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Is the Candlelight Expanding?

but will they take credit cards?

Dec 17, 2009
KenK in General Tristate Archive

restaurants in Jamesport

Jeddediah Hawkins is approximately 2 years old now. It is maybe half a mile south of the south road, at the Jamesport traffic light. Lovely restored mansion. Very good food.

In Search of Large & Unique Fall Wedding Venue for 2010

Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough MA. This is in the Berkshires. The main restaurant has no electic lights and is very romantic. They used to have a converted barn for large events, but I do not see any reference on the website. Still worth a call.

New Year's Eve in the Berkshires

My wife and I love the Berkshires. This year we secured babysitting for New Year's Weekend and we are heading up for some peace and quiet and food. I am looking for recommendations on a good meal with entertainment for New Year's Eve -- preferalby among contemporaries rather than the "young at heart". Any suggestions? It is also our Anniversary weekend, so I would also appricatiate recommendations for a nice romatic spot for Saturday night.

Dec 07, 2009
KenK in All New England Archive

Boe at 324

We heard a rave review from a friend and booked a table. Total yawn. While the setting was pretty, the food was neither creative nor terrribly fresh. Maybe it was on off night, but it seems that there are more reliable high end restaraunts in the area these days.

Aug 07, 2008
KenK in General Tristate Archive

Has anyone tried One in Irvington, New York?

We were at One two weeks ago with another couple. It certainly was not cheap, but I felt it lived up to the hype. I have had several meals at "high end" restaraunts" over the past few months that were really disappointing. This was not the case with One. We went home happy.

Aug 07, 2008
KenK in General Tristate Archive

Great Barrington spots/ bar menu?

Some of these posts are a bit dusty, but we were in Great Barrinton this past weekend -- July 2008. We went to Pearl's with two other couples and everyone was very happy with their meals. My salmon was perfectly cooked. My wife had the signature halibut dish which was truly excellent. Our friend were equally happy with the scallops, and burgers. The truffle fries were addicting. Overall, Pearl's still has it.

Our friends also liked Agean Breeze on Route 7 just outside of town. They said it was less sophisticated preparations and less atmosphere, but good fresh grilled seafood. It maybe worth a shot.

Jul 23, 2008
KenK in All New England Archive

White Plains must-eats for Manhattan foodie

I was surprised that no one mentioned Tango Grill earlier. I have not been there in a few months, but I have been pretty happy the times that I have been there. The steaks have a bit more punch than a typical steak-house and the seafood is fresh and flavorful.

Am I the only one?

Jul 10, 2008
KenK in General Tristate Archive

Southern Westchester: Kid Friendly and Not So Kid Friendly?

Casa Maya -- I like the music, but it is overpriced and the food is so-so.

Sunset Grille on Gedney Way in White Plains is better food and prices. I have not been there with the kids.

Westchester Kid Friendly

One of the local magaines -- In Town ?? -- ran an article on kid friendly dining about 6 months ago. Based on that, we tried a restaraunt called Ciao in Eastchester. It is southern Italian fare: mid-level price and good quality. The draw is that they have a glass wall on the pizza kitchen. The chefs love an audience and will toss the dough when they have one. The staff also will share dough at the tables for the kids to play with. Our boys, 5, 10 and 12, keep asking to go back.

Mar 06, 2008
KenK in General Tristate Archive