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Any delis of Zingerman's caliber???

You like Deli food in NYC? Go to Katz Delicatessen at 205 E Houston St (corner Ludlow). As much as I used to like deli-food, I now stay away from sodium nitrite. I make my own sandwiches using cold-cuts without the preservatives. Whole Foods have all those cuts. Learn to eat healthy.

Jun 21, 2009
foodyholic in Manhattan

Guinness Stout Marinade

The beer and lime juice help tenderize meat. Sounds like a good combination of spices. I'll sure try it!

Mar 07, 2008
foodyholic in Recipes

Milk Chocolate Crêpe Terrine

They now sell imported French crepes in some supermarkets. Have you ever tried to cheat that way?

I used to make crepes in crepe pans. But when you warm up the French store-bought version and roll-in your nutella, if you eat it while it's warm, it's really quite good.

I read that there's a bakery that sells this somewhere in the West side.

Sometimes, I've bought it from the Japanese bakery store on 41st street between Madison and Fifth. But it's not chocolate.

I love this stuff. I think I'll try it with store bought crepe and your sauce to save time.

Thank you.

Mar 07, 2008
foodyholic in Recipes