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SF Chinatown Pork Bun (Char Siu Bao) crawl - suggestions?

I think it was me who was so enthusiastic about Lai Hong. I was there last week for my birthday dim sum fest and while they are not quite as full as my earlier experience they are still the best I've had in Chinatown.

Yet another craft beer hall: Hogwash now open in Union Square [San Francisco]

Original Gangstah I'm sure. Gary be hip-hop fo real! Sorry about the limit.

Oyster Rookie

The safest but not fastest involves 2 tools. First one "pops" the hinge with an old school beer can opener, then (carefully) severs the adductor muscle with an oyster (or paring) knife. That way one is never forcing a pointy thing towards one's palm.

French Fries: SFBA Dish of the Month December 2014

For thin I nominate the fresh chips at Elmira Rosticceria (along with the elusive lampredotto panino) and for thick, crisp, and fluffy, Original Joe's, almost certainly double fried (rice bran oil?) and even good after they've cooled down. Their fritto misto is also wicked good.

Local source for Bulk Callebaut Chocolate

I realize this is not exactly the answer to your question, but on a recent visit to The Pasta Shop in Berkeley, i was delighted to see bulk giandujia (sp?) for sale for about $17 lb. Yum.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

Just this morning at Alioto-Lazio it was "almost" 2.5 lbs. for 12 bucks. Still time to reserve for T'day (or should that be C' day cause I don't really care for T' ?).

$14 lb. porcini fresci [San Francisco]

They've been at Far West Fungi at Ferry Plaza for a few weeks now. Not as good as the Italian ones, but good for the price. #ones are a little more, but these# twos are good enough for the likes of me, and not wormy.

Turkey: getting one this week to practice on, and spatchcocking

Using a small bird for practice reminds me of Gracie Allen's recipe for roast beef. "Take a small roast beef and a large roast beef and put them in the oven. When the small one is burnt the large one is ready." But seriously, the best turkeys I have ever cooked were brined and cooked butterflied on the Weber. Otherwise Julia's advise about cooking the white and dark meat separately is very sound.

Partridge in the East Bay or SF?

Likewise pigeon and guinea fowl at San Francisco Poultry on Grant. The cleanest poultry shop I've ever seen (or smelled). I tried to post earlier but failed. How similar is a chukar to a partridge?

Hash : SFBA Dish of the Month October 2014

I haven't been to The Eagle (once home of some of my favorite hash) since they went so hopelessly corporate and upscale. $15 hash is one good reason.

Claypot Rice in SF Chinatown?

"I usually order frog+ frog for extra frog meat" is without a doubt the chowiest phrase I've ever read.


Ditto Albona or Ideale in NB. Also the crespelle at L'osteria dal Forno are enough like pasta to perhaps qualify.

neighborhood restaurant recommendations for November in SF?

The Codmother on the wharf at Jones St. makes a very respectable fish and chips. Only thing worth eating outside of crab season.

Tadich Grill?? [San Francisco]

Agree on the halibut and ditto the petrale, but they often place the fish on top of the fries, which does them no good at all. See is you can get them, literally, on the side.

Worst Cooking Disaster Thread

After our wedding there was a huge tub of sour cream left over from the crudites (who eats those things anyway) that we baked into 2 large lemon cheesecakes before we realized it was infused with garlic. It smelled a little funny when we were cooking them, but I don't keep the cleanest oven, so I figured it was "jes' burnin' off a little drip" like they say in Texas.

Sep 27, 2014
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Clams or oysters for a big batch of chowda

If I may speak frankly to a fellow Yankee (I'm from Lynn, Mass.), canned clams in chowdah? In California you may have better luck at a lower price point using mussels. No shame, I do it all the time. Or you could go the "seafood" chowdah route and make a mix with shrimp, scallops, pollock or whatever. When should we come ovah?

Cornology (Popcorn shop) now open in SF North Beach, Livermore, Emeryville, Milpitas

Great. Just what the neighborhood needed. (Irony alert)

All-Star Donuts [San Francisco, Marina DIstrict location]

And overwhelmingly the ethnic group most closely intertwined in the donut industry currently is Cambodian. It's an associative thing.

Dim sum question- not a place but what to try

I have a dim sum app. on my I-phone which features pictures, descriptions/preparations, categories, names in english and chinese, and most important the name spoken in chinese. Called yum yum dim sum. It once was the only way I could get bean-curd skin roll at Dol Ho (my favorite bargain Dim Sum joint). Cart style, but you can also order.

Marina Meats Butter Clams and Spot Prawns [San Francisco]

Stopped by yesterday for some sausages for a "simple" dinner and was waylaid by the above. Prawns were fresh and pricey ($32 lb.) but I'd say worth it. Butter clams are new to me, but they were so fresh , with active necks, that I gave them a shot. Full of meat, I cleaned and chopped them up, and re-stuffed them with buttered bread crumbs and ground walnuts. We'll be doing that again real soon. Each clam makes two generous "half shells", about $5 each IIRC.

What is the most exciting restaurant you've eaten at in the SFBA recently?

I wouldn't have gone on my own, but some out of town guests had to eat at the new Tosca, and i really liked it (on their "dime"). Stand outs were pig tails (can't get those at home), crispy fried taters, and anchovy fritto (the best "value" on the menu.) Both the snap peas and artichokes were great, but minute portions. Drinkies were great, but at $12 expectations were high. I could live without hand-cut cubes and a little more Negroni in my Negroni.

Pheasant… any recommended places to eat out or buy?

I've seen pigeon.

Pheasant… any recommended places to eat out or buy?

San Francisco Poultry on Grant Ave. has pheasant, chukar (?) and guinea hen. Usually. Also rabbit. Very clean, not stinky.

4 nights in San Francisco - any recommendations on where to eat?

Love the cheese portioning/cutting wheel at Spec's. My favorite faux dive. A sign warns "The management has spared no expense in providing a convenient and regulation-sized alleyway for the settling of physical disputes. Use of inside premises for the same will result in the imposition of the dread '86'". Great sailor memorabilia.

4 nights in San Francisco - any recommendations on where to eat?

All hounds know I'm a big booster of Yuet Lee at Broadway and Stockton. The original houndish place as cited by none other than Calvin (Bud) Trlllin. Too bad it isn't crab season, but the salt and pepper squid is superb as is the dry fried beef chow fun and scrambled egg and shrimp. Also clam and black bean sauce.

What are your thoughts on the city's coffee offerings?

If any of y'all want to read an interesting and very informative book on coffee and how best to brew it, check out something called
" Joe-The Coffee Book" (Rubenstein)
It's written with specific instructions for all kinds of coffee, coffee drinks, etc.
Of course it's written by New Yorkers(!) but whadda ya gonna do?

Booming Dim Sum (Outer Sunset, San Francisco)

You are right. I was the one who didn't notice.

Booming Dim Sum (Outer Sunset, San Francisco)

All hot or prepared food is taxable. Dine in or take out makes no nevermind. I'm surprised you never noticed. Sandwiches are taxable but a loaf of bread and a half pound of bologna isn't.

What are your thoughts on the city's coffee offerings?

...Just got back from a latte at Cafe Trieste... Perfect. I think it's a matter of
"you like what you know". Coffee preferences are probably pretty regional, as is evidenced by my Michigan cousins, who find SF coffee undrinkable! Too strong! Too dark!

Dim Sum Club (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

Believe it or not, my otherwise perfect wife does not enjoy dim sum. I see a mention of "western breakfast" and wonder if I could get myself around some of those yummy eggplant thingies while she chows down on ham and eggs. Any idea? I can't find a breakfast menu on their web page.