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Duck in a Can in Toronto?

Its 28 mins in boiling water.

Duck in a Can in Toronto?

Might be the only source

Duck in a Can in Toronto?

Canard Confit has been around for 100+ years.

Marc Bittman Toronto (moved from Ontario board)

Did anyone go hear Marc Bittman form the NY Times speak at Hart House (U of T) last night (Jan 22nd)

How was he?

Jan 23, 2009
FrancoYYZ in Food Media & News

No to low corkage fee Toronto

1$ corkage at Crush on Mondays

Spice Route or Kultura

If you must choose between the two i would suggest Kultura. More culinary driven than Spice route but just barely...

Ottawa: Need rec for dinner

Try Farbs,
opened back in November. Locavore joint.
i was there on opening night for dinner it was very tasty.

GOOD Mexican food.

Try Milagro on Mecer.
Great authentic Mexican...

Ice Wine Grape harvest

Hey all,
i was curious to know if anyone could point me in the right direction as to where i would look into participating in the Ice Wine Grape harvest this year...

Any leads would be appreciated.

Also if anyone has done the harvest before i would like to hear your feedback...

Pretty cupcakes, and tasty too?

from the kubo guys...

Seeking Porketta ASAP

Hey all,
i am looking for a place to buy a whole porketta. I recall in the past a place on college but i totally forgot the name/exact location.

Please let me know of any places, anywhere in the city, where i can get my hands on a whole porketta


Food Network: Canada vs US?

Continuing with the real Chef trend is the upcoming show on Food Network Canada with Chef Roger Mooking (Nyood in Toronto), Everyday Exotic, aimed at de-Mystifying ingredients (such as Saffron etc)
coming this fall...

Sep 24, 2008
FrancoYYZ in Food Media & News

Canadian Chef Congress

Just got back form the first Canadian Chef Congress at the Eigensinn Farm.
The 2 day event was nothing short of spectacular.

Just curious to hear anyone else's thoughts on the event, the food and the chefs.
Also be happy to see any pics you might have from the event!

Restaurant Business 2008-2009

Just read an article in the Times regarding the slow down in the restaurant business this year in NYC and how more value options, cheaper food are hitting NY menus and less dinners are coming in through the doors.

Any Toronto restaurateurs feeling the pinch yet? Or has business been just as good as other years even with a terrible summer weather wise.

Sep 03, 2008
FrancoYYZ in Food Media & News

Sotto Sotto

Anyone been to Sotto Sotto during the film festival.
Any tricks to get a reservation?

I have a friend in the film business coming to town for the festival and he has been asking me as to look into it for him.

What to eat at The Keg? . . . I've had no luck in the past...

I read it a bunch of times on this post but i would have to agree, the Prime Rib is my go to menu item every time... Try the twice baked potato as a side.

Nice Restaurant suggestions

Hey thanks for all the feedback.
I too went to La Merenda which i was very excited top try and unfortunately was closed for Vacation until August 11th!

Aug 14, 2008
FrancoYYZ in France

Kansas City Restaurant suggestions

I will be in Kansas City for a few days in September and i am putting a restaurant list together. I have never been...

I am open to anything but above all i am seeking the top BBQ/RIB places in town!
Thanks for the suggestions.

Rome Restaurant Suggestions

Hello i will be in Rome in the next few weeks.
I have been there on a number of occasions but usually cooked at home...
Does anyone have great restaurant recommendation?

I have read about a few places any feedback about the following also welcome:
Da Francesco

Piazza del Fico,

Pizzeria San Calisto

Pizzeria Ai Marmi
Viale Trastevere, 53-59

Da Ivo
Via di San Francesco a Ripa, 158

Cave Canem
Piazza S.Calisto 11

La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali

La Campana.

Vicolo della Campana

Jul 02, 2008
FrancoYYZ in Italy

Nice Restaurant suggestions

Hello i will be in Nice in the next few weeks.
I have been there on a number of occasions but usually cooked at home...
Does anyone have great restaurant recommendation?

Open to Michelin star restaurant to the smallest hole in the wall..

Jul 02, 2008
FrancoYYZ in France

Where do I take a girl...

Did anyone mention Batifole?


I would strongly back Oyster boy!
Starfish is great as well, but i find it overpriced... He has definitely capitalized on his success by raising prices steadily over the years...
If you are only going for oysters i would suggest Oyster boy but if you are looking for more (like sea urchin) Starfish will have whatever is available...

Best steak tartar?

I would also throw in my vote for Le Select... Its quite tasty.

Regarding the ketchup in the tartare- many recipes call for ketchup... It is an unfortunate fact of life. However i would never say that you should be tasting the ketchup in your tartare...

Where do I take a girl...

Hey How about Citizen in Leslieville or Torito in Kensighton or the Rosebud on Queen.

BTW-What line of work does she do to have been to all these restaurants?

Benoit Restaurant

Can anyone tell me if Benoit in Paris is open for breakfast?
The Ducasse website does not specify...

If not can anyone suggest a great place for breakfast not too far from Gare Montparnasse
I will be there transiting so i will have a few hours to kill over breakfast.

Jun 04, 2008
FrancoYYZ in France

Restaurant Magazine UK

Thanks Cam,
I was looking at a subscription... are you paying 85 pounds?

Restaurant Magazine UK

Does anyone know where i can buy "Restaurant Magazine" in Toronto. It is a British restaurant magazine.

I have had no luck finding it at all the conventional places (Chapters, Indigo, the Cookbook store)

Does anyone know where i can buy the Magazine?

The John Dory

Hello NYC Chowhounds,

can anyone offer any updates regarding the opening of the John Dory in the former Craftsteak space?

-Opening dates?
-Stage of completion?
-Exact Menu?

May 16, 2008
FrancoYYZ in Manhattan

DC Guide to fine dining - WETA

Also noteworthy is the Blue Duck Tavern!

May 15, 2008
FrancoYYZ in Food Media & News

Foie Gras: Back on the Right Track!

Just a follow up to a posting i put up a couple months ago about Foie Gras and the ridiculousness of the North American campaign against it.


Today's NY Times:

One quote was of particular interest:

"When the aldermen voted 48 to 1 to outlaw foie gras in April 2006, it was part of a larger package of items, Mr. Tunney said, and some aldermen (including, he said, himself) did not even realize that they were approving the ban until it was too late."

I was very happy to read the 2006 ban had been lifted on this ridiculous campaign against Foie Gras.

May 15, 2008
FrancoYYZ in Food Media & News