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Where to buy "pig parts" for feijoada in Boston area?

I've been thinking about trying to tackled feijoada for a while now but am not quite sure where to start. I want to do a legitimate one with all the nasty bits (trotters!) that will make my brazilian friends proud :) Problem is: I have no idea where to find a butcher that sells the random cuts of meat feijoada usually calls for (ears, trotters, some sort of offal, dry salted meat).

Also any links to recipes or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm a bit lost because some of the recipes seem pretty "tame" (only use ribs, maybe some ham hock) and others call for pretty much anything BUT traditional pork.

Most Indulgent Chocolate Recipe to celebrate the end of Lent?

I gave up chocolate for Lent and plan on indulging to the extreme Saturday at midnight (I'm not terribly religious). I want to make something sickeningly choclatey, something that will put me in a chococoma for at least 14 hours. I've been ogling food porn of cakes dripping in ganache for days but can't find anything that looks like it will quite sate 40 days of withdrawl.

What's the most decadent chocolate dessert you can think of? bonus points if it comes with a sexy picture.

Apr 02, 2012
Mangoriffic in Home Cooking

Pulled Pork in a Rice Cooker?

I've been dying to try to make pulled pork at school, but I don't have a crock pot or pressure cooker, and the oven in my dorm is absolutely terrible and generally is 50 degrees off from whatever temperature it's set at. All I have is my (life saving) rice cooker.

I've found a couple poorly instructed recipes from people who've tried pulled pork in a rice cooker before, but some say it takes 2 hours for a 3lb shoulder and others say you should leave it 8 hours over night! Also I have no idea whether to turn it onto the rice (hot) or "keep warm" (low) setting after braising the pork.


Jan 24, 2012
Mangoriffic in Home Cooking

Sage–Brown Butter Sauce

mmm this was great with the ravioli and my family was mystified by it "only" having 5 tbsp of butter. Que sabrosa!

Mar 09, 2008
Mangoriffic in Recipes

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage–Brown Butter Sauce

I made this tonight and liked it a lot! My brother even humored me with seconds, and he hates squash. Unfortunatly, after they were done cooking, I just tossed them all in a bowl with the sauce because I was lazy and that was not a good move. It was hard to get them out without looking silly. Otherwise, they were fantastic! I think next time I'll make them into giant flat square ravioli and not the triangle ones, they'll come out neater. But I'll definately make them again!

Mar 09, 2008
Mangoriffic in Recipes