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Asia de Cuba vs. Gordon Ramsay (need help choosing!)

thanks radman for your suggestions!!
I thought about Cut before but I'm not a really big steak girl lol
and Spago we went for my sister's birthday last year! Bouchon though I actually have never heard of...I'll go do a little research on that~~ thanks!

Asia de Cuba vs. Gordon Ramsay (need help choosing!)

thanks!! :)

Asia de Cuba vs. Gordon Ramsay (need help choosing!)

Thanks for your input!

In that case Gordon Ramsay might be the better choice. The birthday dinner is with family so we won't be having drinks afterwards.

Is Gordon Ramsay very...formal? I was looking at their photos on their website and the room really does look pretty! But I was wondering if it's really quiet inside? It looks like it... I might be too scared to talk lol

Asia de Cuba vs. Gordon Ramsay (need help choosing!)

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to decide where to go for my birthday dinner next month.
I narrowed it down to Asia de Cuba and Gordon Ramsay at the London Hotel. We're going have the tasting menu for both places (if that makes any difference). I think prices at both are not too different?
I'm more concerned with the quality of food and atmosphere.

Has anyone been to both and can tell me what they thought?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out :)

Mako Tasting Menu(Omakase)

Does anyone know if Mako still has omakase? And if so, how much is it now?

OMAKASE recommendations, please :) Not only nigiri sushi.

OOoo my family and I actually go there like 1-2 times a month, lol
but not for omakase. I didn't even know they offered omakase!

OMAKASE recommendations, please :) Not only nigiri sushi.

That was one of my top choices! Thanks, I'll keep Asanebo on the list :)

This sucks. I can't do it any other days because I live near my school during the weekdays. and Sunday is the only day my whole family is available. :\

OMAKASE recommendations, please :) Not only nigiri sushi.

Hallo everyone :)

So it's that time of the year again when I turn one year older :(
I get to choose a place for my birthday dinner with my family...and I want omakase again!
I looked through Chowhound and found so many choices and I started to jot down a few places but then the list became so long so I kind of gave up.

Here are some things I was looking for that might help:

- Price range: preferably <$80 pp. $100 tops.
- Location: Los Angeles (Downtown,Hollywood), or at least near the area (I live near Pasadena)
- Time: Open Sunday night (many closed Sundays)
- Type: More looking for a place that has a variety of dishes (sushi/sashimi, cooked dishes, etc). I know that there are different types of omakase. I'm looking for a place that doesn't just serve like 10 dishes of sushi.

Please give me your opinions! Any recommendations are appreciated :]

Which is best out of these ocean view restaurants??

I got a lot more responses than expected :D
So cross out Parkers Lighthouse, Kimcaid's, Hideaway, and Blue Water

I thought about The Lobster but I read in other topics that the food isn't that great?
I was also going to choose Beachcomber Cafe but I looked at their menu and they only have one steak entree :T

I think I will go with Moonshadows, but also look into the Montage.

Thanks so much everyone, really appreciate it!

Which is best out of these ocean view restaurants??

hi everyone!

okay so I'm the most indecisive person in the world and I don't know which one to choose...
I've been looking for a place that has an ocean view, outdoors/patio dining, with seafood and steak (my bf wants steak and i'm craving for seafood) ! :| is that too much? lol oh and it's for a special date dinner with my boyfriend.

well I've done some research and these are the ones that I've narrowed down to:

- Moonshadows (Malibu)
- The Sunset (Malibu)
- Parkers Lighthouse (Long Beach)
- Kimcaid's (Redondo Beach)

I also looked at the Hideaway Cafe and Steakhouse (Malibu), Blue Water Grill (Redondo or Long Beach), Savannah (Huntington Beach).

If this helps, places that I've been to and loved are Geoffrey's and Charthouse.

THANK YOU to anyone who can help me out! :D

Great steak in Malibu?


Does anyone know of a place that sells great steak in Malibu? I love the views from the restaurants in Malibu, and my boyfriend wants steak. So I'm trying to see if there is a place out there that matches what we both want!

Please share any recommendations!! THANKS!

edit: it doesn't HAVE to be Malibu. But I guess if anyone knows any other beach location with great views of the ocean, please let me know :)

Late-night (post 11pm) but still healthy??

Hi guys,

I know that there are probably very little to many, but are there any restaurants in Los Angeles (more near downtown LA) that have healthy food like salads, sandwiches, soups, grilled, etc but are open until very late? Like past midnight?

Looking for French restaraunt with prix fixe/ tasting menu!! (Pasadena area)

Hi all,,,

My mom's birthday is coming up and I'm trying to find a French restaurant that offers a prix fixe/ tasting menu. She doesn't want to go too far and we live near Pasadena so location would preferable be near there (a bit further is ok but greater LA is too far).

Oh and she has been to Maison Akira many times so looking for something different. Price isn't an issue.

Grateful for any help!! Thanks!

Best place for TEPPANYAKI?

i think so too! thousand cranes is the same as garden grill..well right next to each other lol but they do have some great but expensive teppanyaki :]

Best place for TEPPANYAKI?


i haven't heard of the place before...but i think i will try this place out next week with the bf :)

Best place for TEPPANYAKI?

hi guys,

i've been to tokyo wako (both arcadia and pasadena), benihana (beverly hills), kado (the one near farmer's market), and garden grill (in the kyoto grand hotel in little tokyo)...

is there any other teppanyaki places that people thought were better or were really good??

thanks in advance!!

Ronin Izakaya Bistro


I'm thinking about bringing my boyfriend to this place this week and was wondering what is the price range for these tapas dishes?


Something healthy around downtown LA area?

Hii guys!

Where in LA (or anywhere around the area) has healthy food? My boyfriend and I were thinking what we should eat today and wanted something not too unhealthy...and the only place we could think of is Souplantation O_o. and I actually really like Souplantation lol~ but was wondering if there were any other places that are like that -- soups, salads. or even sandwiches, etc. or maybe something vegetarian? Let me know if anyone knows someplace like this! THANKS!!

Pasadena: places for sushi and bento box lunch??

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I are going to eat lunch in a few hours and I need to find a place quick!

He wants sushi and I want a bento box (non-teriyaki type!). Does anyone have any recommendations for any places around Pasadena area? I'm looking for a place moderately priced since it's only a casual need for some fancy place or anything.
I've jotted down a few places from chowhound that sounded pretty good but I'm not that sure if any of them are what I'm looking for because I've never been to any of them before (Matsuri, Z Sushi, Tani, are the prices at these places anyways?).

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance to those who can help me out!!

Spago - Ortolan - Melisse - Providence?


My sister's birthday is coming up next month and we're trying to decide which restaurant to go to for her birthday dinner.

She was interested in French Contemporary food...or any fine dining that had innovative dishes and stuff. Preferably one with a prix fixe menu...

Here are a few that we have narrowed down to:

- Spago
- Ortolan
- Melisse
- Providence

Can anyone who has been to these places tell us which is best?
If anyone has any other places they would like to recommend, please do!


Brunch HELP! Bridal Party, So Bay, Beach cities, LA, Pasadena

akira was my answer too lol
although there isn't really a view or anything, the inside of the restaurant is pretty intimate and the brunch is really good! not one that is huge but everything they put out is great IMO. it's $36 per person which i think is a pretty good deal.

Best hand-made noodles?

Love niu rou mian :) With handmade noodles would make it perfect.

Best hand-made noodles?

Actually...I think you're right. It was too long ago so I totally forgot but it was probably the shape then. I remember once you walked in if you go straight there's this big window where you can see them make the noodles :T

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll add that to my list !

Best hand-made noodles?

Thanks for the link! I just read the review and it looks good. I've never tried Korean hand-made noodles so I'll definitely try this place out!

Best hand-made noodles?

Maybe!! I remember it was around that area and the name sounds kind of familiar.
I was able to choose the thickness and they had little signs describing the colors of the soup noodles etc. something like that.

I'll visit their Hacienda Heights branch when I'm around that area. Thanks!!

Best hand-made noodles?

I love chewy noodles :D

There was a place a few years ago in SGV that I thought it had the best hand-made noodles then they closed down. And now I'm starting to crave for them again.
The last place I went to that had it was Mandarin Noodle House on Garvey. The first time was great, the 2nd time I went there I was kind of disappointed.

Any recommendations?

It can be Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc...and I'm looking at around SGV or just Los Angeles area (ktown etc).

Taiwanese Food Hop in SGV

I love the Taiwanese night markets as well :)

in Rowland Heights there's this little restaurant and it's the cutest thing in the world called Class 302. they sell (IMO) one of the best night market foods in the area...the decor is like a primary school classroom back in Taiwan so the tables are like the desks from the schools and some of their box items come in those tin Taiwanese lunch boxes. kind of gives you a nostalgic feeling for the old days~
I don't know if you know what mi fen tang is? sorry but I don't really know a lot of the English translations to the food..but if you've been to Taiwan you might've gone to the Miao Kou in Keelung (just one big street of food vendors)..and they have this mi fen tang that i just absolutely love. Class 302 is the closest I can get to it. All their meals are really good...pork chop rice..the noodles the soup. and I love their BBQ fish cakes and BBQ stinky tofu. really really good. I've heard that their shaved ice is great too but I haven't tried it yet. So basically try everything on their menu :] If you're ever in the area I highly recommend this place!

Class 302 (三年2班)
1015 S. Nogales St. #125
Rowland Heights, CA


Hi everyone,

Ok so I finally narrowed it down to these two places for their omakase: Matsuhisa and Asanebo. I read many people's reviews and comments and have no clue on how to judge which is better.

What I was looking for was a blend of hot/ cold/ cooked/ raw dishes...and from much searching I came up with those two restaurants and now I can't decide.

Which is better in your opinion? Or are they about the same? Are there any other recommendations?

Thanks for your help!

Where would you take a couple of Frenchmen?

There's this place in Pasadena (near old town) called Maison Akira and they serve French/Japanese cuisine. It's really family goes there from time to time and we order one of the prix fixe menu items since they're more worth it than just an entree. The service there is very good too.

Maison Akira
(626) 796-9501
713 East Green St
Pasadena, CA 91101

Here's a review from Chowhound:

Need REAL Chinese Food

my chinese teacher has once mentioned this one restaurant in san gabriel that served good northern chinese food (i think xinjiang province is in northern china?). it's call Liao Ling Wei and i think their english translation is Taiwan Kitchen but they don't serve taiwanese food O_o
i only remember her talking about lamb skewers lol i've never been there so i can't tell you if it's good or not but i thought i would still let you know anyway since it won't hurt to try :]

Liao Ling Wei
(626) 288-9966
534 E Valley Blvd
Unit 8
San Gabriel, CA 91776