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John Crow Farm CSA - What Happened to Them?

I heard today (aug 1) that the people who ran John Crow Farm were seen selling meat at a farmer's market on the Cape. I checked out the "What happened to John Crow farm" page on Facebook and saw a picture there with the name I had been told they were operating under--Moonlight Farm. The sign had a Lunenberg address. I tried to find a website for the farm and found nothing.

June 2014 Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands, CSA updates

Quincy Farmers Market opened on the 27th. The csa box had zucchini, kale, lettuce (a beautiful romaine!), beets, fennel and gorgeous strawberries (juicy, fragrant and beats the shipper berries all to heck). Thanks, Stillman's!

John Crow Farm CSA - What Happened to Them?

I was at the Somerville winter market last Saturday, and a friend from another farm told me that JCF had folded. It just came up in conversation, I hadn't mentioned them. I think that I would contact the COmmonwealth's Dep't of Agriculture. You'd probably get more information/ settlement of issues through them.

May 2011 Openings and Closings

Yippeedippee, love that bread. I use a wheelchair, and the Brookline store is down stairs. Haven't been to Davis Sq yet.

Stillman's Ranch Going Out Of Business?

I'm one of Glenn's market volunteers. The problem extends beyond Stillman's to most farms and orchards in the northeast as well as seasonal help in restaurants and hotels on the Cape, Block Is., etc. Since before 9/11, the Federal Government made significant changes to the H2A worker program on a yearly basis. There's no way of knowing if or how many of the workers you've employed previously will be available. People who know the routines and machines specific to each farm or orchard. Please pass the word and contact your state and federal legislators

Banana Flowers Sold Here?

When I ws a kid, someone recommended banana skins to make a tea to relieve asthma symptoms. It tasted pretty good, but the skins are so fibrous I can't imagine eating them.

Looking for cherimoya in greater Boston area

I'm searching for cherimoya-I used to get them at Stop &Shop, but the produce mgr says they don't carry them anymore. Cherimoya, atemoya, sugar apple, is anything in that family available somewhere I can access them by means of the "T"?

C Market has fresh mangosteens

I purchased a bag of fresh mangosteens at C Market on Lincoln St yesterday (Thusday). At 9.99/lb, they weren't cheap, but they were lovely.

Farmers' Markets, CSAs, Farms stands August 2009

I pick up my CSA in Quincy. Neither Stillman's nor Freitas has been affected by the late blight. No pe'ento peaches yet, but several varieties as well as Japanese plums and early summer apples are available. Great eggplant, peppers and kohlrabi available. The lobsterman is truly a welcome addition here.

Chow crawl suggestions for Chinatown, Allston, and Eastie?

Great steamed buns and steamed spongecake at Hing Shing, too.

CSA Review

Glen Stillman goes to the Quincy farmer's market on Friday. Great variety, and half shares are available.