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Birthday dinner -- where to go?

Thanks, everyone!

I think I'll save Icarus or Hammersley's for Restaurant Week, if they're participating.

After reading a bit more on the board, we've decided to go to EVOO. Their menu titillated both of us. (I've been looking for a chance to use that word.)

We also weighed going back to Ten Tables -- where she took me last year for my birthday. I'm looking forward to eating there sometime soon to try out the new chef's food.

Birthday dinner -- where to go?

My girlfriend is taking me out for dinner for my birthday. I'm trying to decide where to go. So far I'm considering Icarus, Hammersley's, or Chez Henri. We tend to try a few new restaurants a year. These are ones we haven't tried yet. Would anyone have strong feelings for one over the others? Or perhaps you could throw in a suggestion of your own.


Seeking suggestions for something fun-n-funky -- Brookline/Allston/JP preferred

I'm pretty sure El Taino is closed. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to try this place out.