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Commercial Drive

I couldn't find the sausage place anywhere

Commercial Drive

Ooooh, this is shaping up nicely, thank you for all contributions.
I don't drink the beer, and I know I'm missing out on a major foodie movement, but the stomach wants what the stomach wants.
JamJar, JS&Z sausage and Tangent are of interest.
Also am going to Burlesque show at the Keefer Hotel and was thinking of Salt Tasting Room beforehand. Anyone second that?

Commercial Drive

I haven't been to Vancouver in 15 years and happy to be returning.
I used to love an Eastern European place on Commercial called "Heart of Europe", or something like that. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and if it is still there? Had great goulash and pierogis.
I like the sound of Wishes and Luck and Kishimoto since I am staying near the Drive. Anything else I shouldn't miss? I will be in the area for 4 nights. I like any cuisine as long as it is done well. Thanks.

Wishbone Restaurant in Petaluma (Humble Pie reborn!)

Gosh, I like the Three Cooks sign and I think it is nice of them to honor the previous tenant that held the space for decades.
Haven't checked lately, maybe you got your wish.

Moroccan Mint Tea

If you want to drink it with a meal, they make it at Zitouna.
To make at home, I second what RL posted.

Weekend Brunch at The Doctor's Lounge in the Excelsior, San Francisco

The Panorama english muffins will spoil you against anything else by that name. You can get them at Alemany Farmers Market. 5 for $5.

Rohnert Park to SF --- what to eat along the way?

I hope you picked up some of the chili oil. It is very special. If you talk to the Strawberry Lady about how you'll use it she really lights up.

Chinese takeout - UES

I just visited NYC from San Francisco and A-Jiao was recommended on Chowhound before this thread was started. Unfortunately I blew one of my few restaurant meals eating there. What I am reading here just confirms that.

Jun 05, 2014
saffrongold in Manhattan

Trip Report on original post UES bet. 90th and 116th Str

I had the spicy sesame noodles, spinach with ginger dressing and Chefs diced fish and crispy tofu.

I forgot to add in my first report that I sampled some Van Leeuwen ice cream from a truck in the West Village and went to Harney and Sons on Broome/Crosby to shop for and drink tea. Recommended.

Jun 05, 2014
saffrongold in Manhattan

Trip Report on original post UES bet. 90th and 116th Str

I wanted to give a quick report on the welcome suggestions I was able to check out.
First night walked to Lechon del Barrio and it was good and so inexpensive. The meat portion looked really dwarfed next to the heaping rice and beans, but it was all succulent and I was not really interested in leftovers.
Now that I am home I am sorry I didn't have more quality time with some pizza slices but I did snag a couple from Patsys Pizzeria (1st and 117th) right out of the oven.
The only "miss", and it was major, was A-jiao Szechuan. The place was empty, which should have tipped me off but I thought perhaps they did a brisk delivery service. I wish I had tried Vinus and Marc which is very close by. Or anything else at all. Next trip…
I discovered Hot Bread Kitchen at 115th and Park Ave for breakfast and really liked the baked goods and the whole concept.
Went to the recommended Drunken Munkey and had a great table next to the floor to ceiling open window. Liked the whole package.
After years of yearning I finally made it to Prune with two friends so we got to try alot of menu offerings and everything was fantastic, and such a sweet space.
Also made it to Kitchen Arts and Letters Bookstore for the first time, excellent, and my usual pilgrimage to Kalustyans.
Thank you for the suggestions.

Jun 05, 2014
saffrongold in Manhattan

Suggestions for UES between 90th and 116th Streets

thank you for the local input. Nice cross section of choices. Between your list and the threads from scoopG and MacTAC I should have plenty to go on for that neighborhood. ( I am staying on 5th and 106th) Thank you.

Apr 27, 2014
saffrongold in Manhattan

Suggestions for UES between 90th and 116th Streets

I am traveling to Manhattan soon and staying in a completely different neighborhood this time and ISO meals I can get to easily.
I am very open to different cuisine, though coming from San Francisco there is no shortage of Mexican food where I live. ( More open to Spanish or Puerto Rican flavors) or anything destination worthy up that way… would like to keep the tab no higher than $50 for myself on the high end.
thanks in advance

Apr 26, 2014
saffrongold in Manhattan

Pizza for a crowd near Fairmont Hotel [San Francisco]

I can always count on you to set me straight, Robert.

Pizza for a crowd near Fairmont Hotel [San Francisco]

Tommasso's doesn't deliver but it is very nearby

neighborhood for cheap eats? [San Francisco]

A couple of my friends stayed at an AirBnB on 42nd Ave. in the outer Richmond and it was a nice, cozy in-law very close to GG Park, the Pacific Ocean and good cheap food.

Where do you purchase broccoli rabe in San Francisco?

Two vendors at Alemany Farmers Market carry it during the season and I've seen it at Andronico's.

Okra - minimizing the slime

Leave the pods whole, just trim the hard end. Cuts way down on slime in any preparation.

Jul 26, 2013
saffrongold in Home Cooking

15 Iconic SF Greasy Spoons from EaterSF

Sorry I don't know

15 Iconic SF Greasy Spoons from EaterSF

I think Peter D's (est. 1959) at VanNess and Broadway deserves to be on the list

Single Dining/Counter near Union Square-Castro [San Francisco]

Yes, this is the one. I am sorry I am not very savvy with posting links. You will find enough alternatives to bivalve/crustacean to make it destination worthy.

Single Dining/Counter near Union Square-Castro [San Francisco]

For a splurge go to Anchor Cafe on Castro near 19th St. Wonderfully executed seafood dishes and raw bar. This is very near the Castro Theatre and has counter seating.

Duboce Triangle (SF)

I like Jasmine Garden Vietnamese
708 14th St
(between Church St & Belcher St)
San Francisco, CA 94114

the carpaccio is soooo gooood

Shanghai Dumpling King [SF] - Is it going downhill?

thanks for the giggle

Shanghai Dumpling King [SF] - Is it going downhill?

Has anyone been back to try it since they have re-opened on Balboa??

Over the Top Bloody Marys?

The Riptide on Taraval and 46th Avenue has an amazing Bloody. Optional bacon garnish.

Downtown Farmers Market

Yes, that is the one I went to last time. I will be coming after ACL so hopefully no conflicts. Do you happen to know the vendor that sold breakfast burritos. One of their salsas was legendary.

May 22, 2013
saffrongold in Austin

Downtown Farmers Market

Can someone tell me if the FM runs all year round on Saturday? I will be visiting mid-October. The one I want to visit is the one not far from the So Congress Bridge

May 21, 2013
saffrongold in Austin

Comstock Saloon + Tosca Café [North Beach, San Francisco]

Went to Tosca last night (Saturday) for a final shout and expected it to be crowded even at 6:00, but, as Goldilocks would say, it was just right. Crowd was diverse, mature, and very convivial in the spirit of securing a lasting last impression.
Sad chapter closing.

Flour & Co - NEW Bakery, SF - any reports?

Everything looks good, especially these housemade pretzels with rare roast beef. I tried a savory item: sandwich on ciabatta with Italian meat and cheese. It was fine but nothing to honk your horn over.

Indian restaurants [Sonoma County]

I was there mid-March and stupidly ordered Pork Vindaloo while remarking that one never sees pork offered in Indian restaurants. Really tough and dry and not very spicy. The vegetables on the side were a frozen medley (lima beans, carrot cubes, etc.) with curry sauce on them.
The chai was fantastic. Despite my experience I would give it another shot but be very careful ordering, perhaps giving the namesake Tandoori a try.