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Jack Cheese and Grits Soufflé

I can't get grits where I am, but I can get hominy. I am in Mexico. Both Cornmeal and Grits is something that doesn't exist. I can get real masa made of Hominy Corn, it is not dry and it is fresh. I can get dried corn and grind it. But that is not is different here and I can craving both Cornbread and this Soufflé sounds divine!

Dec 14, 2009
beadaholic in Recipes

Cookie Base Recipe + Variations Ice Cream Scoop

Oh boy! I am going over there right now to check it out! Thanks so much! I appreciate it alot..

Jan 02, 2009
beadaholic in Home Cooking

Cookie Base Recipe + Variations Ice Cream Scoop

Hi! I don't live in the USA and I see a few people on Etsy and other sites selling Shortbread Cookies with amazing variations. Like Lemon Hazelnut, ones with Chili Pepper in them.

The cookies are usually scooped with an Ice Cream Scoop But I have seen them rolled out like a log and cut in very thick rounds, they don't seem to lose their shape at all, even the ridges formed by the scoop or knife are still there. People rave about them. I love shortbread and it is basically unknown where I am. So I am looking for a recipe, the basic one that uses the ice cream scoop or to roll out in a log style, mainly I want it to keep its shape. I can make up my own variations maybe, or at least get started with the ones included in a recipe. Does anyone have a recipe for these? I am thinking that even the shortbread raw scooped can be frozen? and possibly taken from the freezer and baked?

Please help me find the correct recipe. I will appreciate it so much! hehe


Jan 01, 2009
beadaholic in Home Cooking

Spicy Chicken and Chayote Jamaican Stew

You never, ever, remove the seed from a chayote! It is the best part. It has a wonderful texture apart from the nuttie please don't remove what is the most wonderful part of a chayote! hehe, I love it.

Nov 23, 2008
beadaholic in Recipes

The Mamey fruit

Hey there from Mexico. I live here pretty much full time now. I am in Morelos and here they sell them by the road when in season. I can get 3 good sized ones (at about 1lb each) for $2.50 US. I know how to pick them out. I like my mamey firm, I don't want them when they are too soft. I buy them when there is a tiny give when squeezed, and eat them in the next day or two. I eat them pure, like most of us do here. Here it is treated like any other fruit. And if you are dragging a few around with you, you just grab each side of the fruit with your hands in a firm grip and pull, and it will pull apart in half. The outside skin is like a cross between a coconut (it feels and has dust like cardboard) and a brown pear. You have to watch out for pests in them, so you look for fruit that is firm and without blemishes. It takes a Mamey tree about 100 years to become totally mature. In the past it took 20 years for a tree to bear fruit. Today you can expect them to start at about 5 years. It is a super slow growing tree. I have a few on my ranch and they are only about 1 meter tall and have been there a couple of years now... It is my favorite fruit and I can be posioned by them! hehe, my husband is Latino and he knows this and brings them home to me because he knows I am nuts about them (or he wants to kill me tee hee). I have made liquados with them, but not often, we eat them pure (the best way)....The color of the meat is not always the best indication of a good fruit either, I have had pale orange/pink ones that when cut you are disappointed in, but after trying them they are as tasty as the wild hot pink/flourencent orange ones that are the most common before passing judgement you have to try them. About 1 out of 4 turn out bad and those you just throw away. When you bite into them the meat needs to be firm like biting a cooked yam. Firm but keeps its shape perfectly. I would never put anything on them, they are the perfect fruit the way they are.

How interesting about the seed. I have never known what to do to them other than plant them, the seeds measure the length of the fruit, most are about 6" long, if it is a small one, well 2". The biggest Mamey I have had was about 10" long and about 8" wide, it had 4 huge seeds, but was so good. I am going to have to check out what and how they grind the seeds for Mole. That is very different and something I hadn't heard of. I cook all types of mexican food from scratch and that one is new to me.
Here we also have ice cream. But the ice cream here is not made with cream or egg based. I think if someone would do that it would be the food of GODS! I am going to have to try that one out!

Sep 01, 2008
beadaholic in General Topics

Pistachio Mexican Wedding Cakes

Russian or Mexican, they are both very old. I don't know which came first, but who cares? These are very traditional Mexican, this particular recipe is the Mexican Version of a worldwide cookie. Yummmmm

Mar 06, 2008
beadaholic in Recipes