, smoked beef rib (yes rib). I got a one huge rib, easily 10 inches long and 4 inches high. The meat had a good overall flavor but some parts were a little tough. They had a good vinegar base hot BBQ sauce. The sides were collard greens and baked beans. The greens were a little salty and the beans were just ok, but got better with the addition of sauce. Good slab of cornbread.

At George's I also had the beef ribs (smoked, I think). Here I got 6 moderate size ribs (half order). These were excellent, very tender, well sauced with a nice fiery tomato based sauce. The side of cole slaw was outstanding.

I went to B's Satuday. They have no beef ribs, just pork ribs and I was going to try them to compare, but I saw a plate of their brisket and couldn't resist. The half order was about 12 slices of succulent heaven. Fork tender with a complex hot BBQ sauce. As advertised, the brisket is slow cooked for 15 hours and it really comes through in the texture and flavor. I had a nice corn muffin, the collard greens had more of a ham hock flavor but the mac and cheese was lumpy with cheese (I'll try reheating later).

I'll go back and try the brisket at G's and BB's in a week or so when baseball starts. I'll also definitely try the pork ribs at B.'s. After a number of years of so-so BBQ, it's nice to see some new choices.

original joe's tenderloin

Well how about in SF.

original joe's tenderloin

I used to work across the street at TNDC and I'd look forward to Thursday's Corned Beef Brisket Special. With the onset of the holiday, I can't think of any place to rival OJ's take on that succulent piece of mick cuisine.