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London - Casual and Local - Hyde Park vicinity.

I haven't posted in years but the responses on this thread have made me come out of hiding. I live in the area and would recommend the following:

1. Duke of Wellington pub on Crawford Street (our go-to local pub with great food. Eat in the bar downstairs as it has more atmosphere than the dining room upstairs)
2. Vinoteca on Seymour Place - would describe as wine bar with great food (newly opened and a firm favourite of mine. I always loved the branch in Clerkenwell and so happy they have opened a branch in my 'hood.) I almost hesitate to tell people about it because I don't want it to get impossible to get a table for dinner as they don't take bookings
3. Bombay Palace in Connaught Village for Indian. Their food, although not the best, is perfectably acceptable Indian food and more importantly, they are open throughout the Christmas period)
4. Providores on Marylebone High Street for a fantastic brunch downstairs. Order the pancakes with bacon for a twist on a firm American favourite, or the turkish eggs are yummy too
5. The Golden Hind off Marylebone HIgh Street is also perfectly acceptable for fish and chips without the trek

Good luck!

Dec 22, 2010
mia5859 in U.K./Ireland

Gordes - Provence

Thanks to you both for the reply. We will try Le Mas Tourterons - from everything I've read it is a must. We are a bit hemmed in because we are taking our 16 month old daughter (with nanny), so need to stay close to Gordes. Any thoughts on whether we can survive eating in Gordes every night for a week? Are there enough restaurants? Should we prebook?

Mar 09, 2008
mia5859 in France

Gordes - Provence

We've rented a house in Gordes the first week in June and I'm searching for restaurant recommendations. I'm looking for restaurants within walking distance of the centre of Gordes (mainly because i don't want to have to drive after a few glasses of nice vino..)

On my list so far is Le Clos de Gustave, La Mas des Romarins, La Bastide of Gordes. Any other rec's.

Could we walk to Le Feme de la Huppe - looks fab given previous posts but not sure how far 'outside Gordes' it is.

Also, would you recommend making lots of bookings prior to the trip, or is there enough selection in Gordes to just find a restaurant most nights?

Thanks in advance!

Mar 07, 2008
mia5859 in France