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special occasion restaurant in Bermuda

Hi all,
My husband and I are heading to Bermuda in a week. We'll be staying at the Princess Southhampton and are looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. We are from NYC and have a pretty high food standard. Food is more important than atmosphere but would like it to be a special place. We are willing to spend $, but I'd prefer to stay under $400 for the whole dinner. Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance!

3rd Arr. - best food & wine shops, etc...

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Can you tell me the cross street for the Blvd. Richard Lenoir market? Also, does anyone know if Chez Denise in the 1st Arr. is open on Mondays? Thanks again.

May 30, 2007
agorenko in France

3rd Arr. - best food & wine shops, etc...

I will be in Paris from June 2 to June 10. We will be staying in an apartment in the Marais (3rd) right near the old Jewish quarter. I would be grateful for recommendations for: best patisseries, best boulangeries, best wine shops, and best cheese shops in the area.

As for restaurants, here is the list I have compiled so far. Any thoughts? Am I missing anything essential? We are looking for typical Parisian bistros, not too expensive, but excellent food that is different from what we would find here in NYC. Also, I'd love a recommendation for one good brasserie and a place to dine in the 3rd Arr. for our first night in Paris (a Sunday). Thanks in advance!

Aux Lyonnais
Le Pre Verre
Les Fables de la Fontaine
Chez Denise
Au Fil de Saisons
Les Papilles
Le Comptoir du Relais

May 13, 2007
agorenko in France

Breakfast/brunch near Inter Continental Montreal

Coming to Montreal later this week and changed our reservation to Inter Continental. What are some good breakfast places we can walk? Also, we will be in Montreal on Saturday and Sunday - are there any great brunch places you would recommend? We are from NYC and want to experience the best food in Montreal. Thanks in advance.

Montreal Seafood Restaurant

I am looking for a Montreal seafood restaurant for my father and his friend/business colleague. They are in their late 50s and would not like anything too trendy, however, modern is fine as is traditional (French or Mediterranean would be good too). They are looking for a good value meal (i.e. they are willing to spend $ but for something really good). My father is a vegetarian but eats seafood so it must be something that has a number of vegetarian and/or seafood choices. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Montreal choices - HELP Please!

We are New Yorkers coming to Montreal for a romantic weekend, and of course, great food and wine. We will be there for 4 nights. I have made reservations at Joe Beef, APDC, and Anise. I am thinking of a casual bistro for the 4th night. I want something very typical for Montreal and something that I can't find here in NYC (and something not too expensive). Please help me pick a place for the 4th night! Thanks in advance.

Drinks and Dinner in North Slope?

Preferably north of 9th Street between 5th & PPW. We are looking for good food (not diner or anything like that), probably New American or bistro, any budget. Thanks!

Aug 11, 2006
agorenko in Outer Boroughs

Drinks and Dinner in North Slope?

I am looking for recs for a good place for dinner in the North Slope as well as a place to get a nice cocktail. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Aug 11, 2006
agorenko in Outer Boroughs

Windsor Terrace for a chowhound?

I am considering moving to Windsor Terrace and want to know what is around there to eat and buy? Are there any good specialty food shops? What are the good restaurants? Thanks so much!

Aug 08, 2006
agorenko in Outer Boroughs

private room for rehearsal dinner- cobble hill/carroll gardens

I just got married in May and we had our rehearsal dinner at Frankie's. (We also got married in Manhattan but live in B'klyn and wanted to do something in the area for our rehearsal) We had 25 people and it was fantastic. The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was great, and they served excellent wines. I highly recommend it. We also thought the prices were reasonable. I think the food is a notch above Cafe Carciofo.

Jul 10, 2006
agorenko in Outer Boroughs