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Need Sushi Bday dinner advice.....

Since we have done the blowfish, nami, sado thing - I will I will try out takesushi. I am grateful for the help!

Need Sushi Bday dinner advice.....

Thank you both for the suggestions. Have been to both, and enjoyed. Nami is my back-up if need be, but was hoping to find somewhere new.

Need Sushi Bday dinner advice.....

Happy long weekend to all!! I need some sushi advice (since it is not my fav food choice).
I am planning to take my dh out for a nice bday sushi dinner. Sushi is his fav (he loves hiro, ninki, nami.....). Have read many reviews and was planning on going to Katsura - but more recent reviews are suggesting it now lacks in sushi area. I need to have some "tacky terriaki options" for me too.
Althogh I am looking for a nice atmosphere (sorry ninki), I dont want to break the bank too much either (Kaji sushi looks to be a bit too pricey)
Advice? Downtown OR along Yonge street - downtown to 905 works too.
Thank you so much for any suggestions.........

susur with a vegetarian.....

Thanks so much - now I am really excited to book it!!

Last min advice.....Good restaurant on/near Esplanade

Hi there. Heading to Fionn MacCools Sat. night for a celebration. Looking to go out for a nice dinner, somewhere nearby......any suggestions? :-)

susur with a vegetarian.....

Just looking for some advice. Looking to take a friend out for a Birthday dinner, and would love to go to Susur, however, with my friend being a vegetarian (he will eat fish but not shellfish……) is this a crazy idea? Could calling ahead to the restaurant work, or I am just better off going elsewhere?


Gourmet Cupcakes?

Lollicakes - mt pleasant s. of eglinton. They are great - give them a try

Remembering Bregman's Double Fudge Cake

isnt it Super rich chocolate Fudge cake? MMMMMMmmmmm heaven