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A few new additions to Anne's suggestions:

Rangoon Tea House - upmarket takes on local favourites. semi-controversial amongst locals. can get an 'organic' mohinga for $7. anyways, the chef is a lot of fun, place has a great vibe, and they are trying to elevate local cooking and be a bit playful. worth a visit.

Shan Yoe Yar - Wardan road. Really great wide variety of Shan cuisines. big restaurant, nice local neighbourhood.

La Carovana - most exciting new fine dining option in Yangon. in the old Le Planteur house at the foothill of Golden Hill Towers on Kaba Aye. Chef Kevin Ching doing great things with local ingredients. think house-cured mackerel with orange and fennel, porchetta, eggplant caponata.

in the same building is Boris Bar and also the moved location of Port Autonomy.

about 4 hours ago
gelfball in China & Southeast Asia


the only addition that i don't think is on this thread yet is the new branch of Bangkok's Water Library that opened about 6 months ago on Pyay Rd. in Yangon (near the Thai Embassy). its exceptionally expensive (priciest resto in Yangon so far I would say - with the exception of the insane wagyu beef place where your bill can run up to $400/head) but very well-executed haute modern type dishes, and you can get a feel for myanmar terroir ingredients taken to the next level. sous-vide beef cheeks out of control and i had an amazing bacon-mushroom ragout on the side of my halibut that was exceptionally umami filled the last time i was there.

if you don't want to splurge there, its at least worth a visit to their very handsome bar which makes the finest cocktails (and reasonably priced) in town. set in a gorgeously redone 150 year old burmese house, now with a scandinavian wood vibe to it.

anne knows more about bagan, inle and mandalay as she is travelling to those places often!


yes there will still be mangoes at that time, but it is getting towards the end of the season. i don't know if you'll find the famous 'sein-ta-lone' variety by then, but there will be others...


Exciting foodie event! Modern takes on Myanmar classics! July 3rd at the Strand!

Support Musicians Side Effect record an album in France

Fundraising Dinner and movie @ the Strand Hotel
Start with canapés and beer in the bar at 6:30PM. Followed by a delicious 3-course dinner. A “Cinema Sweet’s” inspired dessert will be paired with a screening of Anthony Bourdain's newest CNN travel show "Parts Unknown" episode on Myanmar (which features Side Effect)

Chef Executive Chef Chris Parsons has created a menu that crosses the borders between Myanmar and Western Cuisine resulting in interesting adaptations of local favorites. We will be serving Dagon beer with the canapé cocktail and Plaimont wine with starter & the main course

Come on out and support the local arts, while eating a delicious local meal!
All proceeds go to the bands effort to get to France and record

Sponsored by The Warehouse, Dagon Beer, and The Strand

Venue : The Grill
Date : Wednesday 3rd July 2013
Time : Starting 6:30 pm at The Bar for Cocktails
Price : US $50.00 net pp

For reservations, please contact The Strand
at Tel: 243 377 - 82 Ext: 1712 Email :

Veteran Nigiri Sushi Level

could you provide any more details? i'm a vancouverite living abroad and i don't get home til the 22nd... will i get a last meal with Shiro-san? i grew up with that man! i can't believe this, but he deserves a retirement...

NYE eats

apologies if this has already been discussed...

i'm coming home to vancouver for winter break and getting depressed about new year's eve options. then i saw momofuku ssam bar's NYE prix fixe and got even more depressed. (check er out here:


anyone have any suggestions for awesome NYE menus / good atmosphere / wine/booze pairings, etc.?

amari / amaros in Vancouver

Legacy, eh? Didn't even know it existed (Vancouver born and bred, but have been living abroad past few years). THanks for the tips.

amari / amaros in Vancouver

Hi All,
Anyone know if its possible to find Amaro Montenegro, Braulio, or any other Amaris in Vancouver?


Putter Pickles (Schwarz's Deli Montreal)

when i lived in Montreal they were available at Costco... huge jars for cheap - about 50% less cost then when purchased at schwartz's or any other nice epiceries... but never seen them available in BC :(

Ethiopian in Vancouver

Going out for Ethiopian on Friday with about 6 friends.

Should we go to Fassil or Red Sea?
Both are within two blocks, so I guess we can choose that night.

But which place has better food?
which is more expensive?
which has better ambience?


The House of Dosas -- Vancouver, South Indian Dosas, Pictures

sorry for the miscommunication. yes, twinkienic was right, i was referring to Saravanaa Bhavan. haven't made it to HOD yet, but i should just to post back here.

i was living in chennai last year, and i am seriously considering moving back there for the food. okay maybe not in the summer ;)

The House of Dosas -- Vancouver, South Indian Dosas, Pictures

ate there again last night. damn, it is SO GOOD! takes me right back to Chennai; this place if freakin legit. i would recommend getting the 'special meal' at dinner or lunch if you want to get a good variety taster/sampler of regional flavours.

the only thing that's a bit different is the way it is served - not on a banana leaf. which i am sure are very difficult to find / expensive in the west. Usually at a place like Saravaana Bhavan in south India, a banana leaf would be unfolded in front of you, and unlimited rice is served from a giant bucket. you can always ask for more. then most of the vegetables are served in the same style - a boy will come by the table with a big bucket of spinach/greens and scoop them onto your banana leaf. then some other accoutrements are brought in the little mini metal tiffin dishes, like the curd and the buttermilk and the rasam and sambar.


The House of Dosas -- Vancouver, South Indian Dosas, Pictures

I guess the big question is, what is better - House of Dosa, or Saravaana Bhavan?

Last year I was living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and had dosas on the daily. Saravaana Bhavan was a huge chain there, and very well respected as a clean and consistent place to eat. I've been to the one here 5 times since its opened. Their food is almost exactly the same as it was in South India.

I am going to take a trip to House Of Dosa as soon as I can, for comparative purposes.

Laksa in Western Canada

surprisingly, I would recommend a place in New Westminster, BC, called Tamarind Hill. i work in new west, so if you are in burnaby or the burbs, its incredibly delicious and well-valued Malaysian cuisine. I get the Singapore Laksa at least twice a week for lunch.

Its on 6th Avenue, across from royal City Centre, near 8th Street.

Good cheap eats while in Van on a course

Shiro is my family's 'place'. definetely not fast food sushi, its by far and away my favourite sushi place in vancouver. a tad on the pricier side of japanese food in vancouver, but well worth it.

obscure / high quality spices Vancouver

thanks for the el sureno tip though, forgot all about that place. its kind of strange though. but they will definetly have the ancho

obscure / high quality spices Vancouver

i also need harissa, which i'm going to spice up a bit.

SOS: Need bus + bar tips for Richmond/Vancouver

check out Brick House on a weeknight. in chinatown. 730 Main street.

its quite eclectic, fantastic people watching spot, and extremely conducive to reading (they have stack and stacks of shitty pulp and romance novels). no food though, and bizarre bar staff. but it has a buttload of character.

obscure / high quality spices Vancouver

Hi there! Newbie here, please don't bash me too hard...

Having a dinner party on saturday, and my recipes call for two things i don't have:

Ancho Chile Powder and
Ras-El-Hanout (Moroccan spice mix, sometimes referred to as Moroccan 'curry powder')

Any place likely to have these besides South China Seas trading Co.? I love that shop, but parking is difficult, and my hours don't work well with theirs except for weekends.

I live near Oakridge, but can drive anywhere. Would prefer something somewhat close to my hood.

Thanks in advance!

kaffir lime leaves...where to get them in Vancouver.

the nice thing is they freeze very well. (was informed about this by the South Seas wonderful staff)