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Razor Clams

I had them at Asian Garden on Harrison Ave in Chinatown last Saturday night. They were a special done in garlic sauce and topped with very thin rice noodles(lei foon?). They also have sea clams prepared the same way occassionally. Both are outstanding.

Pepes Pizza coming to Boston

Bottom line haven't lived until you've had a white clam pizza from Frank Pepe's.

Mar 25, 2014
FrankP717 in Greater Boston Area

Wonderful Texas Pink Grapefruit in Boston?

I just bought a bag of them in BJ's under the Tropicana label. Texas Ruby Reds are by far the best grapefruit. Always have been.

Mar 25, 2014
FrankP717 in Greater Boston Area

Old School Watermelon

Does anyone know where I can find old school style watermelon? You know........oval shaped with big black seeds and sweet as sugar. I have no use for the round, seedless watermelons that are sold today. I have yet to have one that had any real flavor. Have we become that lazy as a society that we can't spit out watermelon seeds anymore?

I'm in Plymouth, but I've been know to travel great distances for food that I love.

Aug 19, 2012
FrankP717 in Greater Boston Area


Thanks for all of your input. We just got our power back from hurricane Irene so I know what you're going through. Hopefully, power has been restored by now. The Canyons at The Crossings golf course looks like a winner. I'll let you know how we make out.

Thanks to all my fellow hounds.

Sep 10, 2011
FrankP717 in San Diego


Coming from the East Coast and looking for a Sunday Brunch Buffet for 5 people on Sept 18in or near Carlsbad. Bellefleur looked good online, but I've tried to call several times and there's no answer. Have they closed up? I did do some research after the fact and read a lot of bad reviews. How about the Ocean House or Park Hyatt Aviar? We'd like to stick close to Carlsbad but will travel to SD if it's worth it. I've heard that the brunch at the Hotel Del is pretty nice. I've been to Humphrey's and it didn't blow me away.

If anyone is familiar with the Sunday Brunch at Spagettini in Seal Beach, you'll know what I'm looking for.

Ocean House Restaurant
300 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Bellefleur Restaurant
5610 Paseo Del Norte Ste 100, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Sep 08, 2011
FrankP717 in San Diego

Upper Crust in Salem

Good restaurants in general are elusive on the South Shore, but my go to place for pizza is Mama Mia's in Kingston (Rt 3A, exit 9 off Rt 3). There are several Mama Mia's on the South Shore, but the pizza at the Kingston location is the best. The owner claims it's the water used to make the crust that makes the difference. We always order it crispy and the crust is browned and bubbly, never soggy.

These are basic thin crust pies, nothing fancy. The restaurant is old and family oriented, again nothing fancy. Ravioli's are homemade as are the lasagna noodles. Old school red sauce Italian done well and reasonable. Family owned with a lot of pride.

Try it, you'll like it!

Oct 19, 2008
FrankP717 in Greater Boston Area

Our love affair with all things Tartine-- and the rest of our trip to San Francisco (a long report!)...

For a Boston Chowhounder who is headed to San Francisco next week, your detailed report is timely and invaluable. Most of the restaurants you mentioned are on my list, but I now moved Bar Tartine up to a "must". In my opinion, San Francisco is the greatest dining destination in the world. From haute cuisine to ethnic holes in the wall, it has it all. Thanks again for your great report!

The Arches

We're heading to Newport Beach (from Boston) in a couple of weeks to attend the Jazz Festival there. I've heard a lot about The Arches as being an old school steak house and was looking for some feedback. I'm especially interested in the chateaubriand. I've read reviews on another board and diners either love it or hate it. I'm counting on my fellow hounds to guide me in the right direction.


May 03, 2007
FrankP717 in Los Angeles Area