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Cafe 28 - Richmond Hill, A Very Pleasant Surprise!

I really sorry for QGR. I think they offer the best HK style western food (I would say they are European style food prepared by chinese) in term of price and taste. I can't see cafe 28 can compare to them. Since my wife no 1 favourite western food is gone, I keep hunting for a replacement. I recently ran to a French chef operated restaurant in Yonge and Shepperd areea. The food is impressed for my first time but the bill ..... and I will definitely repeat and report back if it worths.

Looking for dinner around Panasonic Theatre

Go 1 block south and you can see a Chinese restaurant at the corner. Pricy but service and food is above average. Or go north along Yonge, there is one Korean owned small bistro(in between Spring roll and Spring roll to go) sevcing Korean and Japanese food with reasonal price. Both are on the same side of the Theatre.

Asian sans MSG???

Lee Garden is in Chinatown.

Asian sans MSG???

I believe Lee Garden (Chinatown) is MSG free, the one on Woodbine and Denison as wells. However, a lot of sauce is full of MSG beside oyster sauce.

Bye bye Shanghai Xue Yuan, Hello Tian Xin Place (Thornhill)

I have tried that rest. a month ago during lunch time and I would rate them average. I think I will give them a try after they are offically grand openning. But I did find the woman (I guess she is the owner)who work there are very friendly.

T&T 'FRESH?!' Cut-Up Uncooked Alaskan King Crab - Buyers BEWARE!!!

I am so sorry to hear there are so many complains on T&T since this is a well organized retail store. I have quite a few bad experience buying meat and seafood there as wells. Sometime I think I put a high expectation there and make me disappointed. If the same thing happen in a crappy, dirty food mart, will it make the same noise?

Xmas Eve Dinner Recommendation- Queen's Grill Room

Just received their xmas eve and new year special and I finally make up my mind to write a review. I mean they are deserved. Their quality of food may not be the top but the sauce are surpreme. Here are my recommendation;

1. any curry dishes during lunch time. If you are lucky enrough (bc they change their lunch special once or twice a week), try their curry in different version, it will out a lot of thai and curry house behind.

2. Ox tail fettuncine. This dish is on their regular lunch menu, the sauce is so rich. If you dont have a big stomach, you can finish half of that and pack the rest. Make some fresh pasta and reheat the ox tail and sauce. Yummy.

3. Duck a la orange. Once again, this dish is all depend on the sauce since duck meat is already tasty. My no. 1 choice.

4. Duck breast. Plum sauce go with juicy duck breast make me hungry.

5. Lamb rack. Bread crumbs coated make this lamb rack separated from other.

I write this review bc I want to give this one to our chowhunder to try and see otheir option.
Enjoy it.
Last thing, here is the special on xmas eve,

X'mas Eve Dinner
24 Dec., 2008 (Wednesday)

Mousse de Truites Saumones

Cre'me of Asparagus au Crabmeat

Roasted Tom Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing,
Cranberry Sauce & Gravy Giblet
Sweet Potato Mashed & Seasonal Vegetables


Pan Seared Herb-crusted Beef Tenderloin,
Red Wine shallot Sauce
Sweet Potato Mashed & Seasonal Vegetables


Good steakhouse that won't break the bank?

When you look at HOC, you think this is just one of those old style Canadian Chinese food restaurant, can't imagine this is a steak house. Their signature disk is the T-bone (maybe 24oz) cook in 2 different way. It is so delicious. They serve lobster too. Other than that, not much to mention about. Service is by a group of Chinese and they probably working there for over 20 years. Don't get me wrong, they do offer a very good service. If you are looking for a good steak, nothing else, I highly recomment it. I went there at least once a month 2 years ago and my cholesterol has been gone up since then. Because they will treat me something very delicious and my wife just say no no.

Queen's Grill Room - HK Style Western Food

I think Amigo is definitely a HK style western food restaurant. The price you pay and the food you get is definitely a steal(I am referring their lunch special starting at 4.99). I would rate them average overall. But I can't compare these 2 since they are definitely not in the same league.

I have lunch at Maxim's on Lesile and Finch location once before they moved to next store. Can't remember what kind of pasta I ordered, but all I can say is I like it. Never try dinner bc. everytime I suggest to give them a try, there is always an objection. Bad experience, pricy etc. I guess I will give them a try at Bayview location with my son only since he is the only one who can't object me. Thanks skyline remind me there may be another one operated by Chinese made food with their heart. I wish you know what I mean. I put Maxim's on my To-Eat-List #2.

Anyone been Harbour Sixty Steakhouse Lately?

This coming Sat. is my son eighteen birthday. I already book a table at Harbour 60 and any dishes is a must for first timer?

Anyone been Harbour Sixty Steakhouse Lately?

This coming Sat. is my son eighteen birthday. I already book a table at Harbour 60 and any dishes is a must for first timer?

Queen's Grill Room - HK Style Western Food

I saw the adv as wells and I went there check it yesterday at lunch time. I would say I can't see any other western food rest. operated by Chinese(Hk style? not much hint in the menu I saw) can compare to them, from variety of choice in the menu, presentation (so impress bc I think this is a HK style before I came in) and taste. The price is cheap compare to what I get.
If I didn't see a chinese server there, I will guess this is a new high end western restaurant in RH.

Where can I find Japanese Chef's Knife in GTA?

I recently shop at Bay (Downtown location) and I see they sell Japanese Knife at the basement level. You can check it there and see if this is one of your favourite. However I bought a set of Henckles at 25% off. loving it.

Best Moon Cakes in GTA ? It's that time of year again...

Try buy them after mid-autumn fest and they are selling cheap. Kim Moon ...never close.

Egg Tarts and Chinese bakeries

They changed the owner at least 3 years ago and the new renovation began to start.

Egg Tarts and Chinese bakeries

Everything is good at Queen's but not egg tart. Unless you want to take the price as one of the consideration.

Getting Real Kobe Beef (split from Ontario board)

I try one restuarant in Japan and they sold Kobe burger around $10 if my memory doesn't betray me. Is tasty and juicy. But tough to tell whether it is a real Kobe. I may have their address too.

Aug 18, 2008
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Desperate for Decent Cantonese food south of the 401

Carving on east side of Yonge st., north of Lawrance, decent decoration but not so sure it is cantonese or not. I haven't try it yet.

Coppi Restaurant - translation 'crappy'

I feel sorry about that. I have the same worst experience with them 2 weeks ago. At the end of the meal, our server asked how's the evening and I replied to him go ask the guy behind the mirror insider the washroom.

Best Hot Pot downtown?

After I try Queen, I never go back to MY.

Best Hot Pot downtown?

I recommend Queen's Hot Pot at 440 Dundas St. West. They serve different flavor of soup with a very high quality of food.

REAL Japanese food in GTA/north end

As you said Amy believed he is Japanese and I know she is wrong. I totally agree that doesn't affect the food at all.

Wagyu/Kobe beef

I bought it last year. They sell it fast. Just call them before you go.

Any good & inexpensive Bubble tea place suggestions?

Are you saying that they use real taro to make taro slush? I agree whoever use real fruit to make bubbles tea is the winner. Another thing to seperate winner and loser is the texture and taste of tapioca. If you are looking for decent places without paying too much, I would say why don't you make it at home?

NOTL - Your favourite wineries?

That is my question as wells. I know Niagara region have a lot of quality wineries and I am planning a visit as well. I make some notes last weekend during my trip to wine & cheese show, I may share some of them to you later on.

Help me decide on a Chinese Restaurant

I have been Dragon Boat last weekend and their dim sum is ok but the service is suprising good. Haven't try dinner yet.

Help me decide on a Chinese Restaurant


REAL Japanese food in GTA/north end

Everything great except he is not a Japanese. He is a chinese instead. I like his small resturant though. Price is a steal. Btw, he charged only $45 before.
......... Is it necessary to be a Japanese in order to qualify his food is authentic?

Help me decide on a Chinese Restaurant

I suggest the one on East Beaver Creek, west side inside a industrial plaza, dim sum is above average and dinner dishes are so innovative, this is my flavorite resturant recently in RH (hwy7) area. Don't worried about the price. (just bring your VISA)

Remember to book a table for dinner. Enjoy!

Help re: dim sum in Markham

The best person to judge my opinion is those who are from Van and try Dim Sum in T.O. They will find themself lucky enrough to have a very high standard Dim Dum resturant there.

I am not saying their price is double the price of LWH. In average, Van have more dim sum places charging the same prize as LWH than T.O.

I might wrong since I left Van for 9 years and the last time I visit there is 3 years ago. Maybe ask the board what is the average charge per person for Dim Sum in Van compare that in T.O.