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YEG-The Hat: Formerly known as The Silk Hat Dinner; have you been?

Went on a Thursday afternoon - pressed for time but needing food (and drink). Californian chicken burger was good, chicken moist, burger toppings made sense and were tasty. Was impressed with offering of both coleslaw and fries. Loved the pickle on the side too, but would have liked more than a 1/4 spear. My martini(s - oh, who am I kidding!) were delish - though a bit expensive at $8 each given that Lux was serving them at $2 a pop.

Mar 29, 2009
egirlwonder in Prairie Provinces

Pittsburgh - looking for advice from the foodies (possibly moving here)!

This is great info! Keep it coming!

Wikipedia mentioned that The Strip has many markets and ethnic communities - is this a place I should consider as well?

Mar 15, 2009
egirlwonder in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh - looking for advice from the foodies (possibly moving here)!

Hi everyone,

My husband might be offered a position at CMU soon, and we're trying to learn more about where a great place to live that would be close to a nice funky restaurant-dotted area.

We're coming from Canada so we aren't familiar with many chain restaurants that might be good too.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Mar 15, 2009
egirlwonder in Pennsylvania

Recent resto closures - Edmonton

Yikes - and another... Charles Smart Donnair seems totally closed. Some kind of board up on the front window, no one working there at any time of day.
Not sure if they'll be tearing down the building given that the other tenant has been vacant for years.
I've always hoped for a Timmies in this part of town - would make my morning commute much more enjoyable ;)

Feb 14, 2009
egirlwonder in Prairie Provinces

Recent resto closures - Edmonton

Another closure that I had forgotten about - Jewel of Kashmir on Calgary Trail closed down and is now a lame-sounding "unforgettable dim sum restaurant" (or something like that).

Feb 10, 2009
egirlwonder in Prairie Provinces

Recent resto closures - Edmonton

I've noticed other closures/transfer too.

The Mill (off Whyte) which I really loved turned into some 'all you can eat' sushi place. Very sad.

Dawaat on 34th Ave has changed names again - not sure how different the new incarnation is.

Feb 04, 2009
egirlwonder in Prairie Provinces

Sausage casings online?

Correction - Wholesale sports only has the artificial casings; we had fantastic luck yesterday at Atlas Cutler & Butcher supplies on 130th Ave & 97th Street.
More expensive than I was hoping; but you can get about 300 ft of casings for about $40. Very knowledgeable staff there too.

Jan 18, 2009
egirlwonder in Prairie Provinces

Sausage casings online?

Wholesale Sports has sausage casings for sale in store (not sure about online). They are very similar to Cabellas. Not sure about the quality yet; just bought my hubby sausage-making supplies for Christmas.

Jan 11, 2009
egirlwonder in Prairie Provinces

Later Night Eats in Edmonton:

Route 99 Diner on 99th Street north of Whyte is good. Nothing fancy there, but they're open late, and the food there is stick-to-your ribs good stuff.

Korean Central Market - Edmonton?

It's on 34th Avenue near 93 Street (across from the New Asian Village). It's got a brand new red banner outside, which makes me think the business is new.

A good friend & I have been enjoying gathering korean things from some other korean grocers (one on Parson's road, another next to Korean Village restaurant) but none look as big as this one looks from the outside.

Korean Central Market - Edmonton?

Has anyone been to this (new?) store yet? What is it like?

Heritage Festival 2008 - foodie recommendations!

Only 5 more days till my favourite festival!

What are people looking forward to trying? Any insider tips?

Edmonton - Private(ish) room for 30-40

Just had a lunch at the Copper Pot in downtown. Beautiful view; great menu; impeccable service. Our office party was for 10 people, and for lunch - our total was $270 including pop/coffee, tax & gratuity.

Over an Open Fire

Our last camping trip quite luxurious (water sources, cooler and more).

Here was my meal plan:

1st day Dinner - chicken stir fry (cut up chicken and peppers at home; saved half of this cooked mix for 2nd day Dinner) with snow peas, broccoli, garlic oil, soy sauce (packets) and rice.

2nd day Breakfast - pancakes ("just add water mix" pre-measured in a ziploc bag with the camp cups used as the water guage), fruit, juice box.

2nd day lunch - sub sandwiches (pre-cut cheese at home; used salami-style meat, mustard packets).

2nd day dinner - Mexican feast! Used the chicken and pepper mix from 1st day dinner, and tossed with some salsa, added shredded cheese and wraps to make burritos. Can of refried beans, Uncle Ben's instant Tex-mex rice, and bagged salad with a small container of dressing.

Jul 01, 2008
egirlwonder in Features

Mrs. White's or Putter's pickles in Edmonton

Sorry - Haven't heard of these before, but good pickles can be found at Kraus & Kraus foodliner (K&K) on Whyte & 100th Street.

Mar 08, 2008
egirlwonder in Prairie Provinces

Best casual brunch (Edmonton)?

Looking for suggestion re: brunch or a fun weekend lunch place...nothing too expensive or fancy.

We've been to Barb & Ernies, Cafe Mosaic, Tasty Tom (was not a fan), Sugarbowl, Upper Crust, and High Level Dinner to name but a few.

Looking for something different. Not necessarily just in the University/Whyte Ave area. Suggestions?

Best chinese resturants in Edmonton

When I go for Dim Sum (which is about once or twice a month) I'm not looking for good service, fancy atmosphere, or even any effort re: presentation...

What I'm looking for is:
- getting seated in a reasonable amount of time
- good variety of dishes
- hot dishes, fresh with good turnover (not having been sitting on the cart for hours)
- attentive-enough waiters to fill tea, take special orders, etc.
- cheap pricing

To that end, we've really found that:
- Noodle Noodle wasn't authentic enough; it really catered to a squeamish Canadian clientele (and it was expensive - a plate of guy lan cost me $13!!).
- Dynasty was okay, the variety wasn't great and food was often lukewarm.
- Cha (west end) had poor variety, was expensive, and food didn't come around quickly enough.
- Golden Rice Bowl is over-rated. While the dishes are authentic, the staff aren't attentive for special orders. Also, the lineup system is bananas.
- Jumbo was surprisingly good. We got seated quickly the variety was good, food was hot, servers went out of their way to tell you what they had in their carts.
- Buddy's Wonton was poor - shrimp Haw Gow weren't fresh at all on my visit. Didn't feel like a Chinese restaurant...
- T&T's new dim sum kiosk (to make this a thorough list) was way overpriced, and there's a crazy system where the counter clerk needs to exit the kiosk to get you potstickers, etc.

- Mirama is our personal favourite... Yes, there are days where you have to wait a long time, sometimes you get seated in what we call "the bermuda triangle" where no carts come your way, or you wait and wait for specific dishes (in my case Lo Pak Go) but it never comes. Still, I think that this is part of the charm of dim sum. It's kind of a gamble to know what you're going to get. Mirama's prices haven't gone up since I've lived in Edmonton (8 years) and the food size/quality has stayed the same; in fact, I think the diversity has improved. Lots of good and weird dishes for variety (though we typically go as far as the small spare ribs black beans which we proudly eat by chomping down on the whole thing and spitting out bones). While the cart ladies can be surly, the other servers are good about refilling tea, taking special orders, etc. Because of how big the restaurant is, you get good turnover of dishes. It's busy, loud and cheap, in and out - I'm a happy customer there.

Mar 07, 2008
egirlwonder in Prairie Provinces

Edmonton Downtown Dining Week

If by "Rics" you mean "Rics Grill" then that is a good restaurant. They know how to cook meat there. I've held several conference dinners there and the service has been wonderful given our large, rowdy groups. Also enjoyed the very garlicky Ceasar salad...

3 Amigos-Edmonton

Haven't been to 3 Amigos but a fairly authentic south-american alternative I'd recommend is Los Comales. It's nearby NAIT towards the north-end off 97th Street (past Chinatown). Anyhow, it was tiny and clearly family-run, but provided good tasting dishes. Kind of expensive for what was offered (size, ingredients, etc.), and they only accepted cash, but it was a good casual meal.

Mar 07, 2008
egirlwonder in Prairie Provinces

Montana's Cookhouse - Edmonton

Yes! We went to Louisiana Purchase for my hubby's b-day in February and he really enjoyed the ribs there. Fall-off-the-bone and a good boozy BBQ sauce. Great atmosphere, good dishes all around.