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Drinking suggestions - Montreal

The Montreal Beer Fest is happening May 30th-June 3rd at the courtyard of Windsor Station beside the Bell Centre.

Overbooked at Le Milsa

Made reservations for my bday last week at Le Milsa on Bishop. Reservations were for 9:30pm on a Saturday night. We arrived at 9:30 only to wait in line, because as it seems, 3 or 4 other groups also had reservations at 9:30. After seeing the hostess, she said it would be a couple of minutes. After waiting at the bar for 30 minutes, watching the end of the hockey game and seeing no opening for a table, my group of 10 decided to leave.

Disappointing for sure, but after 30 minutes and no prospect for a table, this was not how I wanted to spend my birthday. Some other people were actually yelling at the hostess for her to get them a table. I felt bad for her, cause it's not her fault, but the restaurant's for overbooking. Not professional at all.

Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode. "You know how to take the reservation. You just don't know how to hold the reservation. And the hold is the most important part of the reservation! Anyone can just take reservations!"

Ganges for Indian Food - Big Disappointment

I really enjoyed the food at ganges, but I must agree that their service is horrible.

Good first date restaurants downtown

Hey, looking for a new idea to take a date around the western part of downtown (between Atwater and Peel preferably.) Any hidden gems? All types of food suggestions welcome, just not too extravagent as it is only a first date hehe ;) Thanks

Lunch near Hyatt Regency

staying at the hyatt regency on Jeanne Mance. Any good casual lunch ideas in a walkable distance from there? Thanks

Indian Food: My nightmares and the I saw the lights finally.

I've only had good experiences with Pushap and Karma in the west island and Ganges in NDG.

fish & chips?

I actually like the fish and chips at McKibbins, except the portion is not big enough.

Monkland Village

Sounds good

Monkland Village

what is Ethiopian food anyways?

Monkland Village

Hi, I'm new to Monkland Village and am wondering which of the 30 or so restaurants get the thumbs up or thumbs down. So far for lunch I give thumbs up to St Viateur Bagel, Caveau Szechuan, Pizzadelic and Mesquite. My dinner at Al Dente was pretty terrible and was only saved by the BYOW. Soup and noodles is ok in a pinch, but just generic chinese food IMO. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Hey I was just wondering if there were any other BYOW places in NDG besides Al Dente. I found the food there average at best and the service below average but the BYOW is a plus. If someone could recommend something else in the area, I'd appreciate it, thanks.