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Best Bagels in SFV or Conejo Valley?

I'm flying into Bubank and staying in T.O. I want to bring some bagels back to the Bay Area - any suggestions?

Feb 14, 2015
Sharon S. in Los Angeles Area

Shwe Myanmar: Burmese in San Rafael (Marin County)

Wow this is great news! Having just lost Burmese Kitchen. Can't wait to try it

Only in LA - Thanksgiving guacamole T.O. area

We are assigned to bring guacamole to Thanksgiving. We come from out of town and find it a pain to make - especially because the avos are never good this time of year. I wanted to buy some ready made either at a supermarket or restaurant. Unfortunately we will be in the Thousand Oaks area.

Nov 11, 2014
Sharon S. in Los Angeles Area

Affordable, vegan friendly restaurants in SF or East Bay area?

Amanda Fuara in SF. Whole menu is veg.

Muslim dining?

We have work visitors coming from Saudi Arabia and I am unclear about where we could b taking them to dine. Can we go to places with Halal food? Any suggestions - for in the city of SF only?

Decline in the food truck craze?

I have been going to OTG for wel. over 3 years at lunchtime in the SF Civic Center a few times a month. Yes, lines are long - I have to get there before noon. There are some really great trucks that have been around for a long time (Curry Up, Chairman, Liba, Sisig...they are not that cheap and usually not super healthy - but delicious.

Need a recommendation

I am visiting Seatlle from San Francisco. I have never been to Seattle. I am looking for one moderately priced restaurant. I am meeting an old friend so we need it to be not too noisy so we can talk. It should be convenient to my hotel near the convention center and the ferry to Bainbridge. I don't care what kind of food, but probably not Asian.

Apr 26, 2014
Sharon S. in Greater Seattle

Commercial Spice Rubs

Where can you get empty spice containers to store the rub?

What's good in San Rafael?

Las Camellias across from Sol Food is always consistent. Not too many places I could recommend in the area. I like Kababbq on East Francisco. Lotus for Indian or Napoli for pizza. Maybe Royal Thai too

New venture for Douglas Keane [Rohnert Park]

I did try them about a month ago and had the Korean style - I had been to Korea juit a few months before so there was no comparison - his lost hands down. The order was a good size though. I also tried some pickled green beans which I could not eat as the 5 spice dominated the flavor so strongly - I threw them away. I had been to Cyrus one time and had one of the best meals of my life. BTW it never occurred to me that smoking would be allowed at the Casino (not in the food court) so I could not wait to get out of there...

Best bites of 2013

Tea Leaf Salad at Burmese Kitchen
Porcini doughnuts at Rich Table
Dittto on the Honey Cake at 20th Century Cafe
Another great cake at Tout Sweet Patisserie - called Tout Sweet Cake
Lobster Roll at Sams Chowdermobile
Liberty Valley Duck at Prospect
Margharita Pizza at Pizzaiolo
Mochimisu -Koja Kitchen
Eggs Benedict at Cafe de la Presse
Agnolotti dal plin at Cotogna
Gulf Shrimp at TBD

Farmshop-Larkspur Landing

Made an error in my report. The bread was Della Fattoria and it was $4.50...

Farmshop-Larkspur Landing

Had dinner at Farmshop last night. I had never been there before or the one in LA. I absolutely loved the decor and the open kitchen. They have a huge waitstaff and the service was top notch- pouring water while not picking up the glass, cleaning the table between courses, lots of checking in on how we were doing. It made for a special evening. Unfortunately I chose the Jidori chicken for my main course and the brine made it almost inedibly salty. They offered to bring me something else but I chose not to. I had never had Jidori chicken so I was not sure what the flavor profile was. The octopus appetizer was phenomenal though - the waitress suggested the Rustic Bakery bread to sop up the sauce - good call. I had a nice rose and the chocolate budino for dessert which was good. For two the bill was $100. One interesting moment for me was when a child who was dining with two ladies came through the restaurant eating an ice cream cone purchased elsewhere in the shopping center (she was in shorts). She sat with them and proceeded to eat away at her cone while they completed their meal. I was completely appalled - really upset me. I noticed a staff person went over and said something to them but I don't know what it could have been because they stayed quite a bit longer and we're smiling when they left.

Looking for somewhere for a birthday meal but disappointed n Marin restaurants

These are all recs that I would agree with. I get my Asian fix when I am in the city because I find the Asian food really lacking in Marin. I have been gong to Las Camellias for 20+ years and it never fails me. I think Sol food has hurt their business.

New thoughts on the Tenderloin? [San Francisco]

Where's Bodega Bistro on your list? The Burmese place is off the hook.

Prospect Deiivers [San Francisco]

We decided to go to Prospect right when they opened at 5:30 before a Giant's game. The bar area was in full swing, but we were the first ones seated in the restaurant. The service was impeccable all evening, very attentive. One of my pet peeves is when the staff picks up your water glass to fill it. They kept the glasses full all night and never touched them. I had the Jidori egg pasta with truffles and it was sensational. One of the best pasta dishes I have ever had. My main course was the Liberty Duck breast that also had a croquette and a duck egg which oozed over black rice, served with figs and beets. The dish was sublime. The portions are not large but completely satisfying. Even the bread was yummy. I wish I could have tried the dessert but we had to be on our way. The icing on the cake - and which confirmed my desire to return- was that on Monday I got a call from the manager asking how my evening at the restaurant went. No one has ever followed up with me after a visit before.

My old stomping ground - Santa Barbara

I lived in Santa Barbara in the 80s and will be spending a couple days there and really want to eat at some of my old haunts. Let me know what is still alive and kicking - breakfast lunch or dinner any kind of food. I used to love Sojourner Cafe, the Palace, Andria's Seafood, Chase Grill, Rose's Cafe, Cajun Kitchen, Playa Azul and of course La Super Rica will be on the list.

Jun 11, 2013
Sharon S. in California

Ler Ros - for the timid at heart [San Francisco]

I love Lers Ros and I go often with friends who can take all the spicy heat. I unfortunately love flavors but cannot take the heat. I would like to know some of the best dishes there that are not spicy. Even when I ask them to tone some of the dishes down they don't see able to...I love the duck larb, pork belly and the pad thai, but I would like to try something different.

Pre-holiday department dinner

What about Betelnut?

Pre-holiday department dinner

We went to Bar Tartine - it was great.

Pre-holiday department dinner

I would like to take my department of 4 (plus me) to dinner in early Dec. Two are vegetarian, we would like cocktails, parking and I would like to keep the cost at $30 pp for food. They are young so it should be lively and in SF - not the Mission though. Any suggestions? I would also like a place that you can get a reservation at.

Vegetarian-friendly restaurant in SOMA

How about
Source, 11 Division St, (415) 864-9000,

Thanksgiving - I get the vegetables...

I have been elected to bring the green vegetables for Thanksgiving. I would like to bring brussels sprouts, but I know not everyone likes them so i am thinking - green beans. One of the problems is that I really wont be able to heat them up and I was wondering what I could serve at room temperature?

Nov 15, 2011
Sharon S. in Home Cooking

Cotogna - large party question

I tried to make a reservation for a department holiday dinner in Dec. for 7 people the other day. I had heard good things about Cotogna and really wanted to try it. They said they could accomodate 7 of us at their large table, but that it would be a minimum of $750 for the table. I thought this was pretty outrageous (I am not sure how you could spend that much for 7 people). Am I the only one that thinks this was a bit extreme? Needless to say I am on the hunt for another place for our celebration.

490 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

Best Mexican in Marin County

I still like to go to Las Camellias on Lincoln.

Boxing Room, Hayes Valley [San Francisco]

I went to Boxing Room for lunch this week with a party of 6 and there was only one other table of two there the whole time. The food is good, but you can really go off your diet here majorly (I had the fried oyster po' boy and beignets). I tried the gumbo which was good. I did not like the boiled cajun peanuts. They have great (Sightglass) coffee. I didn't really get the hushpuppies either - but the jalapeno pepper jelly really helped. I am hoping that the serve will pick up as I cannot do 1 1/2 hour lunches and I hope that add some kind of lunch special as I cannot spend $14 on a sandwhich too often. A good special ocassion lunch I guess. The design is beautiful and they play great music.

Boxing Room
399 Grove St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Smitten Ice Cream

I tried Smitten last week and had a small Brown Sugar w/ cinnamon cookies in a pizzelle cone. It was $6 so I won't do that too often. It could easily be a meal replacement - I was stuffed. I would like to try other flavors as I don't really like ground up cookies in my ice cream I have now decided.

Cafe de la Presse - Union Square brunch

I just love the Eggs Benedict at Cafe de la Presse, perfection and they come with the crispy potatoes and a big bowl of latte and I am so happy. The bread they serve is so addicting as well. The only thing I don't like is that the two tops are extremely close together and you feel like you are dining with strangers. I have only had brunch here and I have only had Eggs Benedict so I can't speak for anything else. Also, they need more than two unisex bathrooms - I had to wait 10 min to use the loo.

Cafe De La Presse
352 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108

What's the Vietnamese equivalent of Thai House Express?

Ler Ros is your place - on Larkin in same neighborhood is authentic. If you like spicy they do that very well.

Lers Ros Thai
730 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA

Bourdain - Boston show -- discuss

Self indulgent - definitely on the bottom three for me - especailly the ending. I am surprised that between the food they were eating and the drinking they even survived...

Apr 25, 2011
Sharon S. in Food Media & News