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Weekday Dim Sum

Lai Hong on Powell can be hit or miss (mostly hit) but their baked pork buns are consistently the best I've ever had.

Another piece of history departs... North Beach Bakery closes.

Totally agree with the quality assessment of recent years. Not at all sour and both crust and crumb totally unexceptional. I'm surprised to hear that the ovens were wood-fired , since there is no sign of wood either visually or olfactorally.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

Same beans as with the suckling pig. What's with those beans?

SFGate: What does San Francisco smell like?

I thought this was about food. Also I don't think that pot is in the same category as piss. My home usually smells like one but seldom of the other.
Speaking of food I can't for the life of me understand the popularity of garlic fries at the ball park. Some of the worst fried things ever. Poached is a better description.

NEW: Elmira Rosticceria - sandwich, coffee shop, breakfast/brunch in SF Tenderloin - any reports?

Sad, no, disappointed, no, heartbroken to report today that after wasting $3 in a parking meter I was told by a less than totally clueful counterperson that they "only make lampredotto sometimes now, and not very often." It was full of people eating eggs benedict and sausages, and stuff you can get anywhere. Last time I make the detour.

G&S Farms - Brentwood Diamond Corn

If organic is important to you try Happy Boy Farms at Fort Mason FM. Same prices as G&S but with free worms with purchase. Bi-color usually.

G&S Farms - Brentwood Diamond Corn

If you don't like eating it on the cob, make a small investment in a corn creamer. It's a device that looks a little like a molding plane which cuts the kernels off and squeezes the remaining milk from the cob. Double boiled with some butter and salt and you will never go back. Freezes nicely and makes an excellent addition to polenta in winter. I think G&S sells at FPFM, and that stand is excellent (although I prefer the yellow or bi-color to the white).

Fresh pasta?

Their pasta is "hand cut" so better check the price before you commit. My only venture there was right after opening, strozzapreti were $14 lb. Good, but...

Miller's East Coast Deli, San Rafael has closed

Is there any love for David's Deli downtown on Geary? talk about memories... But I haven't been for the longest time.

Yu Shang in San Rafael

Curious to hear myself. Sounds like the Car Guys' old joke about the sign in repair shops "We specialize in all makes and models!"

Vegan friendly San Francisco restaurant

Carni-bores. Funny. Can I use it?

McClure's Pickles now at Cost Plus World Market

$18 for a quart of pickles! Jesus wept.

Glaze Teriyaki on Fillmore [San Francisco]

The fact that all chicken is skinless is a deal killer or me.

Are there any excellent (and authentic) Italian restaurant in the bay area?

Ideale in NB makes a fine torteloni di vitello in s creamy sauce. Also a great costelleto alla Milanese oven roasted without red sauce and cheese.

Are there any excellent (and authentic) Italian restaurant in the bay area?

I spent a memorable afternoon with Sr. Cecchini in his maccelleria one afternoon and though he declined to sell me bistecca florentina he was willing to cut loose of a "bistecca di Grevi". Charming man. Tough steak. Great memory.

Are there any excellent (and authentic) Italian restaurant in the bay area?

Try the lampredotto at Rosticeria Elmira on McAllister (100 block) in The City. Good as any Florentine tripperia with the added benefit of great home made potato chips.

Are there any excellent (and authentic) Italian restaurant in the bay area?

Sorry I brain f@rted Trattoria instead of L'Osteria, but that's just one more chance to endorse their ham and porcini crespelle (aka fazzoletti della nonna).

Staples ad

I have a bad case today. On I-phone only, but renders site useless.

Are there any excellent (and authentic) Italian restaurant in the bay area?

Second Ideale in North Beach. I like Bao Necci too but be aware a single serving pizza is almost $20. For our go to quotidian Italian we prefer Trattoria dal Forno on Columbus. Good pizzas, grilled lamb and pork braised In milk. Where I had my first Negroni.

Kobani: Kurdish kebab place on University in Berkeley

North Beach Gyros in The City also has stacked doner meats if you're not in the East Bay. Even the chicken gyros is good. I don't know for sure, but I think they are Turkish. Our waiter pronounced it "gairos".

Recommendations For San Fran Restos? - bringing my "foodie" son....

I don't normally pay for sandwiches, but when I do it's usually Roli Roti. A great chef and a true mensch.

Recommendations For San Fran Restos? - bringing my "foodie" son....

Jeez Gary, way to hurt a guy. Refined peanut oil is not allergenic, but of course on should inquire. As far as the noisome phrase "San Fran" let me explain my hyper sensitivity. My full first name is Aldred. My wife, friends, family, and clients all call me "Aldred" because it is a lovely and unusual name. With the exception of hounders the only people who call me "Al" are those too lazy to make the effort. Likewise San Francisco.

Recommendations For San Fran Restos? - bringing my "foodie" son....

At the lower end I am a huge fan of Yuet Lee on Stockton and Broadway. Local color and Cantonese sea food. Salt and pepper squid sets the standard as does the humble scrambled eggs and prawns. Please be advised that no locals ever say "San Fran". Ever.

Liguria Bakery switched from olive to canola oil? [San Francisco]

I noticed a pallet of canola cans in the back once when I was in there months ago and decided to not let it bother me. Better canola than some cheap-ass solvent extracted pomace "olive oil". Still tastes great, and there is no claim to "extra virgin" status. If I asked them and they claimed different, I might be bothered,like when the "baby eels" at Bask were surimi even though the server claimed otherwise.

Best DanTat in SF Chinatown

Would also be open to suggestions on Clement St.

Best DanTat in SF Chinatown

Foolishly posted as q&a. (Thanks Melanie). Try again. Golden Gate Bakery doesn't count.

Little Apple's Original Apple Cider Caramels

I am a huge fan and regular shopper at FPFM but I am also the first to point out that "pricey and small" describes a lot of the products there.

Bask in North Beach? [San Francisco]

Went last night with the olive board, and found everything great. Wonderful selection of hams,great croquettes and especially the garlic shrimp. My only disappointment was with the baby eels, since the menu did not say they were fake, I asked the charming server if they were surimi ( surimi makes me sad) and was reassured that they were frozen,("Because of the season, you know) but they were nonetheless real. Alas they were made out of "krab". Surimi makes me sad. There I said it again.

Changes afoot at Cafe New Honolulu (SF Chinatown)?

And the gai pies?

Changes afoot at Cafe New Honolulu (SF Chinatown)?

Never heard of "gai pies". Please explain. And what is a "sai chan"? Youth wants to know.