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Weezy's-great little Burger in San Rafael (Terra Linda)

There's a new cute Burger place in Terra Linda called Weezy's Grass Fed Shed.The Burgers are small and priced right. The one I had was B-rad-grass fed Prather Ranch beef with bacon and cheddar cheese 3 dollars-delicious. Try their sweet potato fries fried in Rice Oil-very clean tasting. They have a good dipping sauce for fries which is made with sour cream.
621 Del Ganado, San Rafael-near Scotty's Market.

Coffee-Mate Creamer...does anyone use this stuff?

gross-it's bad for you-at least try silk soy creamer. it has all those flavors and it is not as bad.

Apr 07, 2009
Brisbane in General Topics

Craving fish and chips.

Yes, I like Barbara's Fish Trap as well.

Half Moon Bay - late lunch on a Tuesday

I love Barbara's Fish Trap for the food and funkiness!!!

Bumped in to Axis Cafe

I was working in the area and found Axis Cafe to be a complete surprise.

I really enjoyed the golden beet, goat cheese salad with citrus vinagarette-I raved about it to the chef and said I could eat this everyday-so fresh. Nice atmosphere as well.

Yogurtland in Long Beach [moved from L.A. board]

Since I spent the weekend in Long Beach, I also just discovered Yogurtland and I give it high marks. I had the cheescake yogurt with fresh Kiwi and chocolate chips. I like the self serve idea and the owner was very friendly. My daughter is obsessed with this place.

Mar 02, 2009
Brisbane in Chains

Great Crepes in Long Beach-La Creperie

I just discovered La Creperie on 2nd St in Long Beach and I just love everything about this place. The decor is like a sexy bistro in Paris.
I had the seafood crepe which was served with a lobster, basil cream sauce.I think this was the best crepe I ever had. My daughter had the chicken curry crepe with mango chutney-she loved it!! For desert, we had the Romeo and Juliet which was the classic Nutella, banana and strawberries.
They also had a nice band which wasn't too loud and it added to the ambiance!!

Mar 02, 2009
Brisbane in Los Angeles Area

Sushiholic in Novato

I just discovered Sushiholic in Novato and I am very impressed. The sushi rolls were fantastic and creative. We had fatty tuna which was super tasty. This was the first time I tried multigrain rice which was very pleasant.
I also like the decor and the service was great.

Low Carb cooking (SB recipes welcome!)

Yeah, I know what you mean. I live on the Fat Flush diet-much like Atkins. I take cottage cheese and tomatos, tofu style egg salad(tofu, mayo, tumeric, capers, dill) lots of chicken and veggies. I am trying to cut back on the meat and cheese part.
For my sweet tooth, I just found Soy Slender Cappuccino drink-4 carbs for a cup and 70 calories. I also like tapioca with Splenda. I make my own and sometimes buy Cozy Shack.

Jan 07, 2009
Brisbane in Home Cooking

Ina Garten's Chicken Pot Pie [Split from Food Media & News board]

Even tho it takes a bit of time to make, it is really a great crowd pleaser. I have made my own crusts and also sometimes buy premade ones. When I make pot pies I make enough for 2 and freeze the other.

Jan 07, 2009
Brisbane in Home Cooking

"Fraudulent" olive oil (split from Ontario board)

I have heard of this problem in the olive oil business for years. I buy Frantoia which has a nice flavor and says it is 100% a product from Italy. It also has an explanation on the label as to the process and a discription of the types of olives used. I guess one needs to read the labels of olive oil more in order to find a good one.

Oct 11, 2008
Brisbane in General Topics

Teen/Mom cooking classes?

Try Pans on Fire in Pleasanton. There is a new cooking school in Sausalito called In The Kitchen.

Wonderful Eggplant dish at E & O in Larkspur

I took a friend to E & O yesterday in Larkspur and I found that the eggplant dish was really delicious. What a great dish. We also enjoyed the corn friters which are always good. I might have to go again and take home some eggplant leftovers.

best national brand peanut butter?

I like Laura Scudder's-smooth and creamy.

Sep 23, 2008
Brisbane in General Topics

Campbells Select Harvest Soups

I have not tried Campbell's however, I have been making my own veggie soups and I am surprised how easy it is-just throw everything in the pot and season.

Sep 23, 2008
Brisbane in General Topics

Rice Bran Oil at TJ's

Try Mollie Stone's or Andronico's

Sep 23, 2008
Brisbane in General Topics

Good lunch at Graffiti

The 3 soups were mushroom, chicken veggie and broccoli squash-very tasty. The mushroom was my favorite.

Jason's, San Rafael - Still open?

I just ate there last week-I heard they are moving soon. Nice little place for good food.

Good lunch at Graffiti

I stumbled across a nice lunch spot in Petaluma yesterday in the newish Theater district. We shared several small plates...3 really good soups, crispy, coconut shrimp, ahi tuna, melted brie cheese in a wine sauce-my favorite. Service was friendly and the owner was very attentive.

Am I the only one who hates Harry & David?

I do like the chocolate covered bing cherries but I think they had trans fats lurking in there so I was disappointed. The other items were not very good in my opinion.

Mar 19, 2008
Brisbane in General Topics

Regarding Girl Scout Cookies

I have not seen one little girl scout yet...I would like to buy a few boxes just to support them plus I really like the Samoas. I would stay away from those Sugar Free, laxative cookies-could be dangerous.

Mar 07, 2008
Brisbane in General Topics