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La Caverne - very tasty russian food!

I dine there in 2008. I concur for the overpriced part, at least 12 to 18 $ for mains, plus tax and tip, comes to about 30 $ per person. For that price, you would expect more than a few patatoes dumpling and cabbage dumplings. I believe the kitchen consits solely of a big freezer and a microwave.

Quartier General?

Word of warning : I still can't get a reservation there on a short notice basis (72h).

Buvette Chez Simone

I have to disagree with the previous posters. I've been there a few times, as I live close by. The happy hispter crowd is loud and obnoxious, and the service is disastrous by the pretentious waiters. The food is decent but way overpriced. 40 $ for a chicken, 8 $ for a slab of paté, thanks but no thanks.

11pm reservation a APDC

They do seat people up until midnight, you'll be fine with your reservation. Many people coming in the restaurant after movie, show or hockey game... I was chatting with a chef there recently who said they always seem to have a rush of people coming in a few minutes before midnight. The whole menu will definitly be offered, don't worry. The only dish that might be a problem is duck in a can, because it's a long cooking time...

Putting money in tip jar, but server has turned away

Most etiquette questions have been adressed by Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm. Sample abuser, anyone ?

Dec 18, 2009
MtlChris in Not About Food

Billing practice question

Hi there,

I was having lunch at the board's new favorite indian downtown, Thali (pretty inconsistent food IMHO). Here's what the menu says :

- Butter chicken, with choice of rice or nan : 7,50 $
- Rice : 2,50 $
- Nan : 1,50 $

I ordered butter chicken with rice and a extra nan. I was told by the register girl that I couldnt do that, and that as a general restaurant rule, I have to pick the cheapest side in my menu and pay for the more expensive side... So, despite argumentation (what if I just pay for the chicken + rice and decide for a nan later ?), I had to pay 10 $ instead of 9 $ i expected. No a big deal, but have you ever heard of such a rule being applied in other restaurants ?

Dec 18, 2009
MtlChris in Not About Food

thali - new indian downtown

Well, I have been there about 5 times. Basically, it's inconsistent. Inconsistent in spice level, quality of preparation, amount served, etc... but it does have good days !

Credit Card Acceptance

Metro did, at some point, but then again, it's not much better than IGA and Loblaws...

Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

It's interesting that the complaints on this thread seems to match my review for their McAuslan brunch : lack of good explanation about the food and averagely sized portions. The latter being to most disappointing, I believe that PDC (restaurant, brunch, cabane, whatever) should not let people walk feeling "not-so-full". After all, it's part of the restaurant "legend" that it is a place of excess.

quick question re wine store hours

Most cavist who have their shops around a market will be opened on sunday morning. On saturday night they will close at 7. Wine and spirits can be found in supermarkets too, with extended hours, but you'll miss the advices.

Mar 12, 2009
MtlChris in France

McAuslan Brunch anyone go ?

Yes we were ! I remember you taking the pictures. Thank you for that can of braised beef again ;) I didn't want to sound harsh or anything on the brunch, I had a nice time, but I was just maybe a little disappointed since it was my first "special event" at APDC.

McAuslan Brunch anyone go ?

I was there, first seating. Overall, my experience differ from your, kimberly, as I would say the meal was good but certainly not excellent. I see some dish somewhat differ in your explanations from what we had, maybe you were at the second seating ? Here's what we had :

- Pancakes. Nice and fluffy...

- Duck carpaccio. A very small service, and a slab of spicy mayonnaise made the small truffle shaving very hard to taste. Not bad.

- Beans with faisant (English ?). Very nicely done, the bird gave a very gamey specific taste to the beans.

- Omelet with boudin noir . Fluffy omelet, however overcooked and lacking in seasoning. We had a single omelet to share between the 7 of us, so sadly not all could get some boudin.

- Squid (Séche) soup : Did not work at all at our table and nobody finished it...

- Beef tartar like a maki : Great tartare, the pairing with the seaweed was ok.

- Beef braisé in a can (A nice clin d'oeuil to the duck in a can) : Good, but again we were served a half full can for 7, we had to ask for another one. Our can contained almost no liver, but was good nevertheless.

- A take on Philly steak sandwich, with cheese and steak. Nice dish.

- The sea bass was way overcooked and the polenta served cold.

- The dessert "buffet" was the most disappointing. The staff brought us a single ice cream scoop to share for 4 people.... wow. By the time we got to the buffet, no more donuts, so the desert was limited to 1/4 of a ice cream scoop with some chocolate.

I must say I'm a PDC advocate, I go there as much as I can, and I really enjoy their evening cooking and service. I also understand that the staff is not used to cook/serve brunch since it's a annual event. But while I was expecting a feast of great food, I was rather disappointed. All the meat courses were beef... what happened to last year quails o to other meats ? We also had to ask multiple time to the waiters what was put in front of us, as the things were just put on the table without any kind of announcement or explanation.

Martin Picard seemed more busy with auctioning off a giant lobster (it went for 250 $...) that with checking the quality and consistency of what was served, giving the whole thing a very commercial feeling. As a said, it was nice, but definitely not great.

Restaurant Openings - 2009

On the chalkboard, it was annonced as Naan... Whatever it was, it was no good !

Restaurant Openings - 2009

Had lunch at Indienne Mahal (Next door to "Delicieux"), and it was awful. The naan was fried and tasted like donught. The thali was also bathing in grease, and not very generous in portions (not that you would want more anyway...). They charge 11 $ for their lunch special which is kinda ridiculously expensive considering the options around the area....

Rolling the dice at Bangkok

In a completly different part of town, Talay Thai, at the angle of Côte-Sainte-Catherine and Côte-Des-Neiges takes pride in offering a MSG-free cooking, and their food is quite tasty.

Where do I buy...

That's my plan, there's a monoprix just nearby. I'll just stop at Pierre Hermé to stock on desserts on my way from Orly, since you can buy them directly on the website.

Would you recommend Monoprix Gourmet over Picard products ?

Dec 15, 2008
MtlChris in France

Where do I buy...

Hello fellow Chow,

Don't ask how it got to this, but I have to prepare a dinner for next friday night, mostly using foie gras. I rented an apartment, but wont get there until 6 or 7 pm. so I only have an hour or two to go shopping.

The apartment is located at Temple metro. Where can a possibly find, at 7 pm a friday night :

- A good butcher for some beef ?
- Uncooked Foie Gras ?
- A great bakery for some nice bread ?
- A place to buy desserts ?

Thanks for your help again board !


Dec 13, 2008
MtlChris in France

Foie gras in restaurants !

Thank you all for your help !

Nov 02, 2008
MtlChris in France

Foie gras in restaurants !

Hi there fellow Chowhounders... I'm from Montréal and will be visiting soon in Paris, looking for recommandation for the best restaurant for Foie Gras (not 3* sadly, I'm on a budget). I'm looking for the Paris equivalent of Montréal's Club Chasse et Pèche or Pied de Cochon (I know the Paris one is not the same !).

Thanks for your help !

Nov 02, 2008
MtlChris in France

Pre and post dinner drinks

Hi fellow chowhounders,

Montrealer visiting Paris here... I have two night here, and following these boards and some friends advice, I'll be having dinner at Ze Kitchen Galerie and Le Comptoir (Hotel Relais Saint-Germain).

What would be your recommandations for pre and post dinner drinks for both those places ? I'm looking for quiet/soft music ambiance, so no night clubs... I heard good stuff about Alcazar, what's you're toughts ?

Thanks !

Mar 06, 2008
MtlChris in France