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The District by Hannah An - V-Day experiment


Feb 16, 2015
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Delicious Arts on Pico

what terrible hours? no breakfast and no dinner? are they hoping just to do enough business with afterschool cupcakes?

Jan 06, 2015
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Large Pumpkin Carving party, where in Los Angeles (Hollywood) are they cheap?

99 cent store
The big one on Wilshire west of fair fax had 2 big pallets today.

But they are $1.99 each

Not joking

Oct 21, 2014
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

visiting for a convention- recs?

Hi- will be in San Diego for a medical convention next week- staying at the Marriott and going to be at the Convention Center....

Lunch recs that are walking distance form the Convention Center? nothing fancy, but tasty and avoiding chains....

Dinner- will have a car and nicer "interesting" restaurants for 1 or 2 nights.

Coming from LA- like sushi, mexican, favorite fancy restaurants in LA include Osteria Mozza and Maude....

Oct 01, 2014
msmd310 in San Diego

Maude or chi SPACCA? - help for special occasion dinner

I have been to both.

ChiSpacca- delicious, lots of choices,
but I don't appreciate charcuterie and I miss the family-style monthly dinners Chad Colby used to have there....

so now I prefer Maude- delicious, more of a special occasion feel, romantic, I like a tasting menu when I am going with only 1 other person

Very excited for Pear this month at Maude......

Sep 30, 2014
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Maude: September's Tomato Dinner

nope, but I would request them again if I go as a party of 2

Sep 30, 2014
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Maude: September's Tomato Dinner

we had a 6 pm reservation, we did not ask to be seated at the bar, but would ask again if we go as a party of 2. Our meal took about 2:30 minutes.

our friends went the next week, and scored a table for 4 for October 1 Pear dinner, so we are going again this week!!!

I would not do the wine pairing again- I thought the pours we a bit small for the price- I would rather have 1 nice sized glass of wine for $15 than 6 slightly more than 3 sips for $75......

Sep 30, 2014
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Maude schedule: Oct, Nov, Dec

Had a delicious dinner at Maude last night-
here is the rest of the year- per the chef.

October: Pear
November: Truffle
December: Squash

He also said that as the month goes on, they tweak the menu to see what is successful and what isn't, so the best time to go is about the 3rd week. Of course, he doesn't have to try to get reservations on the phone!


Sep 12, 2014
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Maude: September's Tomato Dinner

Went last night, Sept 11. Sat at the Counter- very nice to chat with the chefs. Great service, dinner was 80% delicious.
Dinner + tax + service + shared one wine pairing= $330.

Standout dishes: Ocean trout with Hatch Chile foam and cranberry beans, Smoked veal tongue with tomato "gratin", tomato marmalade that was on the salad course. I would have licked these plates!!!!

The tomato soup tasted like spaghettio's- not that that is a BAD thing.

Tortellini was lobster+ricotta with mussels on top + tomato "fondue"- my LEAST favorite dish by a mile- there were 3 on the plate and I left 2 uneaten. Very fishy plus cheese- not to my taste at all.

Also didn't appreciate the dessert "panzanella"- the one that looked like a parfait: lemon curd + lemon ice + tomato jam + tiny diced fruit. mine was too acidic, and I kept getting big tastes of salt.

BTW- while each portion was small, we were quite full by the end. And we are BIG eaters- our fav restaurant is Fogo De Chao.

Sep 12, 2014
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Best Kosher caterer for large (400+) wedding?

Balabusta catering!

they did an amazing job at my wedding for 275 people
fabulous and abundant appetizers!
nice plated meal

the worst part of the kosher wedding is the cakes, but at least they can make them look good
(oh, Paula and balabusta did NOT do the cake)

Nov 16, 2012
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Brents looking for third location

I have actually heard that rumor about the old Islands Encino too!!!!

Nov 16, 2012
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Saturday night dinner: Providence vs. Mozza

Providence is fancier,
Mozza has more diverse choices on the menu,
Your family will be happy with either

\and PASS on Red Medicine- was just there: loud, poorly paced service, some courses were exceptional, but a couple just seemed weird to be weird (I felt like the sashimi was an entry on "Chopped"- make something with amberjack, red seaweed, buttermilk, and tapioca pearls....)

May 20, 2012
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Italy Meets Japan: The inspiring fusion cuisine of Yojisan Sushi [Review + Photos]

sounds great,
and my birthday IS coming up....
what was the bill like?

May 20, 2012
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Label's Table -- Best Westside Pastrami Sandwich

and they have a sandwich special price late in the afternoon, like 3pm- 5pm or something.

Feb 16, 2012
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Need restaurant near Century City but not the most expensive restaurants

The Six
on Pico just east of Overland

we also like Frida
on South Beverly Drive

Il pastaio
on North Beverly Drive (very LA scene-y)

Feb 16, 2012
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

It's DineLA Time Again: 1/22-27/12; 1/29-2/3/12

did Gordon Ramsey Dine LA last year- not impressed.

went there for tea last month(not my choice)- REALLY NOT IMPRESSED.

for dine LA- we are going to Fogo and Craft- already have reservations
maybe Sotto if we get a last minute urge
FYI- Craft does the DineLA menu on Saturday nights also!

Jan 12, 2012
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Costco holiday cheese selection

Had a delicious
Comte (a gruyere-style, I think)

went back and bought 2 more

Dec 27, 2011
msmd310 in Chains

Best Lasagna in Los Angeles! (But NO Pork)

La Buca on Robertson or Il Pastaiao on Beverly Drive (same owner)
great lasagna- very meaty, not cheesy at all!

Dec 25, 2011
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Looking for good food and a bit of fun for BDay Dinner on Westside

what about one of the family style theme dinner nights at Mozza?
They are Thursday, Friday and Saturdays only, but they put out place cards, so your party of 5 could sit around a corner and be able to chat. go to the Mozza2go website and look under events calender

Sep 11, 2011
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Killer Shrimp will return!

anyone been by yet? still set for the 19th?
anyone going this weekend?

Aug 19, 2011
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Birthday Dinner with Tasting Menu and Wine Pairing

Providence FOR SURE!!!!

May 25, 2011
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Lizano Salsa Sauce in South O.C.

I have been searching LA and the valley and have not found any-
I brought a bottle to my office and offered a prize to anyone who found it!!!

I have resorted to ordering it off the internet
I think saucestore dot com was the best deal with shipping

May 23, 2011
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

10 Year Anniversary. Need awesome reco for this Thursday eve!!

we did our 7th at Providence largest tasting menu- WOW, and I heard they have lowered their tasting menu prices!
our 8th we did at Mozza Mangiara in Famiglia- WOW and fun with nice strangers!

Oct 25, 2010
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Great local-produce, farmer-driven (organic?) restaurant walking distance from convention center?

LA Chowhound going to be at the Palace hotel for a convention next week-

are any of these walking distance?

any other suggestions?

Best thing I ate at the L.A. County Fair...

I thought this was a photo-shopped JOKE!

Sep 08, 2010
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Best Overall Tasting Menu in LA / OC....

Had Providence BIG tasting menu (14 courses) for my anniversary 6 months ago- I still remember most of the dishes, can't imagine that I could eat FOUR desserts, had great service, pacing, tour of the kitchen...........

I would do it again in a HEARTBEAT- please give the hint to my husband.

Aug 03, 2010
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Burger Kitchen's $29 Pat La Frieda, ground prime burger, ???

I went on a week day for lunch and the restaurant filled up by 1 pm.
we had an All Ameican burger that was on special for $6- I believe it is 6 ounces instead of 8- it was delicious and juicy and I loved the brioche bun. Also tried the turkey burger which was nice a flavorful.
I think the restaurant is kind of pricy for what it offers- I am not usually going out for PREMIUM burgers......, but I DID like the burger

Jul 22, 2010
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Cherry Orchards

Windy Ridge has only dwarf trees and we have been going since my toddler was 2 and she can pick right off the trees! It is a fun kid day- go early, bring water!!!!!

they are not opening until the 19th, but we like them the best!

Jun 04, 2010
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Petit Fours

my mother remembers a bakery somewhere downtown-ish to buy petit fours-
we are looking for some for a baby shower-
preferably cute and not too pricey.

any ideas?

Oct 27, 2009
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area

Best bolognese?

Il Buco on Robertson is owned by the same Drago as Il Pastaio,
has the same delicious Bolognese,
is 1 mile closed to the EAST side, and makes great thin pizza to boot!

Apr 11, 2009
msmd310 in Los Angeles Area