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starbucks green tea latte is really gross

I LOVE Starbucks' Green Tea Lattes. I'm really surprised to hear so many people can't stand them. However, I didn't know they included melon syrup in the lattes - now I know why one Starbucks once asked me if I wanted it unsweetened. I was surprised and said that I of course didn't want it sweetened. I didn't realize that I had been served sweetened versions of it before. I couldn't really taste the difference, though. To me, Starbucks versions (sweet or unsweet) taste basically the same as any green tea latte, hot or cold, or smoothie that I get at the Matsuwa Marketplace (Japanese superstore) in Chicago. I would prefer to make it at home and save myself some money, so if anyone has any tips on what brand Matcha to buy or a specific way to mix it I would appreciate it. From now on, I'll ask for my Starbucks version without syrup, but as long as they use the powder (and not the Tazo liquid concentrate) I think it tastes great.

Mar 05, 2008
Slicey in Chains