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Party Pasta Salad Recipe Needed

This one's a pretty basic macaroni salad, but is very colorful and delicious. The fresh tomato is great, and I substitute plain yogurt for the sour cream for an extra yummy tang. Everyone comes back for seconds!

Jun 29, 2012
rswpub in Home Cooking

Making Gummy Bears from scratch?

Thanks for the idea on the starch! I will definitely have to experiment with some of that in place of some of the gelatin. Now just how much?! Something tells me it won't be just like making gravy!

Jun 29, 2012
rswpub in Home Cooking

Making Gummy Bears from scratch?

Our local organic co-op has really delicious gummy bears...but at $11.69/lb. I was hoping to get away a bit cheaper making them myself at home so I don't find myself calculating the "per gummy" price every time a hungry hand reaches in the bag! I also found some organic gelatin online but before spending the extra money I thought I'd do my experimenting with the less expensive non-organic ingredients first. Thanks for the tip about the Knox.

Jun 29, 2012
rswpub in Home Cooking

Making Gummy Bears from scratch?

We love all kinds of food at our house, but since we prefer to eat organic we often find ourselves trying to figure out how to make many things from scratch. Recently I've been working on homemade gummy bears and could use some help.

The main issue seems to be finding the right "jelling" agent to make the gummies "gummy"...for that I found agar-agar, pectin and gelatin. I tried agar-agar first, and while they looked great, they unfortunately were mealy in texture and the agar's taste was noticeable and unpleasant. Next I tried pectin using a modified homemade jelly recipe, but I couldn't get the gummies firm enough to not fall apart in my hand. The taste was great though. Finally I tried gelatin, and the texture was pretty much what you'd expect for a gummy bear, but just a tad too rubbery. However, never having cooked with plain gelatin before, I almost gagged at the smell! It smelled like I was cooking pig hair! Fortunately I couldn't detect as much of the odor after it cooled and set.

If anyone has any experience making gummy candies like these, I'd love any tips you can give me. I also have a few questions:

1. Is there such a thing as "non-stinky" gelatin? I used Knox unflavored gelatin and the smell was hideous!

2. What's the trick to getting pectin to jell thick enough for a gummy candy? I know it can be done because I've had pectin jelly beans before.

3. My gummies weren't as tangy as the store-bought ones. Would I add something like citric acid to the recipes for that?

4. To get the gelatin gummies to be a bit less rubbery and a bit more smooth, should I just use a bit less gelatin or is there something else I can add to accomplish that?

Here's the recipes I tried:
Agar-agar recipe:
Pectin recipe (in FAQ section):
Gelatin recipe:

Jun 27, 2012
rswpub in Home Cooking

Help Me Find the Perfect Blender

This was a great thread with a lot of helpful input! I'm having a nasty problem with my current blender and am wondering if there is a different blender out there that avoids this.

The problem is with a bluish-black liquid that is seeping into my food from around the blade area at the base of the blender jar. I've never noticed it before until yesterday but I suspect it's been happening all along. The only reason I noticed it yesterday is because I was blending a small quantity of fresh apples instead of making smoothies as I normally do. I think I noticed the dark liquid because there wasn't enough other liquid in the jar to dilute it away. It kinda freaked me out...realizing that this stuff has probably been getting into my food all along! I'm thinking it's either some type of lubricating oil that is used to keep the blade shaft lubricated, or else it's the result of liquid seeping into the shaft each time the blender is used, corroding the shaft, and then seeping back out as "rusty" water or something like that.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? I can see from the design of my blender that the liquid in the blender comes into direct contact with the shaft that holds the blade. Are there any blenders out there that are designed differently so that this problem can not happen? For the record I currently have one of the cheap $20 blenders from Wal-Mart (not sure which kind...I'm at work right now).


Mar 06, 2008
rswpub in Cookware