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Desperately seeking quiet new range

The problem is that the manufacturers use the cheapest, loudest fan. They do not care about the noise. We have tested Kitchen Aid, AGA Legacy, and Wolf 36" ranges. Kitchen Aid had a noise level of 55-60 decibel, AGA 60-65 decibel, and Wolf 50-55 decibel. Dishwashers are not as loud! It is just annoying when you pay so much money that the design is lacking. Especially, when today's technology would let them easily make that fan less noisy. Not to mention that all these fans only have one speed, the loudest one, just in case if you decide to use the cleaning cycle. They didn't even put in a fan that has several levels. until we say it's ok, and keep buying these ranges, they won't change it.
At least they should put the noise level on these monsters, like on the dishwashers we can see.

Mar 05, 2008
Ruby_2008 in Cookware