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Giant New York Pizza - Vallejo, CA

Wow! Where to start with the disappointment after taking the reviews of the folks here. First, I have to say that I used to work at a pizza joint - Straw Hat back in the day and have made too many pizzas to count some bad, some good and a few excellent ones and still have the burn marks from the ovens on my forearms to remind me Second, I'm not a pizza snob b/c there are plenty of "hole in the wall" joynts I frequent - I look for tasty food and this place ain't serving it up.
I give them 2 stars for having a menu broad enough to include serving (flavorless) pesto and for passing the gastronomic test of my twin 7yo nephews and my 8yo daughter. However, my 14yo was pissed I went there instead of Napoli's and my wife was pissed I went here b/c I was "being too lazy to go a little further (to Mountain Mike's) for good pizza."
Crust: thick and doughy (too much extra flour left on too)
Sauce: flavorless (both the pesto and tomato sauces)
Toppings: good amount of pepperoni, the tidbits of tomato placed on the pesto pizza was pathetic. Cheese! Was minimal in places and thick in other places - inconsistent cheese distribution.
In Vallejo stick with Mtn. Mike's, Napoli's off Columbus Pkwy (which is technically Benicia) or a national chain. I haven't tried Pizza Pirate. Nujo's was ok [2.75 star - haven't been back], and forget Pizza Guys. Put it this way GNY Pizza and Pizza Guys - I'd rather eat a frozen Gino's Pizza, or take-n-bake from Safeway, CostCo or that place that only sells take-n-bake pizzas. I hope GNY Pizza improves.

Apr 15, 2008
FoodieDoc in San Francisco Bay Area

Chow Interrupted: Guanajuato, Dad's Catfish Cabin, and New York Pizza

Here is a link to SoulTran's chowhound "place:"

Its delicious. Frying in trans-fat free oil is great but this isn't health food - enjoy in moderation [sorry, its the Doc part of the FoodieDoc in me].

Apr 15, 2008
FoodieDoc in San Francisco Bay Area

Bulldog Barbecue, Martinez

Recently went by, beginning of Apr 08, and wanted to report. I arrived around 5pm-ish, place was empty for the moment. The woman who was working was pleasant and talkative. She called the owner after I mentioned chowhound.com. As I was waiting for my 3-way another guy walked in and ordred his "usual," the BBQ chicken sandwich. I spoke to him and he had nothing but praise. See the Quick Score and read on below if you like.
Quick Score [out of 5]:
Employee/Owner - 5
Value - 4
Ribs - 4.25 [succulent, good natural flavor, fell off the bone]
Brisket - 3.25 [cut a little thick for my taste and a lil dry BUT made for a good sandwich the next day]
Links - 2.75 [not bad, not good, nothing to set them apart from your standard store bought link]
Chicken - I didn't have it but must be AT LEAST above average if some guy keeps going back for it.
Physical plant - 4.5 [clean, well organized, a couple of TV's to watch the game, nice beer selection and wine. Oh, there's patio out back].
Return Visit Probability - 3.75

The highlights of my visit was talking to the owner, the friendly employee and the RIBS [in no particular order]. The ribs were really great [not the best I've ever had but damn good]. I like to taste the meat and not have my bbq smothered in sauce. These came with the sauce on the side and after tasting them, the ribs didn't need it [only used the sauce to add a different twist to the flavor]. A man with no teeth could enjoy these - they were moist, meaty, tender to the point of ALMOST falling off the bone [in reality you don't really want your ribs to fall apart on you]. To get a 5, they needed a little more of the "rub" flavor to come through - it was subtle but quite good compliment to the natural meat flavors.
Also, I think the place would be a good spot to go hang-out, eat some good ribs, have some beers and watch the game or kick back with friends out on the patio. I can't comment on the sides - didn't eat mine, my co-workers did and no one complained [but there weren't any raves either].
Random last thoughts: I did get French Bread which I thought was a different but good twist to the typical slices of bread given elsewhere. Sauce, the mild is mild and a little sweet - not my style but it wasn't bad sauce just not my style; I'll have to go for a spicier version next time. Oh, did I say that I liked the RIBS?!?!?!

Apr 15, 2008
FoodieDoc in San Francisco Bay Area

original joe's tenderloin

As a student at Hastings, Original Joe's filled the tummy a few times over the years. Nope, not a place for the gourmand but it filled a niche. I hope it reopens too and I have to say aside from being hungry if I was ever bored [from studying some inane legal construct] heading over to Original Joe's provided "entertainment" that you could find NOWHERE else and if you told anyone they wouldn't believe you.

Mar 06, 2008
FoodieDoc in San Francisco Bay Area