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Fine Dining in Charlottesville, VA

I realize this may be a bit out of the DC scope, but does anyone have suggestions for fine dining in Charlottesville, VA?

Looking to give an anniversary present to parents visiting the area. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

Crumpets in DC?

Does anyone know of a bakery that has great crumpets in the DC area? Any helps is much appreciated!

Babka in and around D.C.?

Does anyone know of a bakery that carries babka in D.C.? The only place I can think of is Dean and Deluca. Through a bit of research, I came across an online bakery called that used to carry it, but I can't find anything current about Shoeboxoven.

Any help about babka sources and/or is most appreciated!

Vidalia recommendations?

Not sure what your tastes/ likes/ dislikes are- but off the top of my head if the sweetbread cavatelli is still on the menu (which it may or may not be since winter is on the way out) it's a must. The shrimp and grits are the "signature dish" and really very good. Just depends if you want to venture a bit, but a very safe bet. Lots of pork based dishes, and if the venison is still there- another wise choice.

The mac & cheese side is great and for desert, the pecan pie is a must. Like I said, not sure what the menu reads right now, but I'm sure you'll have lots of great choices! As I'm from Cleveland originally, welcome to DC for a bit- and enjoy Vidalia.

visiting from dc: 3 nights, where to go?

Thanks to everyone who gave such helpful suggestions. I still have to make sure my family is on board ( I don't know why they wouldn't be) but so far I've made reservations and will report back.

Can't wait! Thanks again San Fran board

visiting from dc: 3 nights, where to go?

I'm looking for really great places (high end but worth it) that are representative of the area. Want a variety, so maybe something well known for seafood in particular. Any top 3 that are different enough from each other that it won't seem like we just had that kind of meal the night before... does that help?

visiting from dc: 3 nights, where to go?

I need advice. I have three nights in San Francisco (never been) and I can't narrow down the list of restaurants. I'm hoping for some local input. Looking for what not to miss while I'm here and going to Chez Pannis already. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Slanted Door
Zuni Cafe