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sad news about Nicky D's pizza in Silverlake

Okay, so let's keep this old thread going! I ordered from Nicky D's last night b/c Hard times has been terrible lately. Pizza showed up exactly 45 minutes later, was warm, and perfect. Pepperoni and Mushroom pie. Blew Hard Times away. They are a bit pricier than Hard Times but last night they were worth it.

Jan 09, 2008
fxtool in Los Angeles Area

Windows Retraction

Knowing how the board felt about this place, I still wanted to see the view. Went last night for drinks at sunset, and had only apps, Crab cakes (one large) and spring rolls. Granted, not a full meal, but service was attentive and appetizers were suprisingly good. Maybe it was because we were there so early (6pm). I wonder if they just can't maintain quality when it gets crowded (as it was when we left at 7:30pm). I guess I'll have to take the plunge for dinner and hope for the best.

Mar 04, 2007
fxtool in Los Angeles Area

any good beer stores around the los feliz area??

Also good is Silverlake Liquor, across from the 7-11 and Michelangelo's on Silverlake BLVD. New owner took over a year ago, and has really brought it upscale. Nice selection of domestic micros and imports, and Wednesday is Beer night, meaning 10% off. Very friendly staff, too.

Aug 03, 2006
fxtool in Los Angeles Area

best CHEESESTEAK place?

Markie D's does have "the wiz".

Jul 07, 2006
fxtool in Los Angeles Area