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parchment paper vs. waxed paper ?

How do you reuse parchment paper?? Mine is completely brittle when I bring it out of the oven.

May 29, 2012
soleilnyc in Home Cooking

parchment paper vs. waxed paper ?

Papier sulfurisé

Feb 13, 2012
soleilnyc in Home Cooking

Using a kitchen torch to roast poblanos?

I actually just got this in the mail yesterday. Ordered it because it's what they use at the ramen place on 5th and B to caramelize the slices of charsiu. I figured it must be hardy since they've used it everyday since they opened years ago. Thus far, I love it. It's the perfect size for my hand and easy to use. The flame can go from tiny to huge with the turn of a dial (2300*F i think is the claim).
When a friend wanted a torch, I actually steered him aggressively in the direction of the Bernzomatic at Home Depot (he worked at W-S and was going to use his 40% discount on a $120 creme brulee torch. insanity.) But now that I have the Iwatani on a butane cartridge the size of a hairspray can, I can't imagine going back to wielding a big, relatively heavy and clunky Home Depot butane tank.

Jan 10, 2012
soleilnyc in Home Cooking

Who uses a tagine?

This lady did the cookoff for you :)

Jan 04, 2012
soleilnyc in Cookware

Which Tagine cookware would you advise...Please advise if you have one.

What a vivid story! I'm curious: do you mean to say that the cone is what is used as the mixing bowl to prep the spices before cooking?
As for a tagine in Europe, it's as simple as heading to Barbes in Paris where you will find your bonheur. I imagine Germany would have some as well, not to mention Spain (though, if you're in Spain, might as well head to Morocco :))
Try ebay, as well!
Here one with the brazier you are looking for:

Jan 04, 2012
soleilnyc in Cookware

My Google Map of Obscure Street food in Eastern Jackson Heights

So sad that this link doesn't work anymore! Anyone have a similar map to help an intrepid adventurer?

Oct 03, 2011
soleilnyc in Outer Boroughs

Seitan - How to get it meaty?

Hi! A year later and I see I never responded to you! I hope your seitan experiments have worked out well since. No, I did not get the brainy texture in either of these methods. I think that was a result of my kneading, though.
I have also since discovered yet another method: steaming. I shape thin cutlets, then sandwich them between two plates facing the same way (to weigh down the cutlets, as opposed to making a dome). I place the whole thing in the steamer and leave it for about 20 mins. Great texture as well, and less waste on the boiling broth front!

Jul 26, 2010
soleilnyc in Home Cooking

Cookbook recommendations to encourage a man to cook?

I usually do the cooking in this couple- however, the other half (who has previously shown no interest in cooking at all) has found some success in recent attempts in the kitchen. I think our joining a CSA and my starting a vegetable garden at home has made him more appreciative of ingredients and preparing them correctly.

I'd like to get him a cookbook that will encourage him to explore the kitchen more. I have a substantial collection, but I think he assumes that just because they are mine, they must be difficult. Know of anything with good, solid recipes that are simple but have a huge payoff in terms of flavor and pizzazz? It would be nice if he could do one recipe and send his mom a picture to which she would reply, "YOU made that?"

Skill level: He does 3 things well: grill a steak, make an omelette, and pasta carbonara.


Jul 25, 2010
soleilnyc in Home Cooking

Should You Tip on Takeout?

Add my voice to the chorus calling "BS". This column can't seem to get anything right when it comes to the restaurant business (Restaurant "Gaffes", anyone?"
I have worked in the restaurant biz as a host, server, bartender, and manager (throw coat check in there too, if you like). Though we may appreciate the sentiment behind the tip, the message is not communicated to the right person. The person taking your order to go is normally a hostess, manager or bartender. Already, a manager is not allowed to keep tips. If you put the tip on a credit card charge, the tip does not go to the hostess or bartender but rather to the servers to pool. Frankly, the hostess/bartender didn't do anything but punch a couple of buttons on a computer anyway. The one person who deserves the tip, "Eduardo" in the back of the kitchen who packed your food, gets nothing because people in the kitchen don't get a cut from tips.
Blather on all you like about how the system is broken: this is how it works right now. Take it from someone who knows the industry and save yourself a couple of bucks on tipping on takeout.

Jul 08, 2010
soleilnyc in Features

Radish greens -- do you eat them?

Even later to the party, can you share your juice recipe? I always have apples, carrots, sweet potatoes and oranges on hand for juicing...

Jun 15, 2010
soleilnyc in Home Cooking

Chickpea Cutlets

Hey kim, you totally could mash it in a food processor or blender. Use the dough attachment for the FP and I think the gluten should blend in just fine.

Has anyone tried this recipe with chickpea flour instead of cooked chickpeas? It seems to me that some additional water might compensate for the water in the chickpeas.

Feb 03, 2010
soleilnyc in Recipes

Burmese Tofu (or: Calling Marachino :))

I have tried twice to make burmese (chickpea) tofu and both times have ended up with a bland, formless sludge. I chalked it up to a bad recipe (here's the one I followed, and pretty much the only one online:


Then through the magic of youtube, I saw the procedure tonight and realized that it was exactly as described in the recipe with the exception of them using whole chickpeas to start instead of besan flour.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? I know from eating it at Burmese restaurants that the tofu should be fairly solid, like polenta, but what I've ended up with after draining and cooling in the mold is more like soy tofu: gelatinous and not holding its shape.

Would appreciate any insight you could share, thanks!

May 15, 2009
soleilnyc in Home Cooking

Seitan - How to get it meaty?

Funny you should ask this question: just last night, I made two batches of seitan using different methods to be able to immediately compare.

One recipe was rolled into thin cutlets and placed in very cold water with 2 T of miso, left to rest for 10 minutes, then slowly brought to a bare simmer for an hour.'

The other was rolled into a log, cut into 1/2 inch pieces and dropped into rolling boil of a very flavorful broth (soy sauce, nutritional yeast, onions, bay leaves and poultry spice). Heat was lowered and simmered for an hour.

I've been exploring seitan recipes for 4 years and now, apart from the seitan o greatness, I think that, totally by accident, I've found my go-to recipes.

The cold start recipe gave me a chicken like texture, complete with layers and fibers and everything when I pulled it apart. This might be what you are looking for with nuggets.

The second rolling boil recipe gave me what I would think vegans would take as a salisbury steak texture (I'm not vegan or vegetarian. Like you, I just enjoy the taste) between a solid steak and hamburger.meatloaf type. If you have ever been to New World in Woodstock, this perfectly replicated the texture of their cornmeal crusted jerk steak. It would also be good for country fried steak and the like.

As for your theory about wrapping, some vegan chefs do wrap their seitan in cheesecloth before dropping it in the broth. It helps compress the dough and prevents that "brainy" texture from appearing on the outside of the seitan. Check out these videos:

May 15, 2009
soleilnyc in Home Cooking

Fix my Wasabi Tobiko

I bought some Wasabi Tobiko to go on top of deviled eggs and put them in a bag with ice at the store. Got home, put it straight in the fridge and forgot about it.
Brought it out today and what used to be ice was now green water. All the flavor from the tobiko..well not ALL but most...leached out into the ice water and now I just have some "perky bubbles" that are vaguely salty and dont smell like fish.
It's too late for me to go to the Japanese store 30 mins away (not to mention that I also lost my car). How can I doctor it so that it can still go on top of my deviled eggs tomorrow?

Apr 11, 2009
soleilnyc in Home Cooking

Wildwood BBQ - Pig Roast Bonanza!

How much did it run you? Tried looking on the website, no details...

Jan 10, 2009
soleilnyc in Manhattan

restaurant in East Village

Ippudo! I can't get enough of that ramen, and mmm the pork belly.
Momofuku for the shrimp n grits
Persimmon for their super reasonable tasting menu (about $40?)
Milon just because it's fun when they sing Happy Birthday with the strobe disco pepper lights.

Jul 08, 2008
soleilnyc in Manhattan

Help! Trying to make homemade butter...

I wonder if you are beating it at too high a speed. Usually when I make my butter, I pour the cream into a tight-sealing jar and shake it as I watch some mind-numbing TV :) (Listen, if I'm going to consume those butterific calories, might as well work some of them off beforehand).
The fat is still in the cream so I'm sure it's still salvageable. Beat it a little more and if it still doesnt take, leave it to deflate, chill, then start again.

Jul 03, 2008
soleilnyc in Home Cooking

A Good Ol' Soda Fountain for a Good Ol' Banana Split

Thanks for all the suggestions guys! With the weather warming up, I may just go on a bananasplit field trip in the next couple of days! Will keep you posted

Apr 18, 2008
soleilnyc in Manhattan

A Good Ol' Soda Fountain for a Good Ol' Banana Split

I know, it seems like I may be on a fruitless quest!
Have you ever tried Big Daddy's on Park Ave?

Mar 07, 2008
soleilnyc in Manhattan

A Good Ol' Soda Fountain for a Good Ol' Banana Split

Does anyone know of a traditional (or at least traditional-ish) place in Manhattan where you can get good ice cream sundaes, floats and banana splits? I enjoy Serendipity once in a while but it's a little too gimmicky for me (and please, $20 for a banana split? Really?). I'm looking for something a little more straightforward like the ones you can find on Montauk Highway or any good ol' American Main Street--pull up to the bar and get your ice cream.

Mar 06, 2008
soleilnyc in Manhattan