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Dakotas vs Ser

wow....thanks TW, she mentioned Al Biernat's a few weeks ago about us never been there. Probably stop at the Library Bar before dinner, awesome choice!

Mar 01, 2014
gamese7en in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dakotas vs Ser

Planning on a 10 year anniversary dinner Tuesday night. Want it to be a surprise and a place we haven't tried. Also, first red meat for us in 6 weeks, so a memorable steak. These 2 seem like a toss up....ideas?

Mar 01, 2014
gamese7en in Dallas - Fort Worth

Saturday Lunch before Jersey Boys!

Surprising the wife with a matinee showing of Jersey Boys at the Winspear. Seems most of the nice restaurants within walking distance is dinner only. Any lunch ideas close by?

Jun 10, 2012
gamese7en in Dallas - Fort Worth

Cafe Istanbul- casual?

Is shorts and sandals with a nice shirt ok......trying to avoid wearing slacks.....Thanks!

Cafe Istanbul
5450 W Lovers Ln Ste 222, Dallas, TX 75209

Jun 25, 2010
gamese7en in Dallas - Fort Worth

York Street Parking??

Have a reservation later this week for my first visit to York Street. Drove by this morning and didn't have any idea where the parking areas are. Is it across the street on Skillman or is it just all on the side streets? Thanks

Jun 15, 2010
gamese7en in Dallas - Fort Worth

Something new near Mesquite

I agree about AVA. We tried it last week and was VERY pleased!

Jan 23, 2010
gamese7en in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best BEEF ribs in Dallas (BBQ)?

Tony Romas has been out of this market for quite some time.

Feb 16, 2009
gamese7en in Dallas - Fort Worth

Atlantica in Camden

Planning our week long trip to Maine next week. Was planning a nice dinner on Sunday evening and have been looking at Atlantica but have noticed a few so-so reviews. I will admit I am attracted to the bayside views almost as much as the food served. Any input is appreciated. Also, does anyone have any knowledge on the Sunday Pizza nights at The Edge in Lincolnville? Again it seems the views there are outstanding and the Pizza night theme sounds fun. Thanks!

Chapparal Club update?

Are there any changes in this restaurant due to the changes in hotel management? This was always a special occasion spot for us, was wondering if it was still a place to go. Thanks

May 30, 2008
gamese7en in Texas