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Recommendations in Fredericksburg?

My husband and I are planning a long weekend in Fredericksburg to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We would appreciate any recommendations - Thanks!!

Oct 14, 2008
CabbagePatch in Austin

Suggestions for Thanksgiving 2008

We have family coming in this year and were hoping to do something different. We would like suggestions on places to go for Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks.

Oct 14, 2008
CabbagePatch in Austin

Any good restaurants in the Marble Falls area? (moved from Austin board)

My family is going to spend the morning zip-lining in the Muleshoe area and would like suggestions for a casual place to eat lunch afterwards. We are not familar with the area - any suggestions for a casual place for lunch?


May 11, 2008
CabbagePatch in Texas

Suggestion for a family birthday dinner on the water

We are trying to plan a birthday dinner for my father in law and will be having some people in from out of town. I need suggestions for a fun place to go. It sounds like The Oasis still has the terrible food it is known for (too bad....). I was thinking about Hula Hut, but it has been a while since I have been there. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!!

Apr 11, 2008
CabbagePatch in Austin